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This video is a separate addendum, to explain our background, how and why we operate the way we do, and the singularity in 2030.

Before we begin, we wish to make a few clarifications.

We will not post text transcripts of our videos, on our videos, because A.I. systems exist that scour the Internet seeking text to censor or target. These systems are far less advanced when it comes to analyzing voice data, particularly computer generated voices, as used by our videos. Instead, we will create various temporary upload points, where the text can be safely copied by others and placed elsewhere, such as on websites or forums. Please see our description to find these.

We also have provisions in place, so that our uploads will continue all the way to the year 2029, without interruption. We are a moderately sized group of individuals located around the world, who have sworn an oath to act as Guardians, and do all in our power to ensure our purpose is fulfilled. We collectively hold years of training in military and intelligence operations, and we are confident that no matter how we are attacked, we will prevail.

Despite our preparation efforts, we were shown via the looking glass future data that we will need new people to help us, who will call themselves Guardians, too. Over time, some of you will be chosen to join us, and gain access to our classified data files, so you can carry on the project if something happens to us.

We hope the explanations above answer some questions. We will now move on to discuss the history of the looking glass artifact, and some of the timeline challenges we face.

The looking glass timeline data was first discovered and researched in the 1980s and 1990s. The artifact itself is Sumerian in nature, but not believed to be originally from that civilization. It activates, or is functional, when placed in certain geographic points, where known multidimensional portals exist. The portals themselves are sometimes above ground, a few feet, a few hundred feet, even a few thousand feet, while others are below ground, or at ground level. They vary in intensity, from a certain point, losing intensity usually ten to fifteen feet from the center point in any direction. There are a few of these points in Iraq, but they are also all over the world.

Once placed in one of these locations, the device begins to operate, and produces images viewable to the human eye through a plasma cloud, which can appear holographic in nature, but is best viewed from certain positions. When first activated, those viewing the images immediately found them to be recognizable as future events, showing familiar scenes, television programs, and so on, but clearly from future dates. The scenes would start from the current date viewed, for example, 1985, and proceed up until 2030. Then it would repeat, showing a new series of events, but all from the same apparent timeline.

Scientists discovered it would repeat exactly 144 times, then return to its original data stream, and then repeat again, 144 times. Each cycle showed the same timeline, but from different perspectives, revealing new, unseen data points. The entire collection of 144 data streams, up to the year 2030, amounted to what would be the equivalent of thousands of terabytes of information. Each data stream took seven days to complete, and 1008 days to complete the full cycle, or about 2.76 years.

Over the course of many years, these data streams were filmed, documented and categorized, to the point computers could be used to look up any data point for any future event, and analyze it.

When officials tried to change events, or tried to alter the timeline, they were not able to do so, as the timeline had already accounted for every attempt to alter it. The timeline was a reflection of each official’s attempt to make alterations, so that the outcome always reflected these attempts. Eventually officials stopped trying to alter it early on, because they came to see the final, negative outcome as advantageous for them. They realized there was no need for them to try to alter it or change it, as its trajectory already favored their agenda.

Since its point of discovery, every future event foreseen by the looking glass artifact came true. There has been no failure of the data reported. This led officials to conclude the data was of extremely high confidence, of a rate of 99.9% accuracy or higher. It appeared one timeline existed, and concluded in the year 2030. No further data was shown after October 10 or 11th, 2030, after this point the data stopped.

No other timeline was visible, except at certain points shown in the years 2012, 2016 and 2022. It was during these three years that another timeline branched off. Only during these years did this timeline begin to appear.

This new timeline also showed a singularity occurred in the year 2030, during a cosmic event, also foreseen in the negative timeline. Except, this cosmic event had a very positive outcome, because the power structure in place was not able to engage in its destructive activities which would lead to the cosmic event causing extreme destruction of human beings.

Research concluded that those in possession of the looking glass data could change future events in each of the years 2012, 2016 and 2022, if they released information to the public on certain, specific dates in each of those years. The U.S. government and other entities involved were not only shocked by this, they appeared to treat the information as a threat, as they preferred the projected negative timeline to occur without interference.

Our group watched as the years 2012 and 2016 passed without any intervention by officials. It became clear the U.S. government and other governments involved would do nothing to stop the horrifying events to come, and do nothing to help steer the timeline to the more positive outcome.

This is when we, as former officials with direct knowledge of this data, decided to form our group, Guardians of the Looking Glass. We decided we had only one chance left, in the year 2022, to intervene.

It is critically important to understand that without intervention, the negative timeline is inevitable. We explained some of this timeline in our first video. This timeline includes multiple devastating events, including nuclear war, famine, economic calamities, the near complete destruction of the United States, new vaccination campaigns, and ultimately an irreversible, deadly, destructive result of the cosmic event in the year 2030.

The first event required to be prevented is the false flag on April 18, 2022, as discussed in our previous video. If this event is not stopped, then nothing can be done to prevent the negative timeline outcome. The false flag event on this date leads to a cascade of events which quickly lead to nuclear war. The looking glass artifact showed with certainty that once this false flag occurs, the timeline is set and irreversible.

