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This is the latest excellent video by Greg Reese.



Zelenskyy recently described Putin’s “de-Nazification” of Ukraine as “laughable” and the brainwashed flock of the mainstream media certainly must agree.

They have been told that Nazis wave the American flag and vote Republican and the brainwashed flock always believe what they are told.

But those of us still cleaving to our sanity remember that Nazis were members of Hitler’s National Socialist Party from the 1930s and ’40s.

And not only were there thousands of Nazis in Western Ukraine back then, it is still a big part of their national pride.

Nazi war criminal, Stepan Bandera is a national hero and there are actual Nazi organizations still thriving in Ukraine, including the Azov Regiment, which is now a part of Ukraine’s armed forces.

The Nazification of Ukraine is well-documented and easily-verified, as is the Nazification of America.

During the 1930s, there were many notable Americans who supported the Nazis, such as Prescott Bush, Henry Ford and Fred Koch; banks, such as JP Morgan and Chase Manhattan; companies such as General Motors, Standard Oil, Shell and IBM.

Major General Smedley Butler of the US Marines was asked by these powerful entities to install National Socialism in the United States and when that plan failed, war broke out with the support of the banks and these American entities.

After World War II, only about a dozen were brought to justice at the Nuremberg Trials.

The Catholic Church and the Vatican helped thousands of Nazis evade capture, via the rat lines, which brought them mostly to South America, where they built an entire town in Argentina.

In Operation Paperclip, the United States secretly absorbed thousands of Nazis into the US Government, where they led the NASA Space Program and helped pioneer the military-industrial complex, as well as Big Pharma.

Many believe being a Nazi is synonymous with being anti-Jewish, which may have been true in 1930s Germany but it’s complicated. Many high-ranking Nazis, themselves, including Adolf Hitler were Ashkenazi Jews, who cold be traced back to the notorious Khazars, who mysteriously mass-converted to Judaism about 1,300 years ago in the region now known as Ukraine.

Ashkenazi Jews ran the political Zionist Party in Germany and for several years, the Zionists were the only political party allowed to operate inside Germany by the Nazis.

Both the Zionists and the Nazis wanted their own ethnically-pure state and for years, before their Final Solution, the Nazis helped the Zionists in their efforts to establish the State of Israel within Palestine. It was far more complicated than mere racial hatred.

Nazism can best be described as Fascism and Fascism is godlessness. The word “Nazi” is a made-up slur but the word “Fascist” is clearly-defined. It stems from the Latin word, “Fascis”, which is a bundle of sticks banded together to form a deadly weapon; an old school meme that represents the deadly power of an organized mob, a gang.

When men lack a personal relationship with God, they inevitably band together, out of fear, submitting to the small man for a taste of dominance, they become just another beast in the jungle.

And today, we can clearly see this Fascist mentality in all of these godless groups: the woke, the Satanists, the transhumanists and the genocidal mass-murderers of the Great Reset are all merging together into one giant fascis; godless men and women banded together out of fear; Fascists serving the straw man.

Spiritually-speaking, these are the weakest among us and so far, we’re allowing them to destroy everything.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • All Wars through the last Century are rather Contrived and Staged, typically to serve Bankers, Oil Cartels and control of Trade. I find this (supposed) invasion of Ukraine rather contrived and staged.
    I yet to see any Reliable footage of this war, either side. I also yet to see any convincing footage of refugees, just a lot of empty cots and women willing to speak into a mic. And the footages of Russian POW’s seems rather staged as well.
    I believe we are dealing with a Psychological Warfare and the most important question is Why? And what is the end game?

  • I have a question and a few comments for Travis/Chuck Baldwin and a couple additional comments for Jungian INTP.

    To Travis/Chuck Baldwin, I respectfully would like to ask you: Why when an anomalous Satanist emerges out of largely Christian-founded society like America, you would label him a Satanist. But when a Satanist is detected within the Jewish sphere of activity, you label him a monied Jew? That seems biased and hypocritical. The comment/article that you wrote on March 25th had a lot of valuable information within it, and it was well written. So, I thank you for your efforts and your self-education. But, in my estimation, what you seem to be missing is that this semi-hidden elite within Zionism and within the broader NWO are, for the most part, practitioners of a dark-occultist, Satanic religion. I am not even certain that the hidden elite within Zionism are ethnically originated from within traditional Jewish religious or cultural circles. They may be something akin to King Herod of the biblical era, who said he was a Jew, but in fact was of a different ethnicity altogether and, accordingly, killed off the entire Jewish Hasmonean Dynasty and many of the prominent Jewish community leaders.

