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Christopher Saccoccia, aka Chris Sky explains the draconian, unconstitutional and human rights-violating Carbon Credit scam.

“The biggest part of the Great Reset that you’re all missing is the Carbon Credit scam. And what is the Carbon Credit scam?

“This is when they tell you they want to monitor, track and trace every so-called “kilogram” of CO2 that you emit and they say the global average needs to be 2 tons per person per year and you’re using 16 tons per person per year, which means your activity needs to go down by 800%.

“So, how do they plan to do that? Well, first of all, they’ve got the first MasterCard in the world that is going to show a “carbon allowance” for every single purchase you buy and to make sure that everything has a so-called Carbon Credit, food – when you buy food, now, if it’s vegan, it’s going to show you this nice little low score of only 1.3 kilograms of CO2 per serving. Now, meat will be off the charts, so that’s gonna be a no-no.

“Check this out. If you go to a restaurant – even an Italian pizza place – they’re gonna show you the amount of CO2 for your dish. So literally, everything you eat, everything you buy – if your clothes are made of leather, that’s gonna cost more CO2, because it came from a cow. So, every single thing you do is gonna be tracked. Why? Because they wanna put limits on what you can spend monthly.

“They’re telling you you’re using 16 tons a year and they want you to use 2 tons a year. What does 2 tons look like? Well, check this out. Say you wanted to fly from Toronto to Amsterdam and now, Google, by the way, Google Flights shows the carbon emissions on that flight. That flight from Toronto to Amsterdam is 478 kgs of CO2. That’s almost 25% of your yearly allowance.

“But don’t worry! If you go over your limit, they’re gonna charge you $170 for every kilogram of every carbon credits you need. This is how they’re gonna control where you go, how you’re gonna get there, what you can buy, what you can eat, who you can see – and now, imagine that in a world without cash. And imagine that in a world where the government gets to control every single transaction.

“And this is why they’re constructing ’15 Minute Cities’, aka prison camps, because when they out these Carbon Credit Allowances into these cities, they’re gonna have you on perpetual lockdown, like they did with COVID, without having a virus.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Klause..Sour Kraut…Schwab says ..”You will eat bugs and each other for extra carbon credits. Instead of..When Harry met Sally’ll be..When Harry ate Sally…Soylent Green will replace Spam..Bon appetit.

  • Is this “Carbon Credit Plan” planned for before or after the Second Civil War, aka “Revolution! the Sequel”? The “15-Minute City” sounds like a politically-correct euphemism for “Cemetery”.
    I’d plan on building plenty of them, and don’t forget to build tracts for yourselves.
    All Globalist carcasses are essentially carbon-based units, BTW; what’s the Plan for that?

  • When you got nearly everyone in a nation centrally connected electronically, there is no limit to the mischief of them as holds the gold to control what people believe and do.

    From a Biblical perspective what we are experiencing has precedents in history; Babel, the great flood, Sodom and the destruction of the nation of Israel in AD70. We might want to also add the relatively recent soft destruction of the Soviet Union. In each human experience, reformation resulted following the cleansing purgation by those calamities.

    There are actually many more calamities resulting from the corruption of nations; nations weakened from within having become self indulgent, rotten ripe for for the plucking of other nations.

    I am old enough to recognize that I am a stranger in the land of my birth, the revolutionary change in the opinions of Americans has been that enormous!

    What the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve has become expedient, with little regard for “collateral damages” of neighbors, progeny and future generations of trans-humans!

  • Well , to me they got it wrong about the cow.
    IF you buy leather jacket or pants your carbon footprint goes up according to them.
    But technically The Cow is dead once it’s turned into a jacket or pants, so that means Cow isn’t producing Carbon no more, so should be no penalty.

    And what’s a Kilogram ?
    I know a kilo is 2.2 pounds
    A Gram is to me 28 grams in an ounce.

    So the vegan meal is a kilo of carbon ?
    A gram of carbon ?

    People WILL accept this cause they’re dumbed down , look how many people took the vaccine.
    And maybe 1 day use up All your carbon and your poor ? ,
    Don’t Fret by then in the future a political party will decide if you’re too poor to pay for more carbon ,
    The establishment will Say: Just take an extra 3 vaccines this year.

    And when does the Revolution Start ?

    Okay off subject But I need to Pass This On and hopefully it Sinks in too people in how much they have lied to we The public.

    I’m Not A Democrat or Republican.


  • Please don’t promote Chris Sky. Here is Canada, he is considered a serious disinfo source. Disgusting human being.

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