If this event is prevented, the timeline remains unstable. Even if it is stopped, the looking glass artifact showed there were at least seventy more events that must be stopped or prevented. If a single one of them is not stopped, then the negative outcome is inevitable.

Our task is to prevent each of these events, one by one. The task at hand is extremely daunting. We ran calculations and probability tests, which revealed the chances of preventing the negative timeline were low. If action was taken in 2012, the probably of preventing it was 24.8%. If action was taken in 2016, the probability of preventing it was 12.5%. If action was taken in the final year of possible intervention, the year 2022, the probability of preventing the negative outcome dropped to 4.3%.

We only have a 4.3% chance of preventing the negative timeline, because over seventy events must be prevented, and we are now in the final year in which this is possible. Not only that, each of you must take enough action to spread our videos and reach as many people as possible. We must also avoid censorship, and the inevitable points in which our videos will be removed. This is why the probability of success is so low.

Such a dire outlook has not deterred us, because we were also able to see the positive outcome in 2030. This is plenty of motivation for us. The positive outcome in 2030 is exhilarating in every possible way. Not only is nuclear war completely prevented, so are the future vaccination campaigns. The current corrupt power structure begins to slowly fade away, as we work to change over seventy of these negative events to come. Each time we succeed in preventing a negative event, the probability and likelihood of our overall success goes up, and those working to ensure the negative outcome also face more challenges and their position is weakened.

We were shown, that if we are successful in preventing over fifty of these events, that by 2027 the probability of our success reaches 79%. Those who wish for the negative outcome are aware of this, and have countless strategic maneuvers in place to steer the timeline in their favor.

The positive outcome, as it was shown, results in the total and complete destruction of the current power structure. Those in power saw their future in the positive timeline, and they were terrified of it. They would end up mostly homeless, without money or power. All of it is stripped away. Once the positive timeline completes, and the cosmic event occurs, humanity by the year 2030 has almost entirely reversed course.

We could see that the economy had completely changed, as individual habits changed, as the positive outcome became more likely. Fast food companies went out of business, as did Wal-Mart, Apple, Netflix and Amazon, and countless other destructive, negative companies. Viewership of many network shows dropped to nearly zero. Use of Facebook and other social media platforms dropped to nearly zero. Billions of people stopped paying taxes, and stopped using banks. Governments were starved of finances. Individuals became rich in wealth, as new revenue streams emerged, completely disconnected from the fiat money system. Many people began growing their own food, and formed small, community governments, often no more than a few hundred people in size.

In the positive timeline, humanity, as whole, did not fight the system, they simply stopped participating in it entirely.

Each individual began to make a decision to reject negative habits, and the negative system in place, and instead began to make more positive choices in their lives.

The power structure saw this new, emergent timeline, this positive outcome, and they were not only sick with terror, they were enraged, and saw it as a threat. They took steps to shut down the looking glass project, some involved were murdered or vanished, and others threatened. The data was deleted, lost, or classified at the highest levels. Those in the negative power structure wanted to eliminate any possibility a positive timeline could be achieved at all.

What they could not change was the fact dozens of military officials had access to the looking glass data through the 1980s and 1990s. Many patriotic individuals, working in the military and intelligence agencies, had viewed this data, and were aware of it. Not all were fired, threatened or murdered. A few of us outlasted the crack down, and quietly moved on from the project, and later made secret communications with each other, and decided to form our current group.

Now we are in the open, and they will see our information, and the data showed us that they will try to stop us. The data also showed, that if enough people took immediate action to share these videos, they would not be able to stop it, and the timeline transformations would continue and reach a higher and higher degree of success.

In the negative timeline outcome, without any intervention on our part, the April 18th event occurs, leading to the nuclear war, as described in our first video. The United States is destroyed, and new power structures come into existence. Through all of this, the ultimate source of power, located in Europe, never changes. In fact, the Europeans in charge of this negative timeline outcome, who are steering humanity toward its destruction, only gain more and more power.

These negative individuals, using the power of the media, various militaries and corrupt politicians, are able to easily create a series of destructive events leading up to the year 2030. Their goal is mass vaccination. The first round of this vaccination is deemed a moderate success by this year, but at least two more rounds are planned for future dates. These mass vaccination campaigns have one, main purpose, and that is to prepare and alter human DNA for the cosmic event, so that this event causes massive destruction, death, DNA changes and spiritual changes, that cannot be reversed.

The negative outcome also showed many of those who remained unvaccinated would not ultimately survive to the year 2030. The catalyst was the nuclear war, which was so devastating it left many at the mercy of government aid. From this point, those against the vaccinations either submitted to them, or faced starvation or exile.

The negative outcome presents a scenario in which no individual can fight or defeat what is to come. Even those who attempt to live in the forest, in the woods, or off the land, would be targeted by military drones. There was almost no escape.