    Though I agree that these secretive and corrupted individuals do exist, and they do work together for goals that are antithetical to freedom, they have little or nothing to do with everyday Jewish society, just like the sinister manipulators that claim Christian roots have nothing to do with mainstream Christians.

    In fact, if you were to interview a population of American or even Israeli Jews, the vast majority of them would not even know that a global conspiracy exists. The average Jew is no different than the average Christian American when it comes to their lack of awareness regarding how the population is being manipulated..

    When you use the term “Jewish monied elite” and associate them with the creation of Nazism, you lead your audience to believe that, when a Jew is fortunate enough to earn a nice sum of money, by his nature as a Jew, his next objective is to control and dominate the world. Such a notion is preposterous. Such motivations are only true for the politically-motivated, generational Satanists (Zionist and Non-Zionist) who use money for the purpose of power and control.

    I also want to mention that Zionism is not one thing. Political Zionists who secretively wage conspiracies are no different than British Race Patriot (leaders) or French Jacobin (leaders) who, for centuries had done the same. Unfortunately for humanity, there are a myriad of intertwined secret societies that have clandestinely functioned worldwide for thousands of years, oftentimes associated with royalty and aristocracies. And rarely have they had humanity’s best interests at heart.

    There are Satanic Zionist elites who do not have the best interests of everyday Jews at heart. They are using decent Jewish men and women via sly manipulations.

    But there are also religious Zionists who simply wanted to return to the biblical Holy Land as an expression of their devotion to the land of their forefathers and its holy sites. And lastly, there are grassroots Zionists who left their respective countries as a means of escaping holocausts and pogroms. And, most American Jews who send donations to Israel do so only to support the Jewish homeland,as a place that ideally would feel like home, bring them security and freedom from antisemitism, and provide a sense of shared community.

    I would also ask Chuck Baldwin and his audience to not forget that there are patriotic Jewish Americans who love the founding spirit of the United States of America, the constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Jews only make up two-and-a-half percent of the American population, but nonetheless, have produced notable patriots like Mark Levin, Andrew Breitbart, Dennis Prager, David Horowitz, and Wayne Allyn Root. And then there are those whose bloodline was half Jewish like Senator Barry Goldwater.

    As for my comments for JungianINTP: Frstly, thank you for your respect and appreciation of Rabbi Lapin. He is a wise man of excellence. Secondly, I read the Rense article that you suggested and all I can say is that maybe the problem is liberalism rather than Judaism. Mark Levin seems to think so, and I tend to agree with him. The classical liberalism of Thomas Jefferson is a beautiful thing. But modern-day liberalism is quickly devolving into debaucherous libertinism. And the absence of morals and ethics is truly a horror.

    Finally, JungianINTP, you made an assertion that Talmudism has recently been adopted as the state religion of Israel. If that is true, than please respond with your source. I completed an internet search and found nothing to substantiate your assertion. I have met a few dozen Israelis during my backpacking travels, and I can assure you (for better or for worse) they are more secular than anything. They love beach parties, relaxing, and hanging-out, free of religion and control. Corey Gil-Shuster, for one, interviewed fifteen random Jewish Israelis, asking them if they have ever read the Talmud. Three of them said they have read part of it (half or less), one had a vague memory of perhaps seeing a few words of it as a youth, and the other eleven said they have never read a word of the Talmud. They were clearly indifferent regarding it.

    As for American Jews, I would estimate that less than five percent have ever studied the Talmud. Most American Jews could not quote one sentence from it. So, to the extent that it has Jewish supremicist (chosen-people-related) ideas sprinkled within it, don’t worry too much, as it is not a significant factor in modern Jewish life. Besides, the Talmud is not a legal text. It contains various ancient rabbinical opinions, discussing, debating, and often fervently disagreeing with each other. A Jew cannot “follow” the Talmud because it exists for the purpose of commentary, discussion, and debate. Jewish culture in general is based on free-thinking, debate, and careful analysis of ideas and information. It is also about family, respect for elders, sober living, education, and hard work.

