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Last Friday, DHS announced that America’s biggest security threat was citizens who oppose the illegal COVID mandates and who question the 2020 Election, what they call “domestic terrorists”.

36 hours later, Kabul fell to actual terrorists, making the DHS look completely ridiculous.

Chinese state media are reportedly mocking the US over the fall of Afghanistan, joking that it went “Smoother than the 2021 presidential transition.”

In short, everything is going according to the CCP’s plans, even if some of the local minions were blindsided by these events. This is the nature of compartmentalization.

We shouldn’t be surprised about the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban. We already knew that Joe Biden and his administration are Chinese agents who seek to harm the US. Everything they have done over the past 7 months has very consistently been harmful to the interests of the American People.

And let’s not forget that Biden stole the election with big help from the Chinese and – according to some researchers – from CENTCOM, the unified combatant command whose Area of Responsibility includes the Middle East, Afghanistan and Central Asia.

Joe Biden is now hiding from the press at Camp David, with no plans to publicly address the nation until Wednesday, at the earliest.

On Sunday, the White House tweeted images of Biden, alone in the situation room at Camp David, on a video conference with Kamala Harris and other advisors, which inadvertently revealed the identity of the CIA Station Chief at Doha, Qatar.

But a closer look at these pictures reveals that they might have been taken before last March!

We’ve heard nothing from Kamala Harris.

White House Spokesperson, Jen Psaki is suddenly out of the office until August 22nd, according to the auto-reply from her official email account.

Our civilian Executive Branch is completely AWOL.

Jeb Bush, George Bush, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton have been as quiet as the tomb but former CIA Director, David Petraeus was on FoxNews last Friday, calling the developments in Afghanistan “catastrophic, disastrous, an enormous national security setback.”

The story that’s emerging is that Biden ignored the advice of his advisors, presumably in favor of following the orders of his CCP owners to cut and run from Afghanistan.

The Wall Street Journal reports that, “Biden overruled his top military commanders – Gen. Frank McKenzie, Gen. Austin Scott Miller, and Gen. Mark Milley – who recommended the US keep 2,500 troops in Afghanistan while stepping up diplomacy to try to cement a peace agreement.”

The Daily Mail is reporting about a conference call on Sunday, in which some senators were briefed by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley, the latter of whom told them that,

The sudden collapse of the Afghan government means terror groups like Al Qaeda could grow stronger in Afghanistan far sooner than the two years Congress had previously estimated it would take them to become a threat.

He conceded that the prediction also raised the possibility of a domestic attack in the US, or on one of its allies. Milley said up to 60,000 refugees could qualify for Special Immigrant Visas as a result of [Afghanistan’s] collapse.

Ezra Cohen-Watnick, the 35-year-old Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence, who was Lt Gen Michael Flynn’s protégé during the latter’s brief tenure as President Trump’s National Security Advisor (and lionized by the Q movement, despite his vehement protests) tweeted the following on Sunday:

“The clear lack of meaningful planning and preparation to effectuate a proper withdrawal in Afghanistan should force us to reexamine the structure, size, authority, and role of the @thejointstaff. Is this the proper configuration to prepare for conflict with CCP?

“Since 9/11 the Joint Staff has grown to close to 2,000 people and been flooded with many General Officers. CENTCOM’s staff has also ballooned. We were consistently told that such large staffs were needed to develop military plans for an increasingly complex world.

“Over the past year, criticism of Milley from all parties has centered on forays into domestic politics. His legacy, however, will be defined by overseeing the largest failure of the @thejointstaff’s core roles and responsibilities: planning for withdrawal from Afghanistan.”

Steve Bannon is joined by Jack Posobiec, a former Navy Intelligence officer with behind-the-scenes insights from a leaker in the White House and other sources.

This thumbnail image of the Washington Monument being struck by lightning last Saturday seems quite apt.