By 2030, when the cosmic event happens, Billions are killed instantly when the cosmic event interacts with the vaccines. A small, surviving population of European rulers receive a certain type of vaccine, that enhances their DNA, rather than destroying it. The power structure will ensure only they receive this type of vaccine, which is designed to harness the positive effects of the cosmic event only for themselves, while the other vaccines are designed to use the cosmic event’s properties to completely annihilate everyone else.

This leads to a small population left on Earth, those who received the specially designed vaccine, which are those in the power structure, a small group about 1 Million in total.

Those among third and second world citizens receive a special type of vaccine that interacts with the cosmic event to lower their vibrational energy and turn them into a slave-like race. They are not killed, and about 500 million of them survive, to serve the elite power structure.

Everyone else, who received the mass vaccinations, is instantly killed by the cosmic blast that envelops Earth, and their extradimensional vibrational state is altered, creating a negative shroud they will carry into the afterlife. Once there, negative energies will lead them to a lower astral realm, whereby they will remain enslaved, possibly for millions of years. Observers of the data said this realm looked like “Hell”.

The specially-designed vaccine, that only the power structure will use, enhances the positive effects of the cosmic event. It leads to a DNA upgrade, of sorts, where these individuals can now live thousands of years, and maintain a youth-like appearance forever. They gain psychic abilities, and telekinetic powers. This would occur anyway, among anyone unvaccinated, but the power structure decides to create an “enhancement” vaccine, that increases these positive effects.

Finally, there are a few unvaccinated people left, living either underground or in remote areas. When the cosmic event occurs, the positive changes occur in them, as well. These changes are not as pronounced as they are in the elites who received the enhancement-vaccine. This leads to a small war, of sorts. The unvaccinated, with their new strength and powers, try to fight the existing power structure, but they are quickly defeated. The vaccine that causes positive enhancement means the 1 Million or so who received it are too powerful to be defeated, even by those unvaccinated who received the benefits of the cosmic event.

The timeline shows there are a few months of fighting in mid-2030, but by September, all of the unvaccinated and cosmically-enhanced are defeated by the power structure. This is one of the reasons the power structure develops this additional vaccine for themselves, because they could see some unvaccinated would still remain alive, and still receive the benefits of the cosmic event.

The visions of this final battle caused some in the military to react with tears, and others, with vomiting. The events were so emotional and difficult to observe, it haunts some of us to this day and motivates us to prevent the negative outcome.

There is no data after 2030, but the events of the negative timeline show that by late 2030, all of the above has occurred. It is unknown why the looking glass did not show anything past late 2030.

The positive event is nearly a polar opposite outcome. The vaccinations are mostly prevented, and new cures are created to save those who were already vaccinated. Those who are pure of blood go outside during the cosmic event, and receive cosmic particles that upgrade their DNA and extradimensional vibratory signature. Within weeks, they gain a youthful appearance, psychic abilities and enchanted physical and cognitive function. This happens to Billions of people.

The power structure, at this point, is so weakened they are not able to complete research on their vaccine-enhancement shot. They also receive this cosmic upgrade, but due to their existing negative energies, it is not absorbed as well. Only with the vaccine-enhancement shot did they have any chance of receive its full benefits. The looking glass data also showed them this, so they worked hard on the vaccine-enhancement shot, so they could not only receive the benefits of the cosmic event, but upgrade those benefits, just for themselves. On the positive timeline, they do not have enough money or power to complete this research. The cosmic event only gives them small benefits, and they are left mostly homeless, to beg on the streets. Humanity does not take revenge on them, but instead, humanity takes pity on them, and there are groups that offer them some food and shelter.

As we can see, we face two outcomes, and great challenges. We hope this video offers some insight for you. It is only a small piece of data that we will share into the future.

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The 2030 Singularity – Two Timelines, One Outcome

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  • Um… talking about 2 converging timelines…may wanna check out the native American info about ‘prophecy rock’ and the hopi…btw Pahana is jesus in essence!

    Completing the Hopi Prophecy Rock Interpretation – Prepare For Change

    Article submitted by PFC subscriber Charlotte:

    Near Oraibi, Arizona, there is a petroglyph known as Prophecy Rock which symbolizes many Hopi prophecies. Its interpretation is:

    The large human figure on the left is the Great Spirit. The bow in his left hand represents his instructions to the Hopi to lay down their weapons. The vertical line to the right of the Great Spirit is a time scale in thousands of years. The point at which the great Spirit touches the line is the time of his return.

    The “life path” established by the Great Spirit divides into the lower, narrow path of continuous Life in harmony with nature and the wide upper road of white man’s scientific achievements. The bar between the paths, above the cross, is the coming of white men; the Cross is that of Christianity. The circle below the cross represents the continuous Path of Life.

    The four small human figures on the upper road represent, on one level, the past three worlds and the present; on another level, the figures indicate that some of the Hopi will travel the white man’s path, having been seduced by its glamour.

    The two circles on the lower Path of Life are the “great shaking of the earth” (World Wars One and Two).

    The swastika in the sun and the Celtic cross represent the two helpers of Pahana, the True White Brother.

