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This is such a needed and well-articulated post by James Corbett about the controlling nature of the modern-day news cycle and how he won’t be compelled to chase the tail of the MSM, as the Alternative News is too often wont to do, by reacting to every car-ramming attack and whatnot.

I couldn’t agree more. The “news” is so fake, the term “Fake News” is redundant. I won’t be posting any stories about the imbecilic Twitterstorms about NFL players protesting during the National Anthem and the fulminations of Trump. I’ve been staying away from stories that you can find blaring over and over in the MSM

In fact, I think that when something especially trifling begins to hog the headlines, we should look for that from which it may be distracting our attention away!

If the “news” is some fake, scripted garbage cooked-up by the CIA, why should we pay attention, let alone weigh in on every stupid installment?


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