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  • If you aren’t arming up your giving up. We are going to have to fight to save our country if its still possible. Biden and The Democrats are the Communists and are controlled by the C.C.P/Russia. Its a dangerous game they have been playing and its are country and the People that is paying the price. After the American People chose President Trump in 2016 over the establishments pick they new they had to move fast to take permanent control of are country/world. The big one is coming folks. You had better be ready because it won’t be pretty

  • The real and biggest terrorists govern the US and the rest of the world. They are called psychopaths but that’s only one part of the equation …. see “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room –The  Holocaustal Covid-19 Coronavirus Madness: A Sociological Perspective  & Historical Assessment Of The Covid “Phenomenon”” by Rolf Hefti at

    Looking at the various comments here it’s apparent that many folks, even here at this non-mainstream site, have no real clue what’s going on….

  • All this crap going on in our country and elsewhere and as much as I hate to give Costco my money I’ll be going there tomorrow to stock up. Our government is so stupid. All I can do is take care of my family. We are not taking the death jab and we won’t be going into any of their “camps”. Thank you second amendment.

    • We are The Government & we have allowed this mismanagement to go on starting with the 1912 IRS/Federal Income Tax (which was Never approved/never completed) & 1913 Bill for The Federal Reserves (which the debt does Not exist because that too was Illegal).

  • China is in our government. China dumped Trump and is now dumping America. You can thank our sellout bloodsucker reps, bought and payed by China.

  • ISIS, Taliban, etc., all American Corp. created enemies to justify our invasion, destruction, control of whichever country our military industrial complex wanted. What if I were to tell you that we were in Vietnam not because of the Vietcongs; trying to stop the spread of communism? The Vietcongs were the cover story for the war. Our soldiers were so mind wiped they were not the same people who left this country to fight “communism”. Ask David Corso and Duncan O’Finioan while they are still alive. One military whistle blower said we will never leave Afghanistan. There are too many portals there that need to be guarded. We also control the poppy fields, as the biggest drug trafficker in the world. Who are we kidding? I saw that great photo of a vimana in a cave in Afghanistan taken by one of our soldiers. I am not sure if he is still alive. We are currently getting a minute by minute coverage about the “war” in Afghanistan, while we are being coerced into getting the killer jab. Wake up, people! We are not alone. The controllers do not want you to know that. They also want to kill most of us for easier control. While they aim to change us into androids and cyborgs, those that die in the process are collateral damage deemed acceptable, especially considering we are just useless eaters to them. Are you awake yet? Go to Project Camelot and listen to the approximately 1000 interviews of physicists, military personnel, etc. You will not come out of that experience having the same simplistic perspective about our life in the matrix.

  • Pfizer employee turned whistle blower Karen Kingston told Stew Peters on his show that they are putting POISON in the shots. She also showed leaked footage of what happens to your blood after getting the shot taken from a Pfizer lab.

  • We’ve been told just about everywhere that DJT still commands the armed forces. Pathological liar that so many put store in, who goes by Juan O. Savin, has said so and that is just about the only thing out of his mouth that I’ve believed. So now that imbecile Biden is taking the heat? So the man elected president isn’t in charge of the military, after all? How comforting. Better to have ineffectual “take the vaccine!” Trump in charge than CCP controlled Biden. But then again, I think it’s he CIA running matters because we’re in Afghanistan for no other reason than to finance the CIA’s black ops, just as that was what the VietNam war was all about. Think: OPIUM!

    • Stay tuned, Marilyn. You have parts of the story but not the entire. You’ll be surprised about the missing parts. None of us have the entire. You have to use intuition to fill in.

  • Well, that escalated quickly. Imagine my surprise (not). None of this was by accident or chance. And it is a further distraction to the tyranny and treason being committed against Americans by this illegal and CCP owned government. This admin is a coordinated planned downfall of the US. If you think it is been bad, just wait and see how terrible things are going to get here in US this week and in weeks to come from this criminally psychopath and illegal administration.

    • jim carter — Right, Jim. So the CIA can flood the streets of America with dope that finances their black ops.

  • Suggestion: fly bidden and harris to afghanistan in an old piper cub and let them negotiate a treaty offering ice cream and cookies.