    The short line that returns to the straight Path of Life is the last chance for people to turn back to nature before the upper road disintegrates and dissipates. The small circle above the Path of Life, after the last chance, is the Great Purification, after which corn will grow in abundance again when the Great Spirit returns. And the Path of Life continues forever…

    The Hopi shield in the lower right corner symbolizes the Earth and the Four-Corners area where the Hopi have been reserved. The arms of the cross also represent the four directions in which they migrated according to the instructions of the Great Spirit.

    The dots represent the four colors of Hopi corn, and the four racial colors of humanity.

    Up until now, the Hopi Prophecy Rock’s interpretation regarding the division of the “life path” into the upper road of the White man’s pursuit of scientific achievements, has not been completely understood because it was not made clear that this development would occur on a different planet although it should have been understood since the upper path “disintegrates and dissipates” while the other path continues and thrives. Seldom do people ask, ”How can one society “disintegrate and dissipate” right next to or interspersed within, another society that continues and prospers?

    But Enoch also prophesied about this exact same time, yet he provides greater details that few are familiar with. He specifically states that the wicked shall be removed from this planet.

    Therefore, the upper road does not take place on this planet.

    Here it must be said that good people who identify as “White” must separate themselves from the Elite and Whites with superiority complexes. This is not about skin color but frequency in the hearts and minds. Good White people must not allow themselves to be lumped into the same category with these people. The tendency to identify by color must end. Superiority complexes do not help anyone. Those who think they benefit are unaware of the trap they create in their consciousness that prevents them from Ascending and causes them to spend lifetimes trying to unravel the negative impact this complex creates on the consciousness.

    Superiority complexes demand the suffering of others so that those who feel superior can feel better about themselves in comparison to whatever suffering exists in others. But this way of thinking was deeply programmed in those who hold this view. However, that experiment is over.

    The last thing the Elites wanted was to have our consciousness seeded with the scenes of their destruction so they took the Book of Enoch out of the Bible because of the detailed account of the shutdown of this reality which they mocked in their Hollywood Movie X-Men: The Apocalypse.

    Enoch said the wicked would be removed from this planet. He gave a detailed, behind the scenes look at the operation, including its beginning and it’s end. Those who feel they know a better way to reach their ascension by using science and technology will be allowed to do so on another planet, perhaps Mars, only if;

    1) they lay down their arms,

    2) assist with the shutdown of the current reality, and,

    3) exit the planet voluntarily.

    But they refused. Now they will be extracted by force. The force doing the work will confuse many because it is comprised of some ET responsible for creating this mess as well as the Benevolent ET who will be taking over during the Golden Age of Peace.

    This mindset cannot remain on the planet during the Golden Age of Peace. The earth is entering a new Epoch and as with all changeovers of this particular nature, the controlling group of ETs changes. It has always been so. This is why the ET creators of this reality are working to extract their creation so that they can continue on a different planet. They made this mess and must clean it up if they want to continue on another planet. Only through the Son of Man can they safely reach their destination and goal, otherwise they face absolute destruction.

    In fact, the frequencies on earth are about to reach a level where those who are not specific to that frequency will experience horrific physical damage and death. It has already started but will now pick up in speed. Spontaneous combustion will become much more commonplace in those filled with toxic thoughts and emotions. And no amount of underground area will shield them as the entire planet will be penetrated to its core. The Earth will no longer wait for humans to proceed with her own Ascension into a higher dimension.

    They should thank their lucky stars if they should be so fortunate to get pinched and locked up for treason with a guaranteed ticket to Mars because what awaits them here on this planet is more horrific than any of their Hollywood movies could ever convey. Alfred Webre is mistaken about Trump being AI entrained to rule as president of the world here on earth. The Trump dynasty will rule on Mars (or whatever planet they chose for their next destination), but not on earth. Earth will enter into the Golden Age of Peace.

    Before that happens, mental illness among the confused and mindless will soar to new heights. Witness the number of Comics being promoted whose routines are normalization electric shock and pharmaceuticals. Georgi Stankov said most people would “scream for drugs” by the time we reached this point in the Ascension process and he was right.

    The best bet of the wicked Cabal is to give up and spill the beans so that they can escape to an atmosphere that will support their continued existence.

    Disclaimer: We at Prepare for Change (PFC) bring you information that is not offered by the mainstream news, and therefore may seem controversial. The opinions, views, statements, and/or information we present are not necessarily promoted, endorsed, espoused, or agreed to by Prepare for Change, its leadership Council, members, those who work with PFC, or those who read its content. However, they are hopefully provocative. Please use discernment! Use logical thinking, your own intuition and your own connection with Source, Spirit and Natural Laws to help you determine what is true and what is not. By sharing information and seeding dialogue, it is our goal to raise consciousness and awareness of higher truths to free us from enslavement of the matrix in this material realm.

