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     The biggest players on all sides of Operation Iraqi Freedom (sic) reveal the inside story of a decade of war, in this 3-part series produced by NatGeo.

    US & British intelligence famously believed that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction. It turns out that Iraq’s own generals thought so too. As a scene in this series reveals, on the eve of war in March 2003, Lieutenant General Ra’ad al-Hamdani of the Republican Guard feared that Saddam would try to gas the Anglo-American invaders and end up poisoning Iraqi troops by mistake. He was worried enough to approach the dictator’s feared son, Qusay.

    Qusay Hussein was able to offer reassurance. “Don’t worry,” he replied. “We don’t have WMD. Not even chemical weapons.”
    The fact that Iraq’s own high command fell victim to the deception about Saddam’s non-existent arsenal was the most striking disclosure in the first episode of ‘The Iraq War.’

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