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Here’s Dick Allgire with some thoughts on who really runs things, and what you can do to make your life better. A very positive message.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • This is the guy who, several years ago, said he knows who rules at the top of the pyramid but he doesn’t want to rock the boat.

  • But seriously, if you want to spend crypto you need to convert it to a spendable medium which will most likely be controlled and banned from being used to convert crypto. Plus you need to have, not just electricity, but a whole Internet (neither of which is guaranteed to be around when you get a yen to try out that new McBugger sandwich)?

    But , for ME, the kicker is: I can’t keep track of stuff that I CAN see (wallet, keys, glasses, phones, Kroger coupons, you name it; so how the frick am I supposed to keep track of an INVISIBLE wallet???

  • 10 minutes and 58 seconds (okay, I did boost the speed after I nodded out a couple of times, so more like 7 minutes, but still…) that I will never get back.

    Is that guy a relative, AB?

  • It is a positive message, to the point that it clears away, some of the fog, that is hindering a view of what is real, and its origins… the big but (only one T :-)).

    Dick Allgire, only went back to ancient Greece, and hinted at the Nine Gods that rule…….the Universe.(Mythology).

    He should have gone back to Ancient Egypt,the First Empire on the Planet……which influenced everything; countries, philosophies societal structures etc, that came after it…..the whole planet.

    Civilizations copied their modes, including Signs and Symbols.

    The signs and symbols, including geometry, came out of the Pyramids, we know it as Free Masonry……The Greeks used this math to measure the Earth.

    The mostly French Templars picked up knowledge during the Crusades (before and after), along with a Treasure from the pyramids, and adding new symbols from their venture.

    In 1291 they Created Switzerland, their Fortress in the Alps…..after their merceneries, killed off surrounding populations in the Thirty Year War……they had a buffer zone four directions and six languages, the main one Swiss-German, (the two combined).

    This was the beginning of controling the World.
    In Switzerland, the First Horizontal Governance Democracy.

    Before then it was Vertical Governance the King owned and ruled all…..creating many, many, many children, as they were tyrants… began, with the Templars Power they then shared wealth and power, thereby creating the Horizontal method of governance……They were the Aristocracy, ruling over the people.

    They Invented Banking, the Check, etc….they own and control all banks irregardless of names.

    Voting was a Con, as it is today; only the Aristocracy Rule.

    They had their many Gods and Goddesses, as superstitious people do.
    In Switzerland their States are called Cantons.
    In the Canton of Sion, there is a Priory, where The Procols were written of how to Control the World…by the Templars and for the Templars.

    Later the Russians counterfeited this to Protocols of Zion, inorder to blame Jews.

    The Jews were the First Product of a One God Religion, created by the Pharoahs, as they, the Jews wanted to go their own way, they became the Scapegoats, for the Aristocracy.
    (long story short, for this venue).

    Now, Dick Allgire, talked of cryptocurrencies, which is just a Digital mode of Money (a bad thing).

    Crypto is Secret code…..and control by the bad guys.
    Krypto Ag, a Swiss Company…the owners Son was murdered and the owner sold it to Octogon (Swiss run authorities Worldwide)…..this a method of putting BackDoors in every Cyber Device.

    KRYPTOS a sculpture at CIA HQ at Langley, shows 4 codes, 3 solved 1 not…..this is Freemasory….4 is the Square, The Public (People), 3 is the Compass, The Aristocracy, (Making the Laws….7 is the number of the Pyramids….Octogon is 8…..the Circle is 6…(Inner Circle of rulers (Aristocracy)…so 486, this is Octogon protecting, the Aristocracy from the People…get it.

    Point being that Crypto money is just a morphing of control, from analog to digital…..the same bad guys control it, even tighter with digital.

    Liechtenstein, a Principality of Switzerland, is the center for shareholders of cryptocurrencies.

    I don’t believe, that Dick Allgire, is an honest guy, but works for the bad guys.

    Every country has a Swiss Colony,were names are changed and infiltration in Top positions takes place.
    Pres. Hoover, real name Huber.
    J. Edgar Hoover, real name Huber
    The Dulles brothers, from a high Swiss Aristocracy Family.
    Gen and Pres Eisenhower, Swiss.
    Gen Custer, real name Kuster
    Obama and Trump, from Germany Palatine
    Geo W Bush, married Laura, she is a von Graffenried, high Swiss family, has a Castle in Worb,Switzerland.
    on and on…
    These links below are just to show a connection to my comment, I did not read them thoroughly.

  • What he outlined and argued is very close to Freemasonry, in fact Masonry categorically identifies with those visuals he cited. For all I know he may be taking his inspiration from Morals and Dogma by Freemason Grand Master Albert Pike.

    Aside from that, every ancient pagan civilization had a pagan goddess, like the US Statue of Liberty, by different names all the way back to Semerimus, identified in scriptures as the wife of Nimrod founder of Babel. The record is extant.

    To tie it all together, the Statue of Liberty was a gift, a Trojan Horse from a French Freemason which was sappily received by US Government.

      • Right, no matter how many times I’ve relearned how to spell it, I often revert back to this and am then struck by a fit of laziness.. Thanks. – j

    • Yes! It’s secret hidden “deity”/ruler (like the terra papers describes also) of male/female, birth & death, chaos or discord that’s been hidden from us throughout history. Edris, Isis, a slew of other ‘dieties’ are all so similar in name, description and intent across all cultures. Is this also the hidden 13th zodiac? Semiramis sounds very similar only much more historical. Probably not the same entity.

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