    I hope that we will all learn to dialog with each other, respect each other, and together pursue the preservation of liberty. God bless you and God Bless America! Truly I mean that from my heart.

  • Thank you for your hard work in putting together all the educational videos. I share them on groups, messenger and texts.

    I hope we get ahead of this movement very soon.

    I appreciate your hard work. Keep being a truth teller.

    Best Regards,

    • Maria, This movement is no different than the same old tired song movement from 1930’s. And certainly not a truth movement.

  • We know the Azov Nazi Battalion iz controllin’ Ukraine Parliamnt and military…

    We fight for the New World Order [ Nazi World Order ].

    –Female nembr of Ukranian Parliamnt [ nterview on FOX NEWS ]

    The FOX reportr ovah n Ukraine haz said, “We can’t confirm any of our STORIES,..we hav jus hrd.”

    Then he jus said, The fighhtin’ is still goin’ on, and the resistance is strong…mostly by the AZOV.”

    He stoped short of sayin’ Azov Nazis, but he knows who it iz!


    –Scott Ritter, 4mr US Marine Intelligence Officer [ on trainin’ Ukranian military ]

    Stop blevin’ the FAKE NEWZ comin’ from Ukraine…the vids r FAKE…

    Hunter’s laptop will blow this all up…

    Pres Trump told y’all that more nfo wud b comin’ n abt 3 wks…

    It’s been almost 3 wks since he said that!!

    Truth Social is filled with Q….read all the truths on Truth Social, [ if y’all havn’t gotten on yet] here:

    Drip, drip, drip, flood!


    • According to the Book of Revelations, yes it will… in a form… totally controlled by the beast government banking system. Coming as soon as they can crash the economy , high inflation and food and fuel shortages… all in the name of combatting climate change.

  • Joining prominent globalists such as George Herbert Walker Bush, Tony Blair, Henry Kissinger, Walter Cronkite, Bill Gates, George Soros, Barack Obama et al., Joe Biden is again promoting the burgeoning New World Order.

    During a speech at Business Roundtable’s CEO Quarterly Meeting, Biden said, “There’s going to be a new world order out there, and we’ve got to lead it, and we’ve got to unite the rest of the free world in doing it.”

    Biden is regurgitating what globalists in and out of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) have been saying for decades. New World Order operatives have paid off a sizable percentage of politicians in both parties inside The Beltway—including Biden.

    New World Order globalists are concentrated mostly in the West, where they control the wealth—and hence the politicians—via the central banks. Politicians come and go, but the entrenched globalist elite remain.

    And one cannot understand the New World Order without understanding the dominating role played by the Vatican and the Zionist elite—especially the latter.

    Which brings us to Ukraine.

    Ian Greenhalgh courageously wrote a very insightful (and mostly ignored) treatise regarding the role being played in Ukraine by the international Zionist elite. But we ignore this insight to our own peril.

    In order to gain some understanding of the current situation in Ukraine, the thing to do is to study the leading Ukrainian oligarchs, starting with Ihor Kolomoisky, also some of the Russian ones like Mikhail Fridman.

    They are all Jewish, all have Israeli citizenship as well as Ukrainian/Russian citizenship.

    It’s quite simple, it’s all about money – Ukraine was by far the richest and most industrialised of the Soviet republics, it had some world-class industries like the massive Kharkov railway works, the Antonov aircraft plant outside Kiev, the iron ore and aluminum smelters of Donbas, the agriculture of the southern grain belt, to name just a few.

    Now Ukraine is the 2nd largest country in Europe (after Russia) but the 2nd poorest (after Moldova) and all the industries are gone, assets stripped and bankrupted by the oligarchs, Ukraine has seen its GDP remain stagnant for 2 decades, unemployment is endemic – millions have moved abroad to work, little has been built or refurbished since the USSR fell, it is a country moving backwards in most ways, robbed blind by a handful of Jewish oligarchs.

    As for the Nazi thing, that Putin talks about but the West downplays or flat out rejects, well, the original Nazis were also the creation of Jewish high finance, but that’s another and rather a long story.