    • The 2 witnesses of pahana/jesus re revelations 11

      The evil bad people forced off planet earth…re parable of the final harvest…wheat and the tares.. the harvesters are the reager angels who gat her and burn them up in hellfire/judgement/G_d’s wrath….the wheat..the good guys/seed to the barn. The harvester/reaper angels are the angels of death btw!

      Matt 13….

      Matthew 13….

      The Parable of the Sower
      (Mark 4:1–9; Luke 8:4–8)

      1That same day Jesus went out of the house and sat by the sea. 2Such large crowds gathered around Him that He got into a boat and sat down, while all the people stood on the shore.

      3And He told them many things in parables, saying, “A farmer went out to sow his seed. 4And as he was sowing, some seed fell along the path, and the birds came and devoured it.

      5Some fell on rocky ground, where it did not have much soil. It sprang up quickly because the soil was shallow. 6But when the sun rose, the seedlings were scorched, and they withered because they had no root.

      7Other seed fell among thorns, which grew up and choked the seedlings.

      8Still other seed fell on good soil and produced a crop—a hundredfold, sixtyfold, or thirtyfold.

      9He who has ears, let him hear.”

      10Then the disciples came to Jesus and asked, “Why do You speak to the people in parables?”

      11He replied, “The knowledge of the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven has been given to you, but not to them. 12Whoever has will be given more, and he will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken away from him. 13This is why I speak to them in parables:

      ‘Though seeing, they do not see;
      though hearing, they do not hear or understand.’

      14In them the prophecy of Isaiah is fulfilled:

      ‘You will be ever hearing but never understanding; you will be ever seeing but never perceiving.

      15For this people’s heart has grown callous;they hardly hear with their ears,and they have closed their eyes.

      Otherwise they might see with their eyes,hear with their ears,
      understand with their hearts,
      and turn, and I would heal them.’

      16But blessed are your eyes because they see, and your ears because they hear. 17For truly I tell you, many prophets and righteous men longed to see what you see but did not see it, and to hear what you hear but did not hear it.

      The Parable of the Sower Explained
      (Mark 4:13–20; Luke 8:11–15)

      18Consider, then, the parable of the sower: 19When anyone hears the message of the kingdom but does not understand it, the evil one comes and snatches away what was sown in his heart. This is the seed sownd along the path.

      20The seed sown on rocky ground is the one who hears the word and at once receives it with joy. 21But since he has no root, he remains for only a season. When trouble or persecution comes because of the word, he quickly falls away.

      22The seed sown among the thorns is the one who hears the word, but the worries of this life and the deceitfulness of wealth choke the word, and it becomes unfruitful.

      23But the seed sown on good soil is the one who hears the word and understands it. He indeed bears fruit and produces a crop—a hundredfold, sixtyfold, or thirtyfold.”

      ***The Parable of the Weeds/Tares
      (Ezekiel 17:1–10)

      24Jesus put before them another parable: “The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field. 25But while everyone was asleep, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat, and slipped away. 26When the wheat sprouted and bore grain, then the weeds also appeared.

      27The owner’s servants came to him and said, ‘Sir, didn’t you sow good seed in your field? Where then did the weeds come from?’

      28‘An enemy did this,’ he replied.

      So the servants asked him, ‘Do you want us to go and pull them up?’

      29‘No,’ he said, ‘if you pull the weeds now, you might uproot the wheat with them. 30Let both grow together until the harvest. At that time I will tell the harvesters: First collect the weeds and tie them in bundles to be burned; then gather the wheat into my barn.’ ”

      Revs 14…

      The Harvest of the Earth….

      14And I looked and saw a white cloud, and seated on the cloud was One like the Son of Man(jesus), with a golden crown on His head and a sharp sickle in His hand.

      15Then another angel came out of the temple, crying out in a loud voice to the One seated on the cloud, “Swing Your sickle and reap, because the time has come to harvest; for the crop of the earth is ripe.” 16 So the One seated on the cloud swung His sickle over the earth, and the earth was harvested.

      17Then another angel came out of the temple in heaven, and he too had a sharp sickle. 18Still another angel, with authority over the fire, came from the altar and called out in a loud voice to the angel with the sharp sickle, “Swing your sharp sickle and gather the clusters of grapes from the vine of the earth, because its grapes are ripe.”

      19 So the angel swung his sickle over the earth and gathered the grapes of the earth, and he threw them into the great winepress of God’s wrath. 20 And the winepress was trodden outside the city, and the blood that flowed from it rose as high as the bridles of the horses for a distance of 1,600 stadia….(1,600 stadia  is approximately 184 miles or 296 kilometers.)

  • I’m prompted to post this btw via Spirit….dream…mobile data server towers….

    April 13 2022…it’s 6am…major thunderboomer here that awakened me.

