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    by Greg Reese

    The stated mission of modern science is to dominate and control nature. It was born of the philosophies of Francis Bacon who suggested we could learn “to command nature in action”, and of René Descartes who wrote that mankind could become “the masters and possessors of nature.” This was science flipped on its head because the previous scientific philosophy saw nature as a perfect creation of god to be observed and understood. Take for instance, water. Without water, we would not exist. And so the true value is in understanding the nature of water so that we can flow with it, not control it.

    For over 20 years, Japanese scientist, Dr. Masaru Emoto, studied the groundbreaking science of how the molecular structure in water transforms when exposed to human words, thoughts, and sounds. Dr. Emoto would simply label a sample of water with different written words such as “love and gratitude” or “I hate you.” He would then freeze the water samples and capture them as they crystallized with high-speed microscopic photography. The results were astonishing. The crystals formed from water exposed to the words, “love and gratitude” were clear, attractive, and symmetrical. And the crystals formed from “I hate you” were distorted, asymmetrical, and opaque.

    Over and over again, water samples exposed to positive intention formed the hexagonal snowflake-like patterns indicative of structured water found in nature, and samples exposed to negative intention would lose its structure and mutate, which was also found to be true with samples of polluted water.

    Decades of repeated experiments have clearly shown that water is transformed when exposed to human word, thought, and sound. Dr. Emoto theorized that this is because water has consciousness. Russian studies have shown that water is imprinted by the energy of its environment, and it retains memory from everything it comes in contact with, even when separated.

    During the discovery of the genome, Dr Bruce Lipton was studying cellular behavior at Stanford University and discovered that our genes switch on or off based on their environment. Human beings are made of about 50 trillion cells and each cell is its own little creature that eats, digests, reproduces, and forms communities. Each individual cell is constantly reading the quality of its environment through it’s outer membrane skin. This includes stressful emotions sensed via chemicals in the bloodstream. And when we are stressed, negative, or fearful, then our cells will switch into their own version of fight or flight mode. They will stop the process of self-healing and begin the process of self-defense. And conversely, when we are feeling positive emotions, our cells will be switched into self-healing. And the body will thrive. Dr. Lipton’s discoveries were ignored by modern science, who opted for drugs and surgery over love and happiness.

    This began the field of Epigenetics, and answered the question of Nature vs Nurture. Experiments have shown that a living creature will thrive on a genetic level when nurtured. Malignant tumor cells have been reversed and many people claim to have cured themselves of all sorts of disease, including cancer, by shifting and maintaining their mental attitude into a positive one. Official science will predictably call this “spontaneous remission” but it is well documented.

    The cell protects itself by its membrane, which has a coating of negatively charged sugar crystals in a suspension of water. Most people think of water as being very special because of its ease of existence in three different states; liquid, ice, and vapor. But the water in our body is not in any of these states. The water that makes up our cells is in the gel state.

    Science is now recognizing a fourth state of water. Known as the gel stateEZ water for Exclusion Zone, or Structured water. This fourth state is an electro-polar state wherein some of the water becomes a negatively charged gel and the rest, known as bulk water, maintains a positive charge and remains more like a liquid. This electro-propulsion creates movement and kinetic energy. This is how the blood is moved throughout our body. The latest evidence shows that the blood is pumping the heart, not the other way around. And it’s the gel state water that propels the blood.

    To thrive, this natural propulsion system requires a connection to the Earth, sunlight, positive human connection, and peace of mind. Our body is made up of over fifty trillion cells and each one’s health is dependent upon our own. Our happiness, or lack thereof, not only affects our health, it affects the health of everyone who enters our environment. So if you’d like to make the world a better place, then learn how to be happy.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Great, now I’ll just find someone to whisper sweet nothings to me all day. And I guess I can just do away with my heart? Why would we even need it if blood pumped the heart? This video reminded me as if a yoga instructor with no kids, a dr from ancient Egypt, and a communist pep rally coordinator got together and made a short film to show to a group before shoving them out the door to work for free to better everyone as a whole.
      Also, it feels like we’re going in the whole charged particle direction here. In which case, wouldn’t all the chemtrails they put into the air interfere with all of this? Wouldn’t that ” pollute” the water inside of us? The guy clearly said that polluted water got all ugly no matter what you say to it. So I guess the people poisoning us need to stop first, in order for all these good- vibe snowflakes to form in our bodies…
      Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year!

    • Except for in ancient Knowledge, most people do not accept that everything is alive. Life evolution is reverse entropy, increasing organization in defiance of the law of increasing chaos. The first form of life was (is) crystalline. (“Let there be a firmament”.) followed by the Lichens and the rest is history and here you are, like an AI becoming conscious of itself and asking questions on the nature of it’s own being.

    • Alexandra, you have one of the best websites geared for accurate cutting edge information!

      In this article, please explain HOW the ”blood is pumping the heart, not the other way around.”
      How does negatively charged gel water blood interacting with positive charged bulk water blood create enough electro-propulsion & kinetic energy to pump the heart?