    The Nazis in Germany, in modern-day Ukraine and the US and everywhere else, were and are, the creation of the Jewish monied elite. Even Stroessner in Paraguay, Peron in Argentina and Pinochet in Chile, the third-rate Hitler wannabes, were their creations.

    Can you now understand why the Ukraine Parliament just yesterday identified itself—modern-day Ukraine—with Nazi Germany?

    Every Ukrainian president and prime minister since 2004 when they had the first colour revolution, apart from the pro-Moscow Yanukovich, has been hand-picked by the oligarchs.

    Kolomoisky and a handful of other oligarchs are responsible for creating and funding the armed Nazi gangs that are supposedly volunteers defending Ukraine from the invading Russian hordes since the mythical invasion of 2014 but have actually been responsible for the murders of at least 14,000 Ukrainian civilians, of massacres such as the bestial attack on the pro-Yanukovich protesters in Odessa that saw pregnant women raped and murdered while others were burned to death. They have been constantly shelling the people of the Donbas for the last 8 years while the world’s media pretend they don’t exist or if they even acknowledge their existence, paint them as heroic crusaders holding back the tide of evil Russian imperialism.

    They have names like the Azov and Dnipro battalions and they are manned by the worst criminals, thugs, sociopaths, psychopaths, rapists and murderers money can buy, the scum of not just Europe, but the Americas, the Middle East, Africa & Asia – they come from all over the globe to supposedly fight a crusade against the evil Russians but in reality, they are nothing more than the muscle for the oligarchs and the instrument of violence and death they use to achieve their nefarious agenda.

    So it is a moot point whether they are Nazi or not, the ideology is just a charade. In reality, they are the muscle for the crime bosses who have asset stripped Ukraine and have designs on doing the same to Russia, if only it wasn’t for that pesky Putin standing in their way.

    Now can you better understand why the Zionist puppet president in Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, just a few days ago banned 11 political parties in Ukraine and consolidated all media channels into the government’s propaganda center?

    And speaking of Putin: As he has now made the decision to declare war on the Zionist bankers (the real power) in Ukraine, many of the Russian elite (wealthy Zionists) are already planning to remove him from office. That’s NO coincidence!

    Rabid War Hawk/Zionist/Globalist Senator Lindsey Graham from South Carolina has repeatedly called for Mr. Putin’s assassination. No doubt, Graham was talking directly to the Zionist elite in Russia when he called for Putin’s assassination, and their plans now to remove Putin are the answer to that call.

    By the way, this is the same Lindsey Graham that said that Joe Biden “is as good a man as God ever created.”

    Then there is rabid War Hawk/Zionist/Globalist Liz Cheney of Wyoming who recently said that chemical weapons should be regarded as a “red line” to bring Washington into direct military confrontation with Russia. What a joke!

    The only chemical weapons in Ukraine are AMERICAN. The Pentagon placed over a dozen military biolabs in the Ukraine for potential use against Russia. Putin knows this, and no doubt those biolabs played a major role in Putin’s decision to launch his military operations.

    Cheney was doubtless selected as the NWO spokesperson to say what she said in order to plant the seed in the minds of the American people to the possibility of a Russian chemical attack, thereby paving the way for a false flag event that can be blamed on Russia.

    Last Sunday, I brought a message entitled A Good Citizen Of Which Country? I urge readers to watch it.

    I want to end this column by quoting some of the things I said in my message last Sunday:

    Corrupt politicians and businessmen are upset about Ukraine because of the billions of illicit, laundered dollars that are invested in the banks of Ukraine, and evangelicals are using Ukraine to fight Russia, because they believe Russia is the Gog and Magog of Ezekiel and Revelation—IT’S NOT.

    The war fever being pitched by Lindsey Graham, Nancy Pelosi, et al. and America’s televangelists is due to the fact that they all are toadies for Zionism. Among many other things, Ukraine is a hotbed of Zionist thievery and thuggery.

    Anytime you see Democrats and Republicans, the Hollywood elite and Evangelical leaders joining together, you can know the common cause is supporting the Zionist agenda.

    Plus, it is no coincidence that as soon as the phony Covid scamdemic begins to fade out, there is a fresh war to take its place. How convenient! So, now the politicians can blame America’s crippling economy and hyperinflation—that they caused—on Russia.

