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The Russia Hoax propagated by Operation Crossfire Hurricane is central to the Deep State’s continued perpetration of their crimes.

Mar-a-Lago was raided because the DOJ needed to remove all of the Crossfire Hurricane evidence away from Donald Trump, to impede his litigations and especially, to prevent public discovery of their crimes.

The Globalists who have infiltrated our government require control over all of the Crossfire Hurricane records, in order to continue their unimpeded destruction of the United States and to complete the handover of this country to the World Economic Forum.

The Russia Hoax is a false narrative that is central to many of the criminal activities of the Administrative State, now acting through the Biden Regime.

The Russia Hoax is a false flag that “justified” the spying on Trump’s campaign and the unrelenting sabotage of Trump’s presidency. It “justified” the FBI’s interference in the 2020 Election with the cover-up of the Hunter Biden laptop and with the censorship and the massive de-platformings of those who discussed it on social media.

The Russia Hoax “justified” the Mueller Investigation and, as we’ve recently learned from Tore Maras, the Russia Hoax prompted Obama’s DHS Secretary, Jeh Johnson to declare election hardware and software to be Federal “Critical Infrastructure” on January 6th, 2017, two weeks before Trump took office.

By alleging that Russia had attacked US Critical Infrastructure, our elections were quietly federalized and they thereby came under the control of the Globalists without our knowledge or consent.

The false allegation that the Russians hacked the 2016 Election and that the Russians installed Trump into the Presidency is what ostensibly triggered the DHS to be brought into the 2018 and 2020 elections via their private contractors, like CrowdStrike and other Deep State cut-outs and fronts, who have contracted with either 1) the States’ Secretaries of State; 2) the Counties’ Boards of Electors; or 3) County Judges, in order to control the elections in their respective jurisdictions, according to contracts unearthed by Tore Says followers.

After seeing the actual contracts made between DHS cut-outs (e.g, CrowdStrike and CIS, Inc) and the secretaries of state of both Colorado and Ohio, as well as the contracts between DHS cut-outs and North Carolina’s Hoke County Board of Elections and with Texas’ Dallas County Judge, Tore recommends that we all send an email our County Board of Elections, Secretary of State and our County judge and that we ask them if they have entered into any such agreements with the Federal Government or with their contractors, granting them control over our elections.

Verify who is controlling the elections in your county and tell them, “I never consented to federal agencies in any part of my elections,” and assert your right.

By law, US elections are to be handled at the county level, not by unelected Communist Feds who are actively sabotaging every aspect of our nation and our sovereignty. 

This is how our country is being stolen by the Globalists. No amount of poll-watching will stop the steal of the next elections. We must end the use of these DHS-controlled voting machines and go back to paper ballots.


Over the course of this information war that’s been strafing us for the past several years, many of us have heard rumors about how the digital election theft, which had become routine since 2004 during the Shrub Era was disrupted in 2016, allowing Donald Trump to win.

In this audio, Tore Maras makes the bombshell announcement that it was she who disabled the DHS’ 2016 theft operation, which was being run out of Georgia.

As a former contractor at a privatized intelligence firm, Tore was familiar with the equipment and the software because she had been hired to hijack the elections in foreign countries in the past:

“I admitted to making sure that the closet they had to rig the election was inoperable. And if you remember in Georgia, DHS, Homeland Security, CISA got caught getting in there.

“Who did I tell you runs the f*ing elections? I know their name, I know the unit and I have the evidence – not in my possession, so don’t raid me, because you’re not going to find it…

“Your own government has been rigging the elections. This is why they tormented President Trump, because they didn’t know where it came from. Everyone thought MOSSAD helped. Why would MOSSAD help? They do the same thing [steal elections from their own people].

“DHS got caught. In Georgia, in 2016. Nobody asked, ‘What was Homeland Security doing in the election machines if they’re not connected to the internet? Because they’re the ones that rigged the elections and they got caught, because I set them up from West Brunswick, because they had to use that closet! And that was an unmasked IP, because it was migrated over to the one in Virginia. I set it and I did it!…

“And every single time I go to court so that I could put that evidence in there, I keep getting kicked out of there. And every single time, I keep putting it in, I get kicked out of it. And the thing is, I don’t want to give it to anyone, because no one is going to utilize it and showcase it but I’m going to make sure the f*ing world sees it.

