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Jeff Berwick has has a great conversation with Mads Palsvig, who was a highly-paid bond trader in Denmark for years before he realized how money is created. Then, he saw how the IMF and the World Bank are scams that exist for the sole purpose of destabilizing countries so that their assets can be acquired by large transnational corporation on the cheap.

The bankster racket works like this: A Third World country will borrow from the IMF or the World Bank at 10% interest and then be unable to repay the debt. The IMF will then tell that government that they will have to privatize all their public assets. By that time, their equity markets will have lost 60% or 70% and the multinational corporations will then come in and buy everything up on the cheap.

Palsvig was still innocent to the ways of the world when he had dinner one night with former Federal Reserve Chairwoman, Janet Yellin with several colleagues from his office at Morgan Stanley. He didn’t know that the Federal Reserve Bank was a private corporation when he started giving Yellin a hard time for the bad decisions she’d made. He says now, “I didn’t know we were colleagues. I thought she was a public employee not doing a proper job!” Even though it was April and he’d already earned his quota for the whole year and he normally earned $93 million annually for his bank, he was fired three weeks later. He believes this was due to his dressing-down of Yellin.

After being fired, Palsvig had time to research these issues and he discovered that it was even worse than he thought. He says, “The families who own these banks, they’re the same families who own the media, they own the military industrial complex, they own the big pharmaceutical companies. The Rockefeller and Carnegie foundations started an educational system that is indoctrinating people…then I realized how all the wars have been started by the same families.

“Basically, it’s stealing the right to create money from the people and it’s handing it over to a few families and they’ve done that for several thousand years…the people creating money and having a monopoly on money have been booted out hundreds of times so sometimes, it has been the Jewish people, sometimes it has been the Knights Templar, sometimes it has been the Venetians; the black nobility…

“They have refined the technique over the years and they have spent so much money on dumbing down [the people] through the educational system. They have spent so much money looting and they’ve spent a lot of that money bribing politicians and journalists and university professors…”

Palsvig wanted to teach others about the central banking system but he realized that this was dangerous and that he’d need to speak in front of at least 1,000 people. With the help of some friends, he was able to do this, which led to his founding of the Danish JFK Party less than two years ago. He says, “Instead of just being a populist party and just taking one key issue and just hammering that home…I’ve decided that we need an awakening.”

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  • Terrific interview. I didn’t realize Berwick was so well informed on the big picture. Mads, I’m in on your JFK party, but you should connect with Ronald Bernard (the reformed euro-bankster), and Michael Tellinger’s UBUNTU party.

  • I read the article and it is spot on in the short way. The good story is that they are going to have Holiday in Guantanamo Bay on Cuba and they will be protected by a fence from ordenary people. Bookings have been made by the Military Court.

  • Very good and somewhat realistic information with the exception of the idea of banks stopping people from “Creating Their Own Money”…Banks are ACTUALLY trying to STOP people from CREATING Anything…. Period!
    The ENTIRE concept of MONEY Needs to be replaced for the “Ability” TO “CREATE” AS our COSMIC FAMILY DOES…THEY HAVE NO MONEY SYSTEM AT ALL!
    So Watch Out for those “Crypto-Currencies” that WILL Be “Chipped” and “Rigged” for Absolute “Control” of EVERYONE.
    And RIGHT-ON “Forever Human”!!!

  • Frankly, I find it hard to believe that Mads Palsvig has lived this long in the banking industry so ignorant of the facts. Really hard to believe.

  • I think Jeff Berwick is right, no governments. Citizens can run their own affairs. And is that figure correct? $400 per person monthly/yearly? is how much it costs to use the bank’s funny money.

    • We start printing US dollars, just like JFK did about six months before he was murdered in Dallas. Strange about that, the US stopped printing money again right after that event. The executive order 11111 is still on record. That is the only way to stop the killing of this world, stop using “their” money. Anybody brave enough to try doing what Kennedy did?

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