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    This new ten-minute documentary does an excellent job of educating us about the stunning amount of application that there are for hemp.

    Hemp’s profusion of beneficial properties in so many fields of activity cannot be overstated. Hemp has been wrongfully maligned in recent history by the various interests that compete with hemp, usually with inferior products. We have been misled and the time has come to be properly educated about this plant, which has more medical benefits than any other natural untouched product in the world, to say nothing of its many other applications as an incredibly nutritious food, a source of fuel, textiles, home insulation, biodegradable plastics, biomass to stop soil erosion, cleaner of nuclear waste – and the list goes on and on!

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    • I’m 75, smoked pot since I was about 26, then settled down to have a family and raise kids. I hurt my back nursing for 38+ years, my youngest son committed suicide in 1996, and I’m estranged from another son and his son; my grandson. I had a beautiful yard, manicured and landscaped and these days I can’t do the work anymore. A few weeks ago, I asked my friend if he could score some pot for me. I only had 2 tokes, and I was relieved, able to walk without pain, lost anxiety about being crippled (RA) and being out and about in public. Since just a couple of tokes helps me, for several hours, I’m back to bathing every day, doing my skincare, dressing better, and surely more friendly towards others. I hate that it is illegal, I’m not an abuser, I know why I ‘hit’ it, and when a joint lasts me for 4 or 5 days, I will continue to inbibe. It’s costly, I live on SSI and can’t afford more than a $30/bag (a lid in the old days) a month, but I have once again become an advocate.

      • I agree with you my wife and I are in chronic pain. Myself have run the gaulet of pills from the pain doctors and none work and the side effects are worse than the pain management. So I have been off off Norco’s for a year and a 9 months and I am weed patient. I rather do this then put chemicals man made in me. Plus GOD grows it outside.

    • The harm done by corporations can be attributed to their greed for money, they don’t care about people, just profit, pharmaceuticals anyone? Politicians are for sale if the price is right.

    • Disclaimers: Poo poo on disclaimers. Lawyer talk just to insulate one’s self from liability.
      I must be one of the exceptions to the rules.
      #1- Got high first time at age 11
      #2- Retired from 30+year career
      #3- Enjoy smoking daily since 1968
      #4- Have no intention to reduce usage
      #5- Zero pharmaceutical prescriptions injested or needed
      Other than the silly disclaimer, this was an informative albeit, short video.

      • Hear here! The disclaimer frame seems to run through the entire script…too bad as it appears as little more than a CYA.
        Though my pot use is far more sporadic than your’s Toddb, I too have long runs, in years of regular use, and vice versa, due to kids, the type of interpersonal exchanges I needed to do for work, and of course, having to make purchases ‘off the street’.
        Now, the state I live in made it legal for both med and recreational uses, they locked the entire supply chain into some corporate domination and are taxing the hoot out of it.
        15% tax to the grower, 10% tax to the wholesaler and 7% sales from the retailer, plus dubious applications of chemistry including (right off the label), Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene, Linolool and Pinene, not to mention the exorbitant final prices running 5 to 7 THOUSAND DOLLARS A POUND.
        …and as far as I’m concerned, there is huge hype about potency as I don’t get as big a buzz as I remember from the product that came my way in the 70’s and 80’s. Shrug, corpses greedy fingers prevail in this state…

      • You’re one of the lucky exceptions. Fact is, studies show that our brains don’t stop growing until around age 22. Other studies have shown that habitual marijuana use by teens impairs their memory and has implications for long term brain health problems.

        If people are going to ingest the THC pot on a regular basis, it’s best to wait until after age 22 or so. Yes, a few will have no deleterious health effects for smoking or eating pot in their teens, but the majority will experience some form of brain impairment.

        • Michael ,I tend to agree with you. I have seen both ideas before me. I started weed at 16 for all the wrong reasons as many do. Now I use for major pain relief 65 years old. In the Army I saw many a guy mind’s go into a permanent damage mode. Their brains didn’t remember stuff even when not “High” Now I have been for whatever reason have been able to remember and process much over my years. Remembering as far back as my crib days watching my parents fighting in the next room. I can remember details as to colors of clothes wore ,things said,etc. and many other events even those in Germany when I used hash ,other drugs a lot. 17 -23 years old over there. SO it is possible to read in books facts about usage Yes and I concur that many will be affected by usage at a early age, I have seen it. And then some may be not affected that way.

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