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Mike Adams says that the goal of the foreign agents controlling the Biden Regime is to provoke Trump supporters with their Mar-a-Lago raid and their imminent indictment of Trump, so that Federal Agents can stage a false flag and blame it on them.

Mike says that during the false flag event, the Feds plan to feign weakness and become “overwhelmed” by MAGA grannies and thereby be “forced” to call in UN forces, staffed mainly with CCP troops, who would then come in and disarm the US population.

On Tuesday, Project Veritas released a leaked document from within the Department of Homeland Security, which is propagating their side of this narrative to their personnel, warning of a heightened security risk for federal agents from Domestic Violent Extremists [DVEs] because of the Mar-a-Lago raid and the upcoming election.

The document reads, “The threats we have observed, to date, underscore that DVEs [Domestic Violent Extremists] may view the 2022 midterm election as an additional flashpoint around which to escalate threats against perceived ideological opponents, including federal law enforcement personnel…

“In recent years, DVEs adhering to different violent extremist ideologies have coalesced around perceptions of government overreach and election fraud to threaten and conduct violence. As a result of recent activities, we assess that potential targets of DVE violence moving forward could include law enforcement, judicial officials, individuals implicated in conspiracy theories, and perceived ideological opponents who challenge their worldview.

The leaked material concludes with a warning to agents that the public should not know this information.

“Information contained in this intelligence bulletin is for official use only. No portion of this bulletin should be released to the media, the general public, or over nonsecure Internet servers. Release of this material could adversely affect or jeopardize investigative activities.”

Mike says, “The illegitimate Biden Regime would be combining forces with the UN and NATO and even Communist Chinese troops to go to war with the American People. But in order to get there, they need to provoke violence, which is why we have to say: ‘No violence! Don’t fall for it. Don’t take the bait.’

He continues, “We will be victorious but without resorting to violence and we’re going to talk about today. We’ve got some pretty big news. Some new intel that came in over the weekend. This involves Trump; how he’s going to be indicted under the Espionage Act and we have new information about how the Powers-that-Be are trying to invoke a civil war in the United States and then they would use that to call for United Nations Peacekeeping occupation of the US.

“And those UN troops might be NATO troops from Europe or they might be Chinese troops – that’s right – the People’s Liberation Army wearing blue helmets…

“A lot of news was breaking over the weekend that the very same agents involved in this Mar-a-Lago raid, on Trump’s private residence – well – these are the same FBI agents reportedly involved, who are under criminal investigation by Durham for their role in Russiagate and all the other nonsense and false allegations and fabrications that were leveled against Trump over the last 5, almost 6 years, at this point.

“So, it’s the same group of just law-breaking, corrupt lunatics at the FBI and you know, the American People are kinda sick of it.

“I would just add, Folks, Keep it peaceful…The corrupt FBI wants people to attack the FBI – which, of course, you should not do!”



In an interview with, Eric Trump said that the security cameras at Mar-a-Lago captured FBI agents “behaving improperly” during the raid on former President Donald Trump’s home last week but he said staff refused to turn off the surveillance cameras, as requested by the FBI and they captured agents raiding areas where they weren’t authorized to go.

Over the weekend, Sean Hannity reported that the FBI is now desperately trying to obtain all the surveillance footage. Then on Monday night, Eric told Sean that they have the surveillance footage of the FBI and that they will release it “At the right time.”


Paul Furber is a South African journalist and a former 4Chan moderator who was one of the people who helped bring the Q posts from 4Chan out to the world. Paul also maintains an archive of the 4Chan posts of an alleged CIA source, who is very foul-mouthed and who has some interesting things to say about the FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago, which actually corroborate the claims of Eric Trump and of Mike Adams, though he made these claims several days before they did! The source posted the following [misspellings left as-is]:

[8/8/22] What the CIA planted.

[8/9/22] The CIA planted top secret information at the Trump estate and then alerted the FBI that Trump had taken the material with him when he left office. This goes all the way to the top of both agencies and the White House. They did not realize Trump had the storage areas under surveillance and he has the tapes.

[8/10/22] It was the CIA that planted the evidence it was the FBI who retrieved it. And at the top of theses agencies there is no difference…

[8/11/22] You do know the FISA Court was used by the FBI to place spies and listening devices in Mar-a-Lago. The court was told by the FBI there was a foreign intelligence service working with Trump and the FBI used falsified information provided by Trump foes in the FBI. Same group of clowns that went after Carter Page. Same crap different person.

The Justice Department already has charges ready to go against Trump and this was just to get more evidence. They figure once the indictment is released this issue will fade into the sunset. All the while they hide the Hunter/Joe Biden crime family. Want to get the the bottom of this go view the FISA Warrant and who submitted in and who approved in.

Although this source is highly questionable, his posts with privileged information preceded official public statements and proved to be accurate reflections of the Trump camp’s positions. Also, his advice to look at the person who submitted the FISA Warrant to place spies and listening devices in Mar-a-Lago back in 2017 seems like good advice to me, because, as Eric Trump said, it’s the same clowns all over again.

Intelligence contractor, Tore Maras posting on TRUTHSocial last week said that we need to see the 302s associated with the raid, as these quote, “will tell us WHO gave first person testimony and WHO the FBI agent was,” who ordered the raid.

302s are what the FBI calls the notes they take of conversations with witnesses and which are often key evidence of a possible crime – except in this case, the crime in question may be the FBI raid, itself!