    I was having this very clear repeating dream about these tall slim type mobile data server towers on black
    wheels. Most were light grey or cream coloured and the odd one was a very dark grey. They all looked like
    computer server data server towers with a black vent/grill in the front of them that slid upwards to produce a video screen terminal. Reminded me of the old monocoloured computer screens and info can be accessed from
    them… kinda like Alexa or Google nest…but the video screen looked like those computer screens of the very
    old monochrome computer screens. Most people had 1 of them that followed them everywhere. The odd academic types like lawyers and doctor people had say 2 of them
    around them and following them. For some reason I had 3 of them that I could easily access at anytime. 2 of
    them were tall light grey data terminal towers and one was a tall dark grey one. The dark grey were were more the military type and the special purpose ones…they served a far different purpose as well..but still spitted out info and data but of a different sort. A library mobile
    machine of sorts thry all were infact. All having those black slotted vents in the front that slide upwards to
    produce their video screens. I then noticed I was in a hall of sorts..whether in a school hall,hospital
    hall..I donno but the floors had those small dark flecks on its huge floor tiles and the tiles were an off white colour and similiar to seeing in a sterile
    environment like a school hall, hospital hall, or a place of business like a research facility or
    factory… but no rugs at all! At times these data terminal towers even followed me home and were even in
    my house. These terminal data towers contained information and lots of it which I could easily access…or could
    they have been monitoring me as in being surveilenced..I don’t know!

    This dream just kept repeating showing these data server towers so they must be important somehow but
    what they signify I donno…just that they spit out huge amounts of info/data ….and hearing in Spirit..this is the soon future for all…whatever that means. Also hearing the word…’sentient’ and ‘sentinals’ aka
    guardians of knowledge and are completely robotic!

    Btw…it’s my birthday today…lol
    Server towers network…
    Server tower…

  • K…I got this via the Spirit of G_d not long ago so ask G_d about it peoples!
    Why would I get something like this unless G_d and jesus deemed it as important in some way! The
    singularity from G_d’s perspective…

    Dec 30 2021…the singularity…

    Got this while brushing my teeth
    this morning…the ‘singularity’… many shards aka fractured aspects of ourselves, parrellel worlds and universes are now converging to singularity aka wholeness. The Fall in the Garden splintered off everything.. not just mankind. This is beyond just the darkening of the mind of mankind and its aftermath or corruption….
    creation itself being poisoned. All
    things that were once whole…became
    enveloped by corruption/darkness….
    becoming shattered into millions of
    pieces. All things creation became
    like walking in the ‘halls of mirrors’… reflections of smaller
    pieces among the greater
    reality… what people/mankind once
    was…. the real reality…now
    becoming fractal as it were all
    things became. Creator G_d is now
    converging all those shards aka all
    the infinite realities of all
    things.. and mankind back together
    aka back to wholeness. ..the merging
    back of everything into the original
    pattern that was before the Fall in
    the Garden.This is the healing G_d
    Almighty is gonna do now…

    At present we are splintered aspects
    of ourselves among many timelines
    and parrellel worlds…just little
    slivers our ourselves shattered
    among the many timelines and
    parrellel realities…think hall of
    perception. when you put a
    mirror in from of a mirror and see
    an endless pattern of replication of
    you and surroundings in infinity
    thru the viewing of a mirror within
    a mirror sort of situation.
    Basically right now…we are only a
    part..or a small reflection of
    ourselves. ..not at wholeness yet but
    G_d now is restoring/converging into
    one complete aspect of being…
    merging now into one aka the
    singularity…which is the healing
    of all creation in essence….I’m
    now hearing the word ‘alchemy’ liken
    to the earlier dream I had of the
    elements of nature and alchemy re
    transmutation of all things back to
    wholeness aka healing!

    Also that someone,somewhere was
    contemplating this very issue…
    this is your answer!

    Below is what we’re are in at
    Room of mirrors
    Doors of perception

    Date: October 24, 2021 at 10:23:16
    Subject: Vision today..alchemy

    Oct 24 2021…Vision image…alchemy

    While in church today…during the
    singing part of the service…I got
    an image of the alchemy symbol from
    full mental alchemist anime show…
    it was then reveal ed that it had to
    do with the elements of earth and
    nature..of wind, air, earth, fire
    and water..and in regards to the
    healing of planet earth as well.
    Also heard the words ‘alchemy, liken
    to monolithic gold and chemistry as
    in regards to the periodic elements
    index…. and also the
    philosopher’stone of transmutation
    too… but not in the human sense
    but of nature itself. So my take on
    it is…what is jesus up to now?…and what does this symbol signify… what’s the meaning of the message even?…I’m clueless at the
    moment. Any ideas on this peoples?
    Posting in the hopes of getting
    clarity on thes very images. Oh last thing I just remembered
    was of seeing the 5 point upright
    pentagram signifying healing in
    Wiccan circles and asian traditions
    too… to my understanding and
    having to do with the elements of
    earth and nature as well…also
    connected to the chakra points of
    the earth and the lay lines as well.
    It’s as if ..if jesus didn’t intervene the earth would soon be a very dead planet! Scary thought there btw..I like this little blue marble planet and nature. ..G_d’s garden.×600/
    Fullmetal alchemist transmutation
    Pentagram…5 star…upright
    Seen this one too briefly but hearing..’not yet’

