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    by Nick Alvear

    This powerful documentary from Good Lion Films, produced and written by Nick Alvear, shares the Cabal takedown from the 2016 election, to the capitulation tour of President Donald J Trump, COVID-19, the 2020 election, Joe Biden’s funeral, J6 setup and how the Continuity of Government through the current events taking place will usher in the greatest time ever known on Earth.

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    • Patrick Henry – The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government.

      “First we overlook evil, Then we permit evil. Then we legalize evil. Then we promote evil. Then we celebrate evil. Then we persecute those who still call it evil.” Fr. Dwight Longenecker

      NEW Book Release Explains EVERYTHING (on audible as well) ! One Nation Under Blackmail, Vol. 1: The Sordid Union Between Intelligence and Crime that Gave Rise to Jeffrey Epstein By: Whitney Webb

      DON’T Kid Yourself – THE ENTIRE Planet has been Captured by the CABAL and Control ALL MAJOR CORPS GOVS & ANYTHING OF VALUE

      It’s the GLOBAL Cabal (Banks / Corps / Govs …) pulling the strings EVERYWHERE creating the KAOS that will allow them to Continually CASH IN in the MANY Sectors they can Ransack (AGAIN)

      David Rockefeller quote from his memoir. – “Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure–one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”

      “The Cabal” refers to what is perceived as a secret worldwide elite organization who wish to undermine democracy and freedom agendas.

      It’s True – Your Consciousness EFFECTS the Future – and Group Consciousness Even More – EXPECT GOOD POSITIVE THINGS – and Expect Good POSITIVE Things with Groups of Like Minded Good Souls !

    • I already knew all of the Greatest Show On Earth, For years I’ve been telling people that this government is not the Government that founded this nation. We have been taken over.

      I also knew that Biden was dead and an actor was playing his part. Though I didn’t know his name.

      Why the fill was good for me is, it put it in a nice chronicle order.

      Keep up the good work in making films of truth. If I could be of any help, I’m here and willing.

      Larry Ellis

    • The religion of the “elite” is Freemasonry, based upon the Kabbalah. The god of Freemasonry is Lucifer according to their own writings. Freemasonry is the religion of the CABAL (Deep State).

      Trump is a Freemason playing his part, end of story. Trump is part of the Cabal, friends with Epstein. This film is PROPAGANDA.. TRUST THE PLAN – sit on your ass & wait for Trump & “white hats” to save you nonsense.
      The Revelation 2:9 & 3:9 CABAL are Trumps friends & supporters, his family married into the Cabal.

    • I dont know. I am left in a daze. How can i even research any of this myself? I am not a “keyboard warrior”. I mean I try to do research on stuff. Things I can access. I like it when evidence is laid out. When you can see it not just have it referenced to. Not just claims. I never watch main stream “news” media sources so there are things I had no idea about. I mean I cannot watch sources that I cannot trust. I just want the facts. I do not like being led down this rabbit hole and have a bomb dropped on me like what was said about Biden..(though no wonder most photos of him even sitting alone behind his desk show him with a mask, a black one at that, covering the majority of his face. not that I would know really what he looked like anyways.) What am I to do with that bombshell? If it is true and how can we know? Which then makes me wonder about the rest of it all? Is it just clever spin or misinterpretation? I cannot outright dismiss it because what if some of it is true. I just wish it had more evidence instead of claims. What would it man for this country if on January 6, 2021 there was a funeral and the stuff happening at the Capital was cover? I am in shock really. I don’t know what to think about Trump either. It is just a confusing mess.

      • Fenix, you must learn how to do your own homework.

        You seem honest so may I suggest that you not spare pocket change, don’t refrain from buying publications and reading. Reading is absolutely essential to learning. Visual education is for suckers because it’s a minefield. You can learn a lot from visuals, but beware its a den of vipers.

