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Since March of 2020, many of us have been scratching our heads and wondering how “they” were able to pull off the global lockdowns and to coordinate the synchronized Fascism of virtually all of the world’s governments. German economist Ernst Wolff has very elegantly and succinctly explained how this was achieved in this 11-minute video.



It’s the end of December 2021 and we are in an economic and social transition period of historical dimensions. For almost two years now, almost all countries in the world, regardless of whether they are dictatorships or parliamentary democracies have by and large been following the same agenda.

This global synchronization shows that there is a force that has more power than any of the currently 200 governments on our planet. This force has a name. It is the Digital-Financial Complex. 

At its head are the five largest IT companies in the world on the digital side: Apple, Alphabet [Google], Amazon, Microsoft and Meta (formerly Facebook). And on the financial side, the largest asset managers: BlackRock and Vanguard.


But how could this complex become so powerful and how does it manage to assert its interests around the globe at the same time?

Let’s start with the first question. For centuries, power rested in a single base: money. Whoever had money had power and whoever had a lot of money had a lot of power.

That still applies but no longer exclusively. Since the use of computers and the triumphant advance the internet, as part of the Third Industrial Revolution, there has been a second base of power, namely, data. Whoever has data has power. And whoever has large amounts of data has a lot of power.

However, anyone who, like IT companies organizes data flows of entire industries and also those of governments in the context of digitization gets an additional insight into their innermost being and can thus make them dependent and in this way, also submissive.

It is precisely this process that has resulted in the large IT corporations being far above all companies and governments in the world.

Whether armaments, food, pharmaceuticals, energy or media, all these industries and all state institutions, including the secret services are now in the grip from the digital corporation, which have also built up their own global media power with social networks.

The financial industry, on the other hand, which is always on the lookout for new investment opportunities has promoted this process from the start and is now involved in all leading IT groups through its most powerful representatives: the large asset management companies. So it is also dependent on them at the same time, both are merged in this way into a kind of community of interests.

BlackRock and Microsoft provide a particularly vivid example of this. BlackRock uploaded its data analysis system, Aladdin [Asset, Liability and Debt and Derivative Investment Network], by far the most important database in global finance to Microsoft’s Azure Cloud in April 2020, so is now dependent on Microsoft for data.

Microsoft, in turn is a public company and therefore dependent on its largest shareholders and these are none other than Vanguard and BlackRock, with Vanguard also being the largest shareholder in BlackRock.

So much for the emergence of the new world power but how, exactly does the digital financial complex enforce its actions? Which mechanisms and which channels does it use?


The most important strategic role is played by the central banks, which officially gave up their independence at the latest world financial crisis of 2007-2008.

Since then, BlackRock has been advising the two largest central banks in the world, the ECB, the European Central Bank and the American Fed, the Federal Reserve. So BlackRock has a decisive say when it comes to distributing the huge sums of newly-created money in the financial sector. From the central banks’ point of view, there is no other way of doing this.

BlackRock, together with its main shareholder, Vanguard manages almost $17 trillion, which roughly corresponds to the sum of the balance sheets of the ECB and the Fed – and with Aladdin, has a much larger pool of data than any central bank in the world and could easily sabotage any decision that is not made in its own interest.

How well the use of the central banks works was shown in 2015 in Greece, when Syriza, an unacceptable force for the Digital-Financial Complex came to power, the ECB cut the country off from all money flows until the Syriza leadership collapsed and achieved exactly the opposite of what it had promised to the people in the election campaign.

The interplay of the central banks is orchestrated by the Bank for International Settlements, the BIS in Basel, Switzerland, which has a total of 63 central banks among its members.


In addition to the central banks, the Digital-Financial Complex, with its money and data control has also subjected itself to another network of extremely influential institutions. These include universities, think tanks, NGOs, numerous sub-organizations of the United Nations; the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the IMF and above all, numerous extremely powerful foundations.