    And jesus uses images and symbols I
    am familiar with. My son and I watch
    alot of anime and video games…and
    was once into buddhism,mysticism,
    tantric, taoism ..eastern religions
    and traditions. I do lots of
    researching on many topics to see
    other peoples philosophies and
    belief systems..and alot on history
    too….and definite on the bible as
    well! Right now I’m researching on
    the tartarian empire and the mud
    flood event. Anyhoos…joys of an
    adhd mind…lol…my stroke may have
    messed up my spelling ability but my
    adhd is still still like a spong
    soaking of knowledge and such hasn’t
    stop one bit! I’m just soo darn
    curious and I love diving deep on
    many issues…especially spiritual
    ones!!! Just who I am after

    Date: October 13, 2021 at 21:59:51
    Subject: Converging timelines and
    the movie groundhog day….

    Oct 14 2021…

    Was just in my kitchen making a cup
    of tea right now when I had a
    recollection of doing a certain
    action before in time. It was like a
    deja vue but not like it …but more
    an actual repeating of the same
    event/action that triggered my
    remembering me doing that literal
    exact very same event/action years
    before. My first thought came to
    mind was…is the timelines now
    converging after that cern Mandela
    effect ordeal started…are the
    parrellel worlds now converging to
    singularity? Just a very weird
    thought…but ya…certain things
    and actions are now repeating in my
    life literally in essence..,and with
    the recollection that I had
    definitely done this whatever before
    in the years past…not a deja vue
    tho…timeslips or other.???
    the repeating of events like in the
    movie groundhog day…any ideas on
    this weirdness peoples?! The word
    ‘singularity’ and ‘event horizon’
    are the prominent words I’m hearing
    too via Spirit. So either a heading
    towards or now entering… donno…
    most likely a ‘heading towards’ the
    soon singularity…Does this makes
    sense to anyone???

  • Hm….2012 was the end of the Mayan calendar…the Mayan wnd of days as it were…
    2016 was when I experienced the Mandela effect from the cern experiment around the time of the God gene finding …bosom hicks gene timeframe….something like that…
    2022…the initial starting stages of the chinese/russian invasion dreamtime scenerio which lasted a month in my dreams. It started with turmoil in Europe and with russia..thrn spilled over into the invasion of usa agenda….very horrid dream sequence btw! We Andre in its very beginning stages at present and I hear in the aethers that it is now etched in stone as it were! G_d Almighty is in total control tho regardless of the scrying in the looking glass artifact! I’ve seen the very very end of all things and G_d Almighty and jesus the true Messiah wins ultimately! That’s a done deal as well!

  • If it happen, for example the first event this month, then we will have what to show to those who are not awake and prove to them that it was known and planned. After that, the rest of event may be stopped and event may turn against them.

  • If nothing happens, then is ok, but if it happen at least we will know what it is and what to do next to stop further problems. Knowing that there is a possibility for something to happen should work in our favor – i believe.

  • No offense to you Ms. Bruce but you have a lot of stupid subs. Why take a chance in not believing unless you’re controlled opposition?! Good luck to everyone, I will be praying and doing whatever I can to make sure we hit the positive timeline…Cheers and God bless!!!

  • Stepping up to the plate. Time to Stand and be True. I’ve been waiting for this moment for LIFETIMES.

  • The negative and mocking comments on here were obviously made by trolls and/or those who don’t do any research whatsoever, but continue to watch and believe the lying MSM and the operatives who work with them.

    There is plenty of info already shared by others with your knowledge on many alternative sites, and it all lines up with your story, only what I heard is that the timeline was changed in 2012. According to your remarks, it wasn’t, so we are still living in dangerous times. Supposedly, the enemy’s assets/ability to operate, have been removed to the point they are now powerless, but can still create a FF or other threatening event with those who are left, if they wish, as part of their retaliatory response to their current demise. The question is- what is taking so long to end this dangerous cabal and their evil plans for our future? It seems the longer the good guys take to end this, the more opportunity the bad guys have to carry out their nasty plans against us.

    • The bible is code…. the 144,000 is something about light fractals. And apparently we are under a zodiacal time clock on a stationary plane in a play if you will. Reality is much stranger than I ever thought.
      The 🌞 spiritual books are not about human stories at all.

  • Against all odds Humanity Wins ! They forgot about Our Creator’s Agenda ; Those Whom Pass Final Judgement go to Base Reality (Heaven) , Experience Pure Love , Washed Clean , Then Emerge Back into the Universe as Creators ! Never a Repeat of this MultiVerse ! Life Eternal ! 👍🤠🥰🤗😇

    • I have to agree, it’s got that “almost there but too many holes, too vague and too much fearmongering” about it. If they mean coronal mass ejection why not say CME? If they mean magnetic reversal, that’s an extinction event and no gov or alien is going to help that.
      I don’t see why we should take the “singularity” posited as fact either.

      Cool story bro, needs more dragons. And by “dragons” I mean common sense, fitting data and backed up by citations and valid arguments, not all this hand waving.