On Monday, the DOJ announced that they would not be releasing any of the affidavits but on Tuesday, Bruce Reinhart, the federal judge in Florida who approved the warrant for the FBI to search former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate has scheduled a Thursday hearing on a motion to unseal the affidavit that prosecutors used to secure it.

Reinhart appears to be extremely partisan, making derogatory posts about Trump on social media, donating thousands of dollars to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign and taking a leave of absence from his post at a local US Attorney’s office 10 years ago to represent and defend employees of convicted pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein after they had received immunity during the probe of the infamous pedophile financier of sex trafficking. By Reinhart’s own admission, he represented Epstein’s pilots; his scheduler, Sarah Kellen; and Nadia Marcinkova, who Epstein once reportedly described as his “Yugoslavian sex slave.”

The Conservative Treehouse weighed in last week that the DOJ wants to seize every last shred of a document from Trump’s term in order to memory hole everything that occurred during Trump’s presidency and to utterly disappear him. This point, again somewhat echoed by BigDickAnon’s CIA Fren:

[8/14/22]: “What is beneath the surface and pointed to in the documents in the public view is the comment that the FBI was after everything Trump had for his term of Presidency and up to the present. Jim Comey and others in the intelligence community are laying a charge of treason against the President and have testified that based on information they have from foreign intelligence services Trump sold the country out to the Russians. The plan is shown in the supporting documents the public will not see. The intelligence groups behind this are the Ukrainians and the British with help from Americans. The allegations will be backed up by evidence created in the Ukraine and planted at Mara largo. In other words the planted material will back up the allegations made in the initial phases of the investigation. Are you not entertained?…

Both the Republican and Democrat Party have united to destroy the country and that destruction is centered in the counter intelligence unit of the FBI. But they have f*ed up enjoy.

[8/15/22]: …The same group of characters behind the previous attacks on Trump are at it again along with the intelligence services in the U.S. England and the Ukraine. Money shipped to the Ukraine for supposed defense purposes were used to fabricate evidence that was planted at Mara Largo.

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  • Their end game….They’ve introduced the plandemic to kill a portion of the people. They don’t care who, even a portion of their own who’ve they deceived. They entice a portion of the people who know better which is a threat to their end game to fulfill the plan to be the victim and react against the American people to control them.

    They have 2 parts of this plan. (1.) If one part doesn’t kill you (the poison jab) or get you in line with their control (2.) they will provoke you to rise up against the govt and carry out the end game against the Freedom of the American people who resist.

    Demonic! You will know them by their fruit and its really rotten now and shows.

  • Being patient with these people won’t work and that’s something that you don’t seem to grasp. There is no rule of law. The DOJ is completely corrupt. Wake up. says:

    I listened to as much of your podcast as I could tolerate. I think you’ve got it all wrong. We are eventually going to have to rise up and fight back. Being patient with these people won’t work and that’s something that you don’t seem to grasp. There is no rule of law. The DOJ is completely corrupt. Wake up.

    Allen Duplantis MD

  • There has already been word Trudeau has invited the CCP into Canada for a join exercise.

    Canada and Americans should be aware of this. Never has the world been so unGodly.

    Time to go back to church, if you have not already.

    • “Never has the world been so ungodly” have to disagree, just look at the last Century on what they did to Russia & Germany.
      “Time to go back to church” Yes, but be careful what church.

  • “What ought not be is, and what ought be MUST be.” In the Time-Space Continuum minor change might go unnoticed. Or is it the Space-time Continuum?

  • It Definitely looks like They Are Setting Up The Trump Supporters,
    What sticks out:
    Eric trump says: Camera footage will be released when it’s the right time.
    (“To me it’s a double meaning sentence, Release camera footage Trump’s off the hook ,
    Part 2 of release of camera footage Trump supporters erupt with Rage and decide to protest peacefully and get InFiltraed at this peaceful protest and part 3 Here comes false Flage A Roon E
    Just like macaroni , Yankee doodle stuck a feather in his hat and called it Macaroni ,
    A Roon E false Flag , cause trump supporters who are fast asleep and Not Paying Attention will Go down like the January 6-ER’s ,
    Hopefully people Wake Up and Stay Home.
    I’m Not A Democrat or
    A Republican ,
    But Here’s an article That Sheds Light On Issues ,
    Issues That Need to be Recognized
    Support or Not Support or read the article ?!

  • It does not matter, when the People can only be on the defending side, always have to “beware of False Flags”. The satanic pedophiles will never be defeated if we can never make them the defending side.

    If we can only turn this whole mummer’s farce into our own game…

  • It’s “funny” how this community mostly doesn’t take its thinking to the next level.
    There are no rules…
    Why wouldn’t “they” just fake the entire thing? Play both sides. Have a straight up fake force masquerading as the opposition, etcetera.
    Maybe I just gave them the idea, if they’re paying attention to this channel.

  • He’s right except that he gives too much credit for the right.

    From what I remember, both sides were bombing other countries equally and shilling with Israel together.

    People need to realize already that no sides give sh”t about them, and that they must unite themselves and rid of sides and the corrupt system.



    • We can’t even decipher what is real in the last Age, 2,160 years ago & you Kenny want us to believe you have the intel of the past Millions of years….
      This War technically is Not about you & your people, so stop being Racist because you know Nothing about Hellenism.

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