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    ‘That Sugar Film’ is a highly informative, quirkily presented Australian documentary, which makes a case that the health fad of the past 30 years, which has demonized fats and has tended to minimize the perils of sugar may have contributed to the obesity epidemic now occurring worldwide, in a direct challenge to the hotly-contested ideas of what constitutes a “healthy diet”. This is the film’s trailer.

    In an ironic hommage to ‘Super Size Me’, the successful Independent Film by Morgan Spurlock, who ate nothing but McDonald’s for a month – with drastic consequences to his health, Australian actor-director, Damon Gameau films an experiment, during which he eats only food advertised as “healthy”.

    In doing so, he reveals to the audience the bitter truth about sugar, which is hidden in freshly squeezed juices , low-fat yogurt, granola, protein bars and other perceived “health foods”.

    The film shows the changes that occur within the body of a young man on this diet. Before the experiment, he had had never had problems controlling his weight…toward the end, he’s looking paunchy.

    Gameau takes us on location to the sites of industrial food manufacturers, uncovering many little-known facts about what we should really be afraid of, lurking on supermarket shelves.

    (И если русский язык является вашим родным языком, вы будете довольны русские субтитры, здесь!)

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    • Now, about the film…how on earth was he able to put that much sugar in his mouth, straight out of the sugar bag…and then swallow the mess?…my gawd! What a brave man, putting this much organ stress on himself…after 10 days, he definitely started looking disheveled and mentally dull…per the rest, just an unbelievable situation in this country…high fructose corn syrup IS IN EVERYTHING!

    • Ey?…Carol? Say WHUT? I consider that I live on the edges of some of the topics you attempted to, ummmmm, well, whatever you were attempting, and I do believe that you taking up this much space with so much derf and argle bargle on an other wise coherent website stands as a monument to addled minds everywhere…’jus sayin’

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