    I’m not picking sides in Ukraine at all. I’m saying that there is MUCH more to the conflict than what we are being told and that the entire war narrative that we are being sold is basically just another manufactured “crisis” such as Covid, the War on Terror, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.

    And I’m saying with George Washington that these foreign conflicts are none of our business.

    P.S. Let me again announce that we have just released our newest message DVD, which is the 5th—and latest—of my Prophecy Messages. The message is entitled Jesus-Based Prophecy Vs. Israel-Based Prophecy. I hope you will watch it.

    Interpretations of prophecy are either Jesus-based or Israel-based.

    In this message, I explain how virtually all of the errant teaching within evangelicalism stems from the infatuation with Israel-based prophecy. I also show how 80% of evangelicals are immersed in Israel-based eschatology via their acceptance of Scofield (aka Dispensational) Futurism.

    As it was in the New Testament era, so it is today: Judaizers are the arch-enemies of freedom, whether that freedom is civil or spiritual.
    Commentary by: chuck baldwin

    • travis, “Nazi” is a term created in the 1850’s and reappeared as a derogatory word in the 1920’s to piss off the Germans after WW1 and continued to reappear before WW2 by a Marxist journalist who wrote for the real Nazi Party, Social Democratic Party. This party reappeared in 1949 in divided West Germany and won seats in the Parliament.

  • Addendum to previous post–
    What is Life? elemental forces of attraction and repulsion, conductivity, i.e., plasma diffused, call it spiritual substance unformed if you like. Then the Motive Power of Cosmos, which we’ll call God, compounds small units into more complex, atoms to molecules, single cell creatures to colonies cooperating, cells into organs into bodies.

    This is the bundling of single entities. Fascism is organization into higher level complex organisms to further the adventure and explorations of Life.

    Germany for example was lifted out of a horrid crushing depression laid upon them by some pretty dirty and competitive interests coming from the French but particularly British Empire, City of London, East India Co.,..who gave us today’s SES, SERCO, Pilgrim’s Society, Tavistock, Boer concentration camps, mass innoculation on populace for biowarefare, Rotten-child…and someone harnessed harnessed the dispirited German people into a resurging pride in self to recreate their nation in short order; a recreation much praised by other leaders at the time, like Churchill. This “fascistic” binding together of the group will and hopes is rather what we lamely call positive thinking, the same motivation coaches use in sports: all to move in one direction to be a winner.

    Maybe you don’t like it when some other teams “fascism” can beat yours. There must be a balance between raw individualism and group cooperation. Otherwise no nice iPhone for you to tweet out your petty rages and philosophy with!!! And most people are not rugged individualists no matter their fantasy. We want comfort and safety, rule of law, fairness. Civilization is SUBMISSION to some form of group coherence.

  • Humans are programmable biobots for Spirit to use to have a (limited) experience within the unmoral world of Nature. Birth to Death. Survival, propagation of one’s own little view of “reality.”
    Life is a VR Video Game where each little avatar monad is driven to survive as long as possible, gather tools and weapons it seems to somehow get an advantage over other humans.

    “When men lack a personal relationship with God, they inevitably band together, out of fear.” No doubt the Greg Reese biobot means HIS version of relationship with God. Tribal people in villages are quite serious about their versions of god(s) and seek their favor out of both fear and love, likely a child to parent relation. No doubt this personal God relationship is one that somehow makes Greg Reese biobot feel more secure about his chances of a favorable life, or, the hopeful idea that somehow this silly biobot will somehow continue to identify with his cartoon character ever onward after death!

    What’s the problem with fasces? A group multiplies strength against other groups for survival by bonding together. We organize in groups as multiplier effect. Does Greg Reese biobot want us all to return to village life and each make his own furniture and farm his own food?

    All of us are characters in a holographic Play called Life. Every single one will be swept off the stage before long and a new crew will come on, don new costumes, and play out the same-old sitcom about young lovers, conquering your enemies, winning the pot of gold, fawning over your children as replicants of your quaint and curious superstitions and petri dish culture. Your wonderful “values.” Pure ego blarney.