“Me putting it on my podcast or on my website isn’t going to help. I want it on the record. CISA did it. They got caught in 2016. CISA sat on the Halderman Report. CISA, CISA, CISA, CISA!…

“The only duly-elected president you have had in two decades is President Donald J Trump – and they had stolen millions of votes already, by the time that shifted in. Because I knew [laughs] it was so hilarious, when they tried to activate – they couldn’t! It was perfect! It was absolutely perfect!…

“I am frustrated. So frustrated. We had Barack Hussein Obama’s transition team, in May, insert themselves in the highest positions. We have Federal Employees – Barack Hussein Obama-appointed Federal Employees – organizing and literally calling it a ‘coup’.

“And he’s [Obama] going to sit there and say that the President [Trump] orchestrated a coup?

“You guys orchestrated a coup for the patriots, so that you could entrap them, so you can make sure this never happens again!

“What’s the point? Sometimes, I actually think, ‘What’s the point?’ Yeah. So I’ve got half a million people that are awake. Half a million people that see. But then, I have a half a billion other people sitting there, talking shit about me, when they’re bought, when they’re assets of Brennan’s and Obama’s, trying to choke the truth and they know they can’t kill me off, ’cause that’s not allowed, ’cause then they’ll never get the keys…

“They’ve been stealing elections for two decades. You didn’t like Bush? Well, that was rigged. You didn’t like Obama? Well, that was frickin rigged. Everything has been rigged! And the one time someone is elected, even though the chips were stacked against him –

“Then, out of nowhere, some random person that no one who ran operations could even see coming – that’s what made it so fucking perfect – that you would not be able to see it coming, because it was unexpected. Not even JOB [John Owen Brennan] would have seen that coming. Not even Hussein [Barack Obama] would have seen that coming.

“‘Cause, you know, self-preservation kicks in. ‘This bitch is not going to do it. We’ve got her wrapped-up with a f*ing bow and blacklisted her. There’s no way she could do anything…’


Tore Maras is running for Secretary of State for Ohio but naturally, the Deep State wants to stop that. Last Thursday, a GOP-financed kangaroo court proceeding ruled that she cannot appear on the ballot, despite having previously been approved by the Secretary of State and by the Ohio State Board of Elections. The grounds for her removal are accusations of her being a “Trumper”, an “election denier” and “the Kraken”.

This kangaroo “ruling”now goes back to her opponent, World Economic Forum Young Global Leader and the incumbent Ohio Secretary of State, Frank LaRose. He is responsible for finalizing her disqualification to run against him. This is similar to what the GOP did to America-First Robby Starbuck’s candidacy and others.

But Tore is unfazed. In a Telegram message to a journalist, she wrote:

“When I decided to run for office, I ran not only to win but also to demonstrate how elections are stolen. Election Fraud does not occur just at the ballot box – it may occur from Petition to ballot box.

“This decision assisted in exposing how the incumbent, his office and more importantly, the uniparty establishment actively participated in excluding from the ballot an independent who is a whistleblower that has been exposing the fact Americans have not had free and fair elections for a very long time…

“I am someone who rigged elections in other nations, and therefore I know a coup, either against a state or nation, it is preferred to be done through elections. Just thank John Bolton and Frank LaRose, who witnessed election rigging in Ukraine, firsthand in 2019.

“Larose, Ohio GOP and the rest of the unelected establishment underestimated the will and the tenacity of the American People.

“This dispute will be placed on a national platform in the coming days and, in light of SCOTUS precedent, it is unconscionable and repugnant to the United States and Ohio constitutions to have elections until this matter is resolved.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • If you understand criminal groups,when individuals join together ,in the USA,called RICO ,then you understand freemasonry.
    Same in the UK but take great faith…. European people and the rest of the world are with you ,in heart and deed .
    In the UK the recent actors are being reshuffled while our government supports a Nazi Ukrainian Israeli ex TV comedian known for playing a piano with his pecker on TV. An illegal government that took power in a coup and has committed full military genocide in its own citizens. Heavens with you. These international monsters are at present desperate and being flattened as God ( es) rides his/ her steamroller through our heavens.
    Thank you for your guts , integrity,devotion and hard work…….would love to sample your words for a tune…….passionate and with the cosmic fire of truth.

  • Listened to both of her videos. Unfortunately, the call to action, including a way to contact Secretary of State in your area, will need the hand of God. A form letter needed to be given. She is a bit tedious for reaching the average busy person and patriots. And September 3 at midnight the 22 months have passed to destroy all ballots. There are some extensions, not enough. I’ve listened to many of Tore”s videos in the past, and found many tedious and not to the point because iof rambling over her role played. Mike Lindell and his symposium speakers are much clearer, including the call for action. So 2020 may be too late, but if she can give people a clear plan for 2022, she’ll reach more people,, and work in conjunction with Mike’s great patriots. Too much Poor Me prevents charisma. I say this as an elderly, educated woman.

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