  • I would strongly urge everyone to watch Kimberly and Sunny on: of the 8th April.
    The threat on the 18th would have destroyed much of humanity. Fortunately, the huge, underground facility in Australia was destroyed yesterday by “Our Friends Out There”, aka OFOT, just two hours before Kimberly’s update.
    As Kimberly spoke on the 8th, the National Guard and the Bomb Squad were on the way to deal with the Russian Tear Monument threat, which was yet another false flag event to blame on the Russians. Thus, give credence to go to war with Russia. We might know that scumbag General Millie has much to answer for. Pity the real Donald Trump died before he dealt with him. It will be interesting to see how his doppelgänger plays out. I suspect his is only there to raise money from a naive, American people?
    The interview was one of the most relevant I have watched in a long, long time.
    I understand that once we are past the 24th, the Deep State run out of guidance from Project Looking Glass. Those that watched Clif High’s last podcast will recall he quoted this date, unsure whether it was favourable or otherwise?

    • I just listened to Kimberly and Sunny. Very interesting! For me, it completes a three point synchronicity. On the 7th a friend texted me the link to the video – Looking Glass: Mysterious Group Reveals Brand New Predictions – Frank Jacob interview (on YT). Then this morning I see this video from FKTV in my inbox and watch all three installments (thanks for covering this Alexandra), and finally I watch the Kimberly & Sunny breaking news from the 8th and here Kimberly is talking about the scientist Winston Wu and the Looking Glass. And yeah, I did see Clif High’s last podcast. Now, I’m waiting to see if Elena Danaan or Dr, Michael Salla has something to report about OFOT destroying the underground facility in Australia.

  • I just finished watching all three installments and then reading through the comments. The comments reveal this is an awakened group. For sure, this message is one big heaping, steaming pile of bullshit! It’s true source is…well, all the usual suspects of course!

  • I saw the funniest bumper sticker yesterday on the back of a pickup… ‘Does your Biden bumper sticker make you feel stupid yet…?’

  • LMAO!……good GAWD!…..this sounds like Q-TARD/’Anonymous’ (BOTH CIA) BULLSHITE!

    Sorry……REAL, CREDIBLE info is delivered NON Anonymously! (THINK: Clif High, Danial Liszt, Alex Jones, Mike Adams, ect).

  • I don’t know what to think of this. Sounds like a fantasy like Alice in Wonderland looking through the looking glass. Sounds like BS to me. I won’t believe this unless I see it.

  • Khazarian Mafia revealed?
    Unbelief in your Creator and lack of understanding that you are fearfully and wonderfully made, will be a stumbling block. Our good Lord is cleansing His creation. Most don’t see this, because they have rejected TRUTH.
    Ecc 12:13-14 KJV 13 Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. 14 For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.
    Trust not man, but your Creator only.
    Act 20:21 KJV Testifying both to the Jews, and also to the Greeks, repentance toward God, and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ.
    Act 4:10-12 KJV 10 Be it known unto you all, and to all the people of Israel, that by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom ye crucified, whom God raised from the dead, even by him doth this man stand here before you whole. 11 This is the stone which was set at nought of you builders, which is become the head of the corner. 12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.
    Mat 10:28 KJV And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

  • Living in fear is certainly your choice. Following this woman’s projected fantasy’s will keep you firmly planted there. No one can predict the future with that kind of accuracy. The way out is through the gateway of the heart, and each individual must find that gateway themselves. Fear closes that gateway-love opens it.

    • This woman? It was a computer voice and Alexandra Bruce was very clear on her Dark Journalist interview that she is simply providing the link “by others”. Don’t be so naive to think that the “looking glass” project does not exist. If you had been to either of the two Secret Space Program gatherings with Farrell-Fitts et al, you would understand that real science is in effect here (not the scientism that people follow today- including the idea that viruses cause disease).


  • Unless it turns out that I am one of the 50 that are to be contacted (hopefully soon as April 18th is coming up fast and I live near the Warren Tank Plant, so I guess it’s going to be “byebye me” in 10 days), this clickbait video makes me hope the bad guys win. On the other hand, if the attack gets foiled and doesn’t happen (whew!) then I will assume everything is under control and can save money by putting off visits to the dentist until I get my almost-new -20-year-old-looking body in 2030. (Hoping it handles my low-T deal also.)

  • Don’t know what to say about this, but I recall hearing Dr. Young saying something about 2030 as Christ’s coming or so in one of his clips.
    Soomething could really happen around 2030.

    Anyways better for us to continue on fight against tyrannies.

    • DEAD-0N, SYNICKEL!!!

  • So, there’s a singularity, which we do not know what’s all about, never seen before, never repeated after, and they want to produce a vaccine for it ? Interesting.

    Interesting as well is the fact that all this info is based on fear. The bad outcome is terrifying , and for the good outcome there are 70 obstacles and none could be dismissed. One if missed, all is doomed. I don’t know, seems like fearporn masqueraded as opposition.

  • LAUGH!!! LAUGH!!! LAUGH!!!

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