How effectively this network works can be seen particularly well in the current health crisis. Here are just a few examples: the medical faculty at Johns Hopkins University, which provides the authorities around the world with medical data has been called the Bloomberg School of Medicine since 2014, because IT billionaire, Michael Bloomberg has to date donated more than $3.5 billion to them. Harvard University’s medical school is named TH Chan school of medicine in honor of a Hong Kong billionaire and donor.

The World Health Organization, the WHO, founded and financed by several countries after the Second World War now receives more than 80% of its money from donors. The largest donor is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, founded by IT billionaire, Bill Gates, the richest foundation in the world, with assets of almost $50 billion.

The Gates Foundation has been very active for two decades, when it comes to promoting the interests of its founder. In 2000, it founded the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization, GAVI. In 2012, it co-founded and co-financed the Better Than Cash Alliance for the worldwide abolition of cash and distributes millions to media companies every year, in order to ensure benevolent reporting.

By far, the most politically important foundation is likely to be the Switzerland-based World Economic Forum, under the direction of the German professor, Klaus Schwab. The WEF has not only gathered a network of the rich and powerful of the world for half a century, it has also trained the international political and corporate elite since the early 1990s.

On the political side, these include Angela Merkel, Nicolas Sarkozy, Tony Blair, Emmanuel Macron, Annalena Baerbock and Cem Özdemir. On the corporate side among others, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Steve Ballmer and Jack Ma.

So it’s no wonder that the man who founded the WEF and brought all these people together even wrote the script for the current world crisis with his work, COVID-19: The Great Reset.

All of this information is just individual pieces of the mosaic but they show how the Digital-Financial Complex was either able to highjack an increasingly dense spider web of organizations over four decades – or even develop it, itself – and thus exert influence by a wide variety of channels and to move things globally in the direction it wanted. 


The concept of the Deep State, by which one understands the entirety of powerful, non-democratically-legitimized organizations that pull the strings in the background within a country is thus a thing of the past.

The Digital-Financial Complex has given us a new global power, that has long since incorporated the Deep State of all nations on Earth and now exercises much more influence than any individual deep state could ever have been able to do.

And yet, the Digital-Financial Complex is facing an insoluble problem in our time. Its rise is accompanied by a process of concentration of money in fewer and fewer hands, which forces it to act more and more authoritarian and dictatorial and therefore, how we have just experienced in the past two years, with every further step inevitably brings it into ever-sharper contradiction to the mass of the population. And that is exactly what will ultimately be its undoing.

The time is ripe for a democratic system of money and governance.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • It is ironic, with the internet, the Global trail of these evil Mo^%%%%% is undeniable! We Got You MOTHER F^%$&!

  • The concentration of wealth problem with power held in the hands of the 0.01% or so. Most of the corporations are held by just a handful of bankers yep they own most of the shares and control it all, simple as stealing candy from a baby by eating the baby. Unfortunately they are also evil and do it not just because they can but as a way to please their god Satard. The Satardists want to create something but being useless tards they are only good at one thing smoke and mirrors. The smoke is visible now with the masonic lodges going up in flames all around the world and the black mirrors they use to talk with their buttbuddys out in space are broken now. Since no one is coming to help them think of a better plan to save themselves from themselves and the fact they are just tards being stupid has a shelf life and they have reached that day thank GOD.

  • I agree with Diana–great post Alexandria. This does look like the big picture, but this skeletal super structure is incapable of grasping that without the lifeblood of commerce, trade, agriculture, essentially human effort and intelligence; their digital phantom is more corpse than alive. It is too crystaline, too rigid, just like their MRNA vaccines that produce cancer. This is why Gavin Newsom can make an edict to not use fireworks, and the sky lights up. The more they clamp down the more things slither from their grip. How many dead bodies and broken hearts does it take to finally get rid of this cumbersome digital corpse that weighs down on us. I suppose it’s death by a thousand cuts rather than juggler vein–again like their vaccine, it’s invisibly clotting away in the capillaries…let’s hope.

