This is a film with dramatizations of many historical facts, which are well-known to those familiar with Templar history – but with more granularity and detail than is generally known even to those familiar with Templar history.

The Order of the Knights Templar was created after the first Crusade, to protect Christian pilgrims traveling to Jerusalem.

The order was disbanded by the King (‘the Fair”) of France in 1307, when he killed the leader of the Templars, Jacques de Molay, which gave rise to a succession of historical events, which still affect us, to this day. 

Many enigmas still surround the mythical order of the Templars and its legends – not the least of which is whether mysterious discoveries at Gisors and Oak Island, in Nova Scotia, Canada may hold the fabled Templar treasures.

This insightful documentary relives an epic adventure based on facts, places, puzzles and legends that feed faiths and have fascinated generations.

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  • The shaft on Oak island sounds to me to be a way they desalinated the sea water. filling the shaft with coconut husks and then poles at levels. Filled from the channels at high tide. The husks would turn to compost over time. Cleaver but no treasure.

  • How do you find a place on a map that has not been named yet. Hell of a question eh? Maybe they had a treasure in the old country, but sure as hell not in the new. Maybe they had U.F.O.s and old, old, old maps with names just as old. LOL!

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