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    Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), confronted FBI Deputy Director, Paul Abbate over the FBI’s role in the Biden Crime Family’s alleged criminal scheme during a heated exchange at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing this week.

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    • -A coward or another controlled opposition, who never touches or tries to solve the real issue;
      but well… once you are a part of the system, you won’t have many choices but only to make a small voice that’s harmless enough so they won’t get assassinated.

      -Is hearing these small voices better than nothing? Not really, because the sheep will only stick with partial truth and never advance further.

      -Full truth hurts to swallow, and no versions of “truth” is 100% correct either; but if you know something, which you believe it to be “truth” with good reasoning and facts (even though that’s against the majority of people), you should still share that too.

    • Cruz has the FBI cornered, but will the feckless Republicans actually do anything about it?

      Look no further than the last flap over censoring the biggest liar in the history of the liars club on the Potomac. After finding him guilty 20 Republicans voted against doing anything about it because they all belong to the same famous liars club!

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