    Gazillions of suns and planets, Life ever arising from the ether swirl of primal consciousness stuff sensitive animated goo, sometimes achieving self-awareness feedback circuits, maybe hominid form, maybe insectoid model, but each complex in its own way.

    The permutations are endless, Life, Consciousness delights in putting Old Wine in New Bottles. But you, I, and Greg Reese will be gone in a blink of an eye.

    imho, a “personal” relationship with God reveals that we are motes of dream stuff, and just as your dreams morph and transmogrify before your very eye in manners quite high quality F/X, so too this world we take so seriously is merely a puff of electrical plasmatic smoke from a giddy stoned God who delights in weaving tapestries of causal threads, all for the sheer mad Joy of it all.

  • With regard, in particular, to the second half of this video, we may want to consider that, a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. Firstly, Ashkenazi Jews are not Khazars. Yes, the Khazar nobility and aristocracy converted to Judaism around 1400 years ago. But the preponderance of DNA research shows that Ashkenazi Jews are most closely related to Sephardic Jews and to Middle Eastern Jews. They are therefore of mostly Judean and Israelite origin. Arthur Koestler — who loved to stir up controversy –in writing his book “The Thirteenth Tribe”, hoped that, if he could make people believe that Ashkenazi Jews are not descended from biblical Judeans but rather from Turkish Khazars, Jews worldwide would be exonerated of any connection to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Accordingly, as Koestler, in writing his book, had a predetermined agenda, Koestler’s thesis regarding an Ashkenazi – Khazar connection is highly exaggerated. Modern Ashkenazi Jews genetically are likely no more than one-eighth Khazarian. If you read Kevin Alan Brook’s research (which is a lot more comprehensive than Koestler’s), you will realize that Ashkenazi Jews are only minimally of Khazar extraction, and Khazar influence over the Jewish mindset is little to none. That is why Yiddish (the Jewish language) has no Turkish or Khazarian words within it. So, to the extent that humanity’s dark overlords are largely Khazarian (which in itself is a controversial assertion), everyday Jews are free of blame. Also, Jews should not be blamed for the death of Jesus, as crucifixion was a Roman form of punishment, while the Jewish leader, Caiaphas (who accused Jesus of blasphemy), was a Roman appointee. If anything, the dark overlords in the biblical era were the leaders of Imperial Rome, and their unscrupulous modern descendants — descended from Roman and other royal houses — continue to perpetrate the dark agenda. One last important note: The founder of Hassidic Judaism, Israel ben Eliezer — an Ashkenazic Jew — did moral, philosophic, and intellectual battle with one of the sinister founders of the current dark agenda. Israel ben Eliezer won his particular battle, which saved Judaism (and bolstered Christianity), allowing for moral and upright living to continue forward. But the toll that the year-long battle of good vs. evil took on him led the heroic Israel ben Eliezer toward a premature death. As Jewish leaders have battled against darkness, they are likely not a part of it. And regarding Nazi leaders’ supporting Zionistic organizations, this co-incidence is because they had a shared goal. Jews, after hundreds of years of being persecuted in Europe wished to emigrate back to the Holy Land. Nazis supported this goal because they wanted Germany to be a pure Aryan nation, free of Jews.

    • Cosmic Ariel,

      Recently, Israel adopted Talmudism as
      its “State Religion.,” in which books non-
      Jews ( Goyim ) are presented as mere

      Curiously, both Koranism and Talmudism
      advance the idea of LYING to non-believers
      ( to non-adherents ) in order to capture an
      advantage—re your above run-on para-

      This scribbler is a staunch supporter of Torah
      Jews; e.g., Rabbi Daniel Lapin :

      See Jeff Rense (( at Rense Dot Com )), re Rabbi
      Daniel Lapin’s Unprecedented Truth-Telling—
      about his Liberal/Libertine Brethren’s Immoral
      Destruction of America, via Hollywood :