    • There is a lot more to the miraculous nature of water that if we don’t study it further without bias will be to humanities detriment. If it has and holds information of every state it’s ever been maybe there is a hidden physics within that is yet to be discovered. Other molecules must do this too to some degree because they also incorporate water into their structures at times when being formed.

      Try this experiment with 2 established cuttings of the same plant. Microwave your water and start feeding it to plant A. Give normal water to plant B. Give both plants love and praise. Watch plant A start to mutate or grow differently or even die. Tell me that microwaves are safe after that experiment.

      Remember they are using microwaves to extract oils and things from foods now. This drastically damages the plasma fields of living things and the water, which is also a living thing regardless of your definition of life.

      I’ve got to stop microwaving my cold tea.

      • Anomalous,

        Forwarded Message :

        Water :

        In its “bioactive state,”
        – Russian name for it –
        it aids cell growth and
        detoxes the body (( seer
        Edgar Cayce gave a
        reading about making it )).

        It increases red cell
        production, which may
        aid space travelers, who
        become depleted during
        long stays.



        Russian scientists had
        discovered and made
        structured water in early
        1970s. This scribbler
        makes it periodically,
        for scheduled detox,
        fasting sessions.

        [[ above post found here : ]]

    • Not everybody WANTS to make the world a better place. Why would that be the case?

      Everyone, at every moment, chooses to make “what seems to them” the best possible choice of the options available, based on “what they have been given to work with” and NO ONE HAS ANY CHOICE IN WHAT THEY HAVE BEEN GIVEN TO WORK WITH. Thus, “free will” is an illusion.

      G_d (as you prefer it) is not merely “affectionate benevolence”; he/she/it/we is the “auth_r of the Universe”, and, as such, is also the author of every unspeakable “evil” one might think of. Apparently, what are “evils” from our point of view are (to the auth_r) necessary plot devices in the “story of the Universe”.

      So here is how said “auth_r” creates individual personas (in order to disguise the fact of “us all being the same being”): at the moment of your birth, the big, giant electro-magnetic masses surrounding you (Earth, Sun, Moon, planets, asteroids, Milky Way galaxy objects, etc.) form a pretty much UNREPEATABLE matrix of electro-magnetic forces that (according to what we are being asked to believe by this Reese Report video) THE WATER IN YOUR BODY IS GOING TO REMEMBER FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. Thus, when you go to those Class Reunions and meet the kids that you grew up with, dang if they don’t have pretty much the same “beingness” that you remember them having.

      The “catch” (in this unbelievably magnificent feat of remarkable individuation) is that some of the interplay of the electro-magnetic forces create, let’s call them “stresses”. If you are interested in how people have been interpreting (for MANY thousands of years) the long term effects of these stresses created by G_d’s handiwork, Cafe Astrology dot com is my “go to” for free education on the subject.

    • Heard about it & about structured water or whatever that may be.
      I don’t know how it works though guessing it could be either ourselves or the water doing it; therefore it may be worth trying to put some energy when you make water.

    • Nooooo, somehow this reminds me of one of Obama’s loony professor advisors whose name presently escapes me. He wanted to adulterate the nations water supply with behavior altering drugs.

      Had these professors been better prepared for higher education, they would have understood that G-d is an omnipresent life giving spirit. There is no time nor space, including the space between protons and neutrons in which G-d’s spirit is not there holding all things together with love. But because religionists who teach that G-d is a spatially limited ancient old man with long gray hair and a long gray beard, people have forgotten what their ancestors knew.

      Even pantheists knew it, but they too began limiting their ‘great spirit’ to those kinds of objects and imagining ranks of spiritual importance among the animal kingdom, but G-d is a Spirit having no need for an exclusive flesh body nor multiple bodies in this present world or localities in the non-physical world because he is already everywhere in time and in timelessness.

      G-d is affectionate benevolence and therefore the right way to interpret this is that violence simply begets negative responses in nature which is supported by G-d’s love! Have they not read NDE’s testimonies where in they witnessed heavenly plants singing the praises of G-d? Obviously not.

      This is true also in human governments and why those who live by the sword, die by the sword. People and nations reap what they sow.

      All these over educated fools imagining themselves to have become wise have instead become bigger fools in their vanity.

    • Its all about the life force in us all….our blood and that’s what Satan/ Demons and all who followed the deception of our latest 3 + yrs to date w/ lies and bioweapon to eradicate us humans that are created in the image of God/ Jesus/ Holy Spirit.

      Walk Worthy!

      • Right, it’s about the life force, but why are you then bringing up religious topic with it?

        You are free to believe in what you believe is right though still should separate science with religion, otherwise you sound like another one of those narrow minded people.

        There is no “bio”-weapon as virus was never proven to exist (therefore, there is no bio / infection from it), you should call it as poison-weapon instead.

        I’m just saying, no offense though.

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