        What I am about to tell you I can back up. The Trump family has a long and close relationship with the Jewish community. Donalds father built condos to house Jewish immigrants. He was so close to them they called him their Yiddishkeit, meaning he was like them. My understanding is that it’s a term of endearment. Donald followed in his father’s footsteps, so close the the Jewish community that his beloved elder daughter converted to Judaism in order to marry and Orthodox Jew. I don’t know why both his sons married Jews but I can speculate. Trumps other daughter by another mother was dating Jews before she married a foriegn husband possibly of Arab discent. Both of Donald’s present and first wives are and were Roman Catholic, but last I read about his first wife she had converted to Talmudic Judaism, which is plausible being her daughter converted to Judaism. Donald is pretty much his own counselor but he has written and spoken much about his mentor Norman Vincent Peale of Colgate Presby Church in NYC, who bragged about his Freemason membership. I have never confirmed Donald’s alleged Masonic membership, but it would not surprise me. Considering Donalds lifelong veneration of Peale and Peale’s double minded teachings it should not be too difficult to rightly judge Donald. I never regarded Peale as much other than a preacher of tolerance and how to feel good about yourself. You too can find all this out for yourself without the help of someone like me.

        By now, if you believe me, you should have come to the conclusion that Donald, a Presbyterian is at a basic level, a very confused, double minded man.

        Apples don’t fall far from the tree.

        Donald has yoked himself with at least four diverse world views. In Donald’s eyes this must surely mean its a very good thing, but all four world views are in opposition.

    • Going back to, not the beginning, but to an important node in all this…the assassination of JFK. Douglas Caddy, a former Watergate lawyer, came on the Dark Journalist program (link below) saying he was told by CIA insider and agent E. Howard Hunt that JFK was killed by the deep state over knowledge of the “alien presence,” which he intended to share with Russia. I’ve said before here that David Icke is right. Now, think about why a President of the United States with the integrity of a JFK would share information about an alien space presence with a country we were in the middle of a cold war with. It would have to be very serious, a global threat to elicit that kind of a reaction. It would not be blinking lights in the sky but an clear and present danger. JFK was trying to work with Russian Premier Khrushchev , knowing both states were under attack by a military industrial fifth column. I think he also knew the involvement of this fifth column with the alien presence in world domination. Kennedy had already warned us about secrecy actions and proceedings of a group he did not name. He was brutally murdered in nothing less than a public execution in Dallas in 1963 before he could follow up on his intentions. His records have not been opened on schedule with President Trump saying no one could divulge such information. What information? How does this documentary by Nick Alvear describe an ongoing battle with the same forces, now moved underground perhaps concluding in the century following JFK? My point is, whatever is in the Kennedy records that would be so stunning to the public it’s not possible to reveal them can’t be that space aliens are here. 70% of people already believe that. It can’t even be that governments have worked with them for many decades because a huge number already believe that too. Few would be surprised. Given Kennedy’s strong reaction to his knowledge about space aliens and the public’s already jaded attitudes that will prevent them from being shocked by mundane facts, what is/has been going on? I think what’s about to be exposed in the coming years is what many have already reported: extensive networks of secret space alien/corporate activity including person and adrenochrome trafficking, slaving, DNA trading, resource theft, theft of at least 23 trillion from US public coffers into black projects unknown by our Congress or people or even by presidents, interplanetary skullduggery conducted by the deep state for sinister purposes on behalf of aliens who already control this planet and work out from here with their “satanic” programs. There is no devil in my view, but there are evil extraterrestrials/extra-dimensionals who fit the description and who are behind the idea of demons in our mythologies. These beings are behind the deep state. What we’re experiencing is far more evil, entrenched, and threatening at an existential level to rate the kind of response this documentary describes as well as Kennedy’s all out reaction that was cut short. I believe that was to be an allied response of global powers to an extraterrestrial threat still going on and being implemented by our own leaders in collusion.

    • Fantastic film!!!!!!! Kudos to Nick Alvear and so much gratitude to him for putting the puzzle pieces together!!!!💝💝🎈🎉
      God wins.

