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    This is fascinating British doumentary about the Rothschild family, that interviews some current living members, “up close and personal.”

    The Rothschilds, on-camera consistently deny, up and down that they could ever be considered members of the “aristocracy.”

    “We’re not part of that – um – world,” says it’s current titan, Jacob, “We’re a nouveau-riche family.”

    While at first, the film’s narrative seems to challenge their denials, in the end, the narrative agrees and then fawningly expounds upon why, indeed they’re not your everyday “toffs,” who become “soft-chinned” degenerates, like some in the British aristocracy due, it would seem, to the creators of this film, to the flawed tradition of primogeniture (where the eldest son, in most cases, inherits the family fortune).

    An example of a crashing disaster, resulting from this tradition is shown here, in the case of Jamie Blandford, the 12th Duke of Marlborough, who took tenure in October 2014 and inherited one of the largest homes in England, Blenheim Palace, the
    birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill.

    Blandford is shown here (hopefully) recovering from decades of crack addiction and looking like anything but an aristocrat, and self-admittedly not up to the task of stepping into his inheritance.

    Meanwhile, in the history of the Rothschilds, primogeniture did not secure one’s place in line – a cousin could be awarded with what one might be considered to be another’s birthright, if the immediate heirs were deemed unsuitable for the job of managing the dynasty.

    This is a different presentation than most that one will find about the Rothschilds – in Conspiracyland. It humanizes them, and shows them as individuals with their personal passions, in a way not often seen.

    The scope of this film is not to closely examine the banking and investment activities of this family and their impacts, which might be seen by some to be deceptive by omission.

    After reading of so much baby-eating evil associated with them, I found it intriguing to see a portrayal that was not utterly diabolical – yet which does address the topic of how Joseph Goebbels was foundational to the 20th century’s tradition of slandering this family.

    You find yourself asking how a cover-up of such rumored evil could be pulled off but if allegations of the family’s current net worth of US$100 trillion are true, I suppose anything is possible.

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