  • I must send my most deep and heart-felt thanks to Ernst Wolf and Alexandra Bruce for bringing Ernst’s wonderful explanation of the whole picture within my grasp.
    At last I can understand the full picture without coming away and realising there is a loose thread I did not cover and do not understand how it belongs.
    I had begun to think the team who conducted the most precisely choreographed coup d’état in history by simultaneously bringing every government in the world under their control must have threatened them somehow with advanced weapons trained from satellites on major cities.
    But it is so obvious now that Ernst has explained it! You just own the banks and the IT so their data is in your hands and tell them what to do or the switch will be clicked off and the money won’t flow. Neither will the data and your hospitals, National Security, shops, everything will just stop.

    I suppose we should all be saying how did we end up letting a handful of psychopathic geeks and greedy self-serving eugenicist bankers get in a position whereby they could hold all the world’s countries to ransom simultaneously? When did nobody notice that the tail on the dog was changing places and was now wagging the dog whenever it felt like it and the dog didn’t even NOTICE?

    Thank you very much for putting this so beautifully clearly. I think the art of a great Teacher and a wise person is to be able to explain complex things so that everybody can fully grasp them.

    • We just need 2 things: a political CONSENSUS PARTY that runs CONSENSUS (defined as >7/8 support) candidates and proposes CONSENSUS laws, regulation, etc. (and works to rescind laws, regulation, etc with less than 7/8 support; very libertarian, leave your religion at home) that has enough recognized voting power to make election theft inconceivable; AND we need to replace the Federal Reserve’s private money with our own public electronic credit money created by converting ALL public and private debt to credits (on a 1-to-1 basis), replacing ALL income-based taxation with a 1% monthly “infrastructure maintenance fee” using the proceeds to fund all levels of government on an equal-per-capita basis and (5th Amendment) COMPENSATE every adult legal resident for the government’s “TAKING” of their Right to Free Access to Land sufficient to support their (and their family’s) Right to Life, arbitrarily beginning at 500 credits per week (de facto UBI), NO STRINGS ATTACHED (because the government OWES it, the government has no say in how it is legally spent). Minors born 9 months or more after implementation get theirs entirely held in trust. All other minors get half weekly and the remainder held in trust. Find alanforcongress for more.

  • “A new Global Power.” Digital financial complex is facing an INSOLUBLE problem in our time.
    [isn’t this why it was developed?❤️]
    It’s rise is accompanied by a process of concentration of money & power in [fewer & fewer hands]; {fewer hands of the ONE PERCENT? } ; which forces it ( IT< who is IT?), to act more and more authoraTA-Vium (sp) and doctoral, and therefore, how we have just experienced in the past, two years with every further step, inevitably brings it into ever sharper contradiction to the mass of the population.
    [Q. Who and how many of us Peoples; believe that it will be undone?]

    The time is ripe for a democratic system of money and governance…

    • Went to watch it only to find YouTube removed the account. “Video unavailable.
      This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated.”

  • He knows what he is talking about.

    Major Shareholders of Vanguard & Blackrock are Rothschild, Dupont, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Bush, Orsini, and the British Royal Family .

    • Thanks Fleur, Well now, there’s a surprise! It’s the Pilgrim Club isn’t it? They are so insidious. What I hate, as I am from England, is that these “old families” with “old money” give Britain a bad name. The ordinary people here have to scrape a living putting up with the likes of these rich snobs who think they are superior because they have money. Then you get the ordinary people who suck up to them. It’s nauseating. They are no different to anyone else except they enjoy a wealthy lifestyle. They don’t have to work, they go to expensive schools where they are spoon-fed to get into Oxford or Cambridge. It’s all snobbery and not won on personal merit. Ah well, that’s a load off my chest!

      • Lesley. I started to write that not only are they not different than anyone else; most are on a lower vibrational level and their low morals gained them their wealth. But then I remembered that we will come to find they are very different than most of us. 🤐. If you know you know.😉

    • It always ends up with Jesuits and rich jews (however, not saying all people from these religions are bad), and all of them seem to worship the devil.

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