    • This film offers hope. The patriots do not have complete control over the deep state, yet. They may “have it all” in terms of documentation, but there is still a powerful enemy with horrific power and weaponry, and more horrific sway over the minds of many who still cannot see the crimes.
      Documentation alone would not help such hypnotized people to understand why “we are at war”.

      If the deep state/globalists were not still powerful, Ukraine would not be getting weapons and billions. Lahaina. Further rollouts of injections. Shutting down of energy production in the US. Ruining the supply chain. A longer list would be pointless.

      The issue is that even now, not a sufficient number of people, at least in the US, are aware of the extent and depth of the swamp. Too many do not yet know of its existence and their danger, deeming all talk of it to be crazy.

      They may be disgusted at the way things are going, but they still trust that efforts of the current administration and Congress are good faith. They may even believe that the destructive “climate” policies and support of the Kiev regime are necessary.

      I do believe that is the reason why the atrocities continue, from medical tyranny and destruction of human health to war…a sufficient number of the people still don’t “get it”. The deep state is still being exposed. We are at war, and there are casualties.

      I understand the feelings of those who say, this is all BS, or else it’d be over…but my mind tells me, it has to be this way. It would be suicidal, ultimate defeat for humanity, to move openly on the deep state too soon.

      If the “white hats” were to present all evidence now, arrest and convict those proven to be criminal, taking the reins at this time, still a very strong background core of secretive deep state criminals would carry on behind the scenes, only to emerge into full power later.

      Our people who would be shocked by revelations of criminality would largely cope, say, “All right. Well, that’s taken care of,” and go back to sleep and comfort in their brainwashed minds.

      That is the only reason I can fathom for the patriots not taking out the deep state now, or 3 years ago, before additional atrocities are committed by the globalists.

      They cannot take it all down, once and for all, until more people are fully awake, never to sleep in the face of evil again.

      That said, the patriot faction of the military is not in total control, but fighting. I am not blind to the mandated injections even in the military, and the damages, suffering and death caused. I am not blind to the woke agenda.

      I do believe as per this video, there is a significant patriot faction, a plan under execution, and God willing, it will succeed.

      The patriots deserve gratitude, and have mine. But only God can bring the plan to a successful outcome for humanity, by coordinating their efforts, facilitating operations, and providing awareness along with intelligence, putting the right people and ideas together in the right places at the right times. God give them wisdom.

      Like DJT, the real president, they stand between us and annihilation/enslavement of all humanity.

      I could look at specific issues and call the patriot narrative “nonsense” or a lie, but on balance, I see much that supports it. And I think I see some mighty good people involved. I accept what I’d rather not see happening as a consequence of the fight being very difficult, not easy and one-sided. The deep state can still kick humanity around a lot.

      As to the jab, I have accepted the information that its instigation was necessary to prevent years of lockdowns, which would have ended in certain disaster.

      There was a time I wouldn’t have believed that people would ever go along with that. Not now. I see mask zombies in stores now.

      We shall see in future how DJT will assess the actual benefits/damages due to that rollout, which he never intended to be a bioweapon. Right now, is not the time to slap sleepers in the face with a truth they cannot handle. The deep state want chaos. We do not.

      I noted in the video that the only world leader who appeared happy to “submit” to President Trump was President Putin. Indeed, VP had carried the ball against the globalists when he, and other loyal Russians, saved Russia from the oligarchs’ determination to destroy and part Russia out. His speech at Minsk was stellar. Both men have always been anti-globalist patriots. Perhaps that explains the deep state attempt to link the two in a false “collusion” accusation.

      All that, I could be “smoking hopium”. But I think not. As long as there is any sign of patriot opposition to the deep state, they have my support, prayers, and heart.

      I am not going to be angry because they are unable to save everybody. Even if I am eventually a casualty, I will cheer them on, from the other side. The end game is all that matters in war.

