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    The Biden sham is unraveling. Biden’s 74 million votes aren’t real and neither is this “prime time” acceptance “rally”. Soon, everyone will know the truth. Everything about Biden’s campaign is a fraud.

    A pre-recorded video was played to an empty parking lot of full of cars that has been sitting there since his last “rally”. (C’mon, man!)

    The description under the YouTube video post on the Bloomberg Q/T channel reads:

    “(Nov. 6) Watch live as Joe Biden and his running mate, Senator Kamala Harris, give a speech during prime time on Friday, November 6, 2020, in Wilmington, Delaware, in a sign of confidence that he will soon be able to claim victory.

    “Biden is on the cusp of winning the presidency as he opens up narrow leads over President Donald Trump in several critical backgrounds. The Associated Press has not called the presidential race. Votes are still being counted in states including Pennsylvania and Georgia. He has urged the public to be patient as vote counting continues. He was spending Friday at home in Wilmington, Delaware.”

    If Joe Biden was at home, why couldn’t he manage to show up for his own Presidential victory speech at the Chase Center in downtown Wilmington, 15 minutes away? Is he trying to avoid being arrested on live TV?

    The videotaped speech was pre-recorded at a separate location. It’s obvious. He does not walk out on the stage in the wide shot. The podiums don’t match. The Jumbotron video was piped-in.


    Biden’s campaign rallies have encouraged attendees to come in their automobiles, due to purported COVID pieties but it was more likely to add bulk to his paltry crowds. His “supporters” are a bunch of empty Jeeps!

    This is the Zombie Apocalypse.


    The video description on the Bloomberg Q/T post continues, “A stage set up since election night for a victory party outside the city’s convention center remained intact and has been secured for days by security personnel using high fencing and car barriers. Biden campaign staffers who arrived in Wilmington for a victory party earlier in the week have been told to hold onto their hotel rooms until early next week.

    So, are they trying to say that Biden supporters attended the rally in their cars but they weren’t allowed to drive back home and their cars have been impounded for the past week? And they’re all driving 2021 Jeeps?

    These people are abjectly stupid and inept and they’re trying to overthrow the USA.


    Keep watching after the green broadcast slate comes up for the second angle, where you can watch Joe and Kamala perpetrate their fraudulent Presidential acceptance speech up close.

    This whole thing looks staged for the CCP and for Davos. Everybody involved is too lazy, including the latter to bother trying to make it look realistic.

    How the Hell was he ever supposed to be President?

    The ABC affiliate crew that filmed this is complicit in the sham.

    These despicable criminals are so revolting. May this travesty end soon.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • I’m no Biden fan and voted Trump…great president, but the cognitive dissonance among Trump voters is approaching levels not seen since the Democrats thought Russians were under their bed. Lot of crazy group-think on both sides of the political isle meanwhile the Constitution is getting trod upon by statists from both parties.

    • Thank you, Ms Bruce for writing the above article and for your candid approach – telling the truth. Your honesty is well appreciated by the people, Good press! Thanks

    • Only way Biden couldve raised that many votes would be if the answers Were copied from another students paper on their own.

    • The is NO WAY this brain farting tiny speaker in his ear prompting this brain dead stammering old fool what to say, got 74 million votes. Perhaps he managed to get 7 million and that’s if dead people could and do vote.

    • LoL, yikes!
      From having a president and team who negotiated historic trade deals and multiple peace agreements in the middle east along with the big Kosovo/Serbia normalization deals, to the prospect of these clowns representing the leadership of the U.S.A? They’d be red meat at the dragon and bear’s dinner table. And the foolish sheeple. Sad.
      The “Powers that Be” must have a really weird sense of humor .
      Agree with your sentiment. May this travesty end soon.

    • NO DEBATES,NO RALLIES,NO QUESTIONS! WHAT A MAN! lf you believe that l have a bridge to sell you with your name on it !

    • Can anyone advise where Steve Brannon’s War Room episodes can be watched, please; after Youtube blocked them after his cooment about ‘heads on pikes!’?

    • Please read the article, “What a Biden World Looks Like” by Martin Armstrong at

      Excerpt: This is all about implementing the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset as world leaders flock to Davos to kiss the ring of Klaus Schwab. This is by NO MEANS a democratic election. This is a bait-and-switch. Never in the litany of promises was there ever a clear message that they were going to completely alter the United States and end the tripartite form of government.

    • If I were Creepy Joe I’d be worried about what his conspiracy troupe might have in store for him,if he did cheat his nasty self in to the Presidency..He’d be like a fly
      ..buzzzzzz,snap crackle PoP…bizzztt,they don’t want HIM any more than we do 👉💩

    • What started out as an offensive joke- is now a slap in the face to every American! (That’s INTERNATIONAL.)

    • There you have it straight from the Utopian donkey’s mouth – promising to solve everyone’s problems with a nanny state leveling scheme. Fundamentally the opposite purpose of this constitutional republican form of government limited to national defense and guardian of life, liberty and personal property without which one is slave to creditors and landlords, a most unhappy state of affairs.

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