    • And make sure Biden is forced to wear a lime green leisure suit from 1975, along with a bright orange ascot and yellow big bell bottoms. His little sidekick can wear Flo’s Progressive Insurance uniform. The morons.

  • For you “people” who are still asleep, this is nothing more than the usual “Right/ Left” tennis match . Everyone prepare to put the Right back into place with your hero, Trump. All of these pundits are paid for this so called expert analysis of this situation. We (The American Empire) have no business in any nation stealing their natural resources. And if anything, we should be burning the Opium fields of Afghanistan, instead of guarding them so the globalists can market it. Hell people, don’t you remember what Viet Nam was all about? Taking control of the largest opium fields in the world, at the time, in the Golden Triangle (Laos, Cambodia and Burma). Remember the secret war in Cambodia?Of course it all goes to our true owners, the Queen, Black Nobility, Vatican, who allows the billionaires and globalists to exist. If after 20 years or more, you don’t realize this is all for Israel, you never will. I thought, by now, everyone knew that Osama Ben Laden, was a paid asset for the CIA, whose operative name was Tim Osmon. Read the books, morons, and see that the CIA, created, supplied and backed the Taliban and Isis and all of them to use a a giant False Flag so that we could get in it. And this so called “soft takeover “ by China, is now claimed to be by China and the Muslim. The Muslims have nothing to do with Dr Faucci. The globalists are once again ramping it up with Muslims as the terrorists. Can’t you see that this is for Israel? Wake up to see every single step was planned and is already planned for our future. Most will not believe any of it even when they find themselves inside of a FEMA camp. Capt Joe Kelley

    • Saudi Arabia is first before Israel, so don’t claim it’s not Muslims. Besides there are plenty of Muslims in Israel, what do you think the holy sites are about in Israel.

    • Right.

      Here’s more :

      — B E N G H A Z I and Afghanistan —

      This Afghanistan debacle is a continuation of our
      State Department’s Deep State meddling!—to
      serve Marxian Globalists’ goal of expending
      America’s blood and treasure; for eventuating
      One World Government under Global Economic

      “Ambassador Stevens was sent to Benghazi to secretly
      retrieve US made Stinger Missiles that the State Dept
      had supplied to Ansar al Sharia in Libya WITHOUT
      Congressional oversight or permission.” :


      • Its ‘Global Economic Communism.’ That should be obvious by looking at Communist Franklin Roosevelt & Communist Winston Churchill.
        Socialism belongs to ‘An Ethnic group of people,’ striving towards the same goal & sharing in the Nations Resources.
        That’s why Libya was successful under Gaddafi.

        • Victoria, if I may: Mensheviks, as opposed to the make-war-first Bolsheviks (( read of difference in an encyclopedia, say from late Fifties )) , use incrementalism as means toward Communism; that is, F I R S T Socialism—as I explain in here :

          —from a collection of my 3,000-plus thoughts on the root causes of the West’s steep moral/cultural decline, “Paleoconservative Thoughts To Ponder”:

          2345) Communism is the goal of socialism, which is but a temporary pause in leftists’ forced march of humanity towards hell on earth, about which hell this scribbler has been giving warnings to anyone sympathetic to that cause – to that horrific insanity! – of socialism/communism, which ism’s bottom-line underpinnings are expertly retold by Long Visalo, a returnee to Pol Pot’s communistic Cambodia in 1973, and who gave this horrifying account of an indoctrination seminar for intellectuals at camp K-15, conducted by Khieu Samphan [“Pol Pot: Anatomy of a Nightmare,” by Philip Short, pp. 316-317]: “How do we make a communist revolution? The first thing you have to do is to destroy private property. But private property exists on both the material and the mental plane…To destroy material private property, the appropriate method was the evacuation of towns…But spiritual private property is more dangerous, it comprises everything that you think is ‘yours’, everything that you think exists in relation to yourself—your parents, your family, your wife. Everything of which you say, ‘It’s mine…’ is spiritual private property. Thinking in terms of ‘me’ and ‘my’ is forbidden…The knowledge you have in your head, your ideas, are mental private property, too. To become truly revolutionary, you must…wash your mind clean…So the first thing you must do to make yourself fit to participate in the communist revolution…is to wash your mind…If we can destroy all material and mental private property…people will be equal. The moment you allow private property, one person will have a little more, another a little less, and they are no longer equal. But if you have nothing – zero for him and zero for you – that is true equality…If you permit even the smallest part of private property [and private thinking!], you are no longer as one, and it isn’t communism”…[p. 325, employing George Orwell’s 1984]: “The whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought…In the end we will make thought-crime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it. Every concept that will be needed will be expressed by exactly one word [no hint of what that one word is here], with its meaning rigidly defined and all its subsidiary meanings rubbed out and forgotten…Every year fewer and fewer and fewer words, and the range of consciousness always a little smaller…In fact there will be not thought as we understand it now. Orthodoxy [communist orthodoxy] means NOT THINKING [my emphasis]…Orthodoxy is unconsciousness”; an INSANITY, dear reader, that’s lost on all leftists harboring any hope of goodness and truth being found in socialism/communism, and so extreme in its Utopian pursuit of equality that even to THINK of how beautiful a sunrise is or to smile at the missteps of a toddler at play or to feel even a hint of pleasure from a warming morning sun invites MENTAL INEQUALITY, which necessarily leads to material inequality, according to the leftist Utopians. How dare you to steal a mental pleasure that some comrade, somewhere, cannot equally share with you? There can be no private thoughts! And today’s socialism-/communism-/feminism-driven Left within Western democracies is incrementally leading us there, as today’s fairness-driven leftists are tomorrow’s equality-driven Pol Pots – those Marxian ARCHITECTS and their liberal-Christian and secular-humanist dupes! – who’ll eventually come to TORTURE and/or KILL any opponents of their perfect Marxian equality, and which fact about them ought to horrify any reason-driven person anticipating future results of the Marxists’ DIVERSITY MOVEMENT and requisite FORCED INTEGRATION, which their open-borders immigration policies now demand worldwide.



          Does history rhyme or repeat?

  • The U.S. interest in Afghanistan has always been the “Poppy Fields.” That’s how “Poppy Bush” Sr. got his name.
    We are dealing with the Drug Cartels & they have always used U.S. Military & the White House & Capitol Hill to accomplish their Drug Trade/Drug Wars.
    Look at Vietnam, nothing new under the Sun folks!

  • This is the second time I know of that the US Military have abandoned functional military hardware. The first time was in Iraq. That hardware is supposed to be left inoperable when abandoned-destroyed, basically. What has happened here is a gift to the Taliban and an excuse to wage more war for profit. The Afghans should be suing the US for that atrocity. How many people are going to die because the US deliberately armed the Taliban. Wow! You gotta be kidding!!!

  • Nothing has been ‘taken’; there is NO ‘FALL’ of Afghan!! It was GIVEN/HANDED OVER to CIA/Terrorists/Taliban (all one in the same). If THINKING (HUMANS) people cannot SEE it for wtf it IS…..then ya just might have a LOW IQ!

    As for the Washington Obelisk (aka Monument) getting hit by lightning…….don’t people KNOW what those Obelisks ARE. In ANCIENT times (BEFORE the Egyptians), there were Obelisks all over the planet……they were (are) for sending/receiving ENERGY. WE are the PRIMITIVE ones…..using gas/oil/coal/nuclear/solar panels/wind turbines!!! Before the ‘Egyptian Times’, there was a HIGH CIVILIZATION that built the Megaliths around the planet, and had FREE ENERGY. We’re ‘Cave Men’ compared to what ‘we’ once were.

  • These events that appear to be emergencies are clearly planned panics meant to continue destabilizing those who want to see order and proper law in the world.

  • Hey Guys (Goys) @forbiddenknowledge, you wanna identify and expose the “Elites?” It shouldn’t be too difficult, they control roughly 93% of the planet.

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