      (And yes, I know, “It’s not a game…” But sadly, it is, if you understand game theory. No one said it was safe or giggles. And it is also “a show”, if you comprehend optics and the importance of presentation. )

      I may be wrong (or not). But I will not join those who condemn Q and the patriots as a psy-op. If it turns out so, oh hell…but losing heart now or feeling angry isn’t going to help, and will be damaging especially if it’s real and true. We gotta try, do what we can, watch, attempt to grasp the entire picture and play our small parts.

    • Talk about fukery!!! I stopped listening to this Q crap when it said the majority of the vx were saline. Tell that to the people who died and are having their health destroyed for life.

      Plus all the other contradictions I found here. I read Ms Bruce’s book on the Philadelphia Experiment and really liked it and her but to see her promoting such brainwashing left a bad taste in my mouth. Not buying the con this film is promoting. Don the Con….as he claims himself to be, the father of vaccines.

    • When LBJ learned the truth about the war in Viet Nam, he soon announced that he would not run for a second term. Remember, it was the false flag, fake Bay of Tonkin attack that LBJ authorized US military jumping into Viet Nam with both feet.

      When he realized he had been lied to by the Military Industrial complex of Generals causing him to lie to the American people he knew his political goose in the November elections was DOA!

      Have we learned anything!

      Look at the current military industrial complex war of aggression. The same lies, the same General staff, the same war industries and the same war propaganda about how America’s puppet president in Ukraine is valiantly winning against fainting couch potato Russians.

      It’s so stupid and amateurish it’s laughable! Except Russians aren’t laughing! They will never forget what our politicals have done to them! But, Americans will and then wonder why.

      My connection with sanity in regard to this war has been Colonel Douglas MacGregor and Scott Ritter of Iarq war fame. Both have been providing true reports on the Ukraine, but watch out. YouTube recently shut down Ritter and have co-opted MacGregor’s site and are now lip sinking a MacGregor like voice over with a cartoon MacGregor talking head telling viewers how suddenly the war has reversed course and the Russians are losing.

      All at the same time YouTube recalibrated my algorithms so that now unless I enter key words, all I get is adolescent nonsense, pre teen make believe rubbish which I would not view in a million years.

      What’s next?

      • Agree more psyop…

        1 Thessalonians 5:3
        “For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.”

      • I don’t think LBJ was surprised by anything. I think there’s ample evidence showing he was in on ALL OF IT from get go. He was about to be charged with murder. He was about to be dropped from JFK’s ticket in 1964. In other words he was screwed. The thing that saved him was the assassination of Kennedy which made him president, able to squash his murder investigation. I think Johnson was about as crooked as it’s possible to get and I think he conspired with the deep state to kill Kennedy to save his own behind and in exchange gave them the bloody war they wanted and JFK was about to pull out of. He told his mistress that he wouldn’t have to suffer Kennedy “mistreatment” ever again the night before the assassination, then he hit the floor of that big Cadillac following Kennedy before the bullets went off. And he wanted out of office because everything had turned into a quagmire for him. The idea that he was scandalized to find out the deep state false-flagged the Vietnam war is completely outside the ruthlessness of LBJ’s character. He no doubt ordered it.

        • Margaret+Treis

          Well, alright I concede your point, but it’s not all black and white clear to any of us here on the plantation. My point was that LBJ came to a fuller realization that the war in Viet Nam was a lie, was based upon lies nurtured by secret agencies and departments, and voters had awakened to it. He knew he was going down in the next election and he bailed out. He was a party to the mischief, but how much he knew nobody knows. My point was probably too subtle for plainer minds to grasp – beware of the military industrial complex is just as valid today, perhaps more so because of secrecy’s marriage with technology. Government has married the technology industry now deeply embedded in every corner of the world. In plain English, the military is not our savior any more than the politicals. When social media generals publicly capitulated to the military demands of the CCP, the American sucker classes thought it was contained inside China, but it wasn’t! My advice at the time was contrary to this foolish notion that censoring social media was just for the Chinese market, but who listens to watchmen and women? We missed the decisive moment! Flubbed it entirely!

          Eisenhower was right, but the excuse making tolerators have buried his warning under a pile of ever refreshed BS aka “living by lies”.

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