    • Cosmic, Eastern and Western Ashkenazi jews in my research have no relationship to Sephardic jews. Ashkenazi as you know speak Yiddish, while Sephardic speaks Ladino, a blend of Spanish with significant loan words from Hebrew, Arabic and Portuguese. The Sephardic Golden Age ended when (Queen Elizabeth and King Ferdinand) Spain and Portugal reestablished Christianity in 1492. And these jews were expelled and migrated to Amsterdam, North Africa, Middle East and “Sailed the Ocean Blue” to America. They often bring with them there Talmudic (whatever that is) ritual customs. Sephardic synagogues often retain the influence if Islam. Christopher Columbus was a Sephardic jew, they are also known as Conversos. Upon leaving Spain they headed East through Italy to lands of the Ottoman Empire (that survived till second World War) and through present day Turkey, Greece, Egypt and of course Israel.
      I always find it peculiar that the Hassidic jews always makes their way to Washington D.C. every time there is a Presidential change. Hassidic jews also always make their way to the Kremlin whenever Russia has leadership change as well. Suspicious!
      I have to add that the Khazar thing as a whole has never performed sufficient DNA study’s to make this claim even close to being believable.

      • Hi Jay,

        Cosmic Ariel here. I appreciate you sharing your information regarding the Sephardic Jews. Normally, I don’t utilize Wikipedia for research purposes, however, whoever compiled the information on the Wikipedia page entitled, “Genetic Studies on Jews” did an amazingly comprehensive job reviewing a very large number of genetic studies. After reading its entirety, my conclusion is that there is substantial genetic overlap between Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews, both, to a significant extent, being genetically connected with the Middle East (presumably ancient Judea). The Ashkenazi Jews, however, though being substantially Middle Eastern in origin also have a large European component to their DNA (mostly southern European, i.e. Italian and perhaps Greek.).

        Though one case example of cross-cultural Jewish phenotypic similarity has only minimal significance, you may still find it interesting. I am good friends with an attractive Ashkenazi Jewish woman whose photo of herself from age 20 is nearly identical to a photo of a past winner of the Miss Iraq beauty pageant, who just happens as well to be Jewish. The resemblance of the two Jewish women is so nearly identical that the Ashkenazi woman, when she gazed upon the image of the Jewish Iraqi beauty queen, thought that she was looking at a photo of herself. She and I were both astonished that an Ashkenazi Jew and an Iraqi Jew could pass for identical twins.

        • Ancient Demographics are not the same demographics of today.
          And you are correct to think by your initial intuition not to depend on government info as Wikipedia.

  • The key to the entire story is the reference to “godless men”. This whole thing can be as simple or complicated as you want but the source of this whole scenario is that when humans separate themselves from God they will eventually suffer greatly and here we are. Look at any communist country and then remember these dark people are global communists.

    • AliceinW,

      You’ve nailed the problem, GODLESS
      MEN. I’ve put it this way :


      American Communist Lawyers Union

      removed school prayer!—and the Ten

      Commandments from the Public

      Square. Then, public schools taught

      values-/virtue-free “situation ethics,”

      instead of instilling Right vs. Wrong

      lessons for students. And we wonder

      why we find ourselves in a morality

      challenged Medical community/society ?

      America has become Pottersville, after

      George succeeds in killing himself—in

      “It’s a Wonderful Life.”


  • Greg Reese this is a hilarious news clip. It’s like you took all items that have been on public display for6 years and had a meeting of the minds with the “Think Tanks” on how to spin what the public knows and came up with another twisted version of half truths.
    Nothing can stop what is going to happen, no matter how many times your think tanks try to come up with a new version of your twisted history. The weight of the lies already collapsed.

  • I’m sorry, it was Clif High’s 3-19-2022 DO-JO that is already posted here, that speaks of who the Nazi’s are not.

  • Love Greg Reese. Love that he said “it’s complicated” because it is. Nothing in fact is more complicated than unraveling the strange tangled roots of words like Nazi. So… history is factual but can be interpreted and I can’t say that the Nuremberg trials were totally fair (question mark) or that real scientists (paperclip) should not have been saved. But no doubt the mob is godless and wokism plays on weak people who need to be elevated by just belonging. Amazing the strange things people say to me about how the unvaccinated are spreading covid–the main spreader, in fact. But… isn’t that like saying that antibiotic resistance is caused by people not taking antibiotics? No.. viruses are different than bacteria–totally different. Viruses just stay the same unless an unvaccinated person walks down the street then they mutate.

  • Clif High has a new video out that explains who the Nazi weren’t. Clif’s video dated 3-21-22 should be posted here soon.

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