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    I promised you something freaky and here it is! Ultimate weirdness!

    This is Stewart Swerdlow’s presentation at the Free Your Mind conference, which took place in April of this year, just outside of Philadelphia and the clip of which was just uploaded to YouTube in early October.

    Say whatever you want; yes, his talk purely anecdotal but it’s definitely intriguing, if not straight-up entertaining.

    I’ve known Stewart ever since the mid-1990s, when I was writing my first book.

    As part of my research, I took his “Language of Hyperspace” class, which he was giving from his home (the on Long Island). I found him to be a man with benevolent intentions and struggling financially, with a low-paying job, which somehow provided alimony for his six children from a previous marriage, as well as providing for his second wide and two new babies.

    As with everyone – especially self-described survivors of Secret Government mind control projects – what he has to say is best advised to be taken with a grain of salt. Who knows when the disinformational programming starts to kick in, regardless of how well-meaning he may be, in his heart?

    Indeed, not long after I took his class, his MK-Ultra programming was triggered and he became embroiled in a dark and sordid period, where his lecture tour manager turned him into her sex slave, which he publicly acknowledged. Stewart’s adult life appears to have been entirely dedicated to freeing himself and others from the mental prison of mind control.

    The last time we saw each other was early in 2002, on the set of the TBS show, ‘The Conspiracy Zone with Kevin Nealon’, in an episode about the Montauk Project, which I don’t believe ever aired. However, the episode I was in about FEMA, which pitted me against the not-yet-famous Alex Jones did air, at least according to IMDB. I was mortified when the show’s producer, Kelly Hommon told me to “fight” with my “opponents”, Jerry Springer-style!

    Obviously, I couldn’t get a word in, edgewise, with Alex Jones, screaming his lungs out about guillotines being moved about the country by freight trains, headed for the FEMA camps to where we were all destined to be imprisoned. (Students of Old Tyme conspiracy literature will recall that old chestnut).

    The format of the show was one of being shot in front of a live audienceĀ  in a Los Angeles sound stage, where a person with seemingly outlandish claims is pitted against a “straight man.” I played the “straight man”.The resolution of this Hegelian Dialectic, after the second commercial break, comes from a comedian, in our case, we had Saturday Night Live comedienne, Julia Sweeney, who is perhaps most well-known for her recurring role as a completely sexually-ambiguous character in the eponymous micro-show called “It’s Pat”, where despite how much grilling from other characters in the sketches, nobody could ever figure out if she was a girl or a boy.

    Stewart and I had been chosen for the Montauk episode because we’d each recently released books on the topic. His was ‘Blue Blood, True Blood: Creation & Conflict’. In it, there is a list of the “13 Reptilian Illuminati Bloodlines” that rule the world, with my surname second from the top. I always felt that this was Stewart’s way of getting back at me for getting him involved in a TV pilot, of which I was the Line Producer, where we were promised that his life story and his involvement in the Montauk Project would be treated fairly and even-handedly – and indeed, throughout the four hours of his interview, shot in his home that day, it certainly did appear that this was what was happening.

    However, the shallow producer could only find a way to cherry-pick the more scandalous remarks, which were taken out of context and edited together to utterly savage his interviewees, in a classic case of ambush “journalism”. I was as angry and upset about the final edit as Stewart was and I profusely apologized, many times, including on the day of that shoot for TBS.

    It was probably because of this “taking the piss” tack, that the ‘Disinfo Nation’ show was picked up by British Channel 4, where it ran for 2 seasons. Brits can’t get enough of taking the piss out of things.

    As to my “Reptilian Illuminati” status, I have never seen one iota of evidence that my Gaelic-speaking, Scottish Highlander great-great grandparents, whose name I inherited, people who immigrated to America to work in the Pennsylvania steel mining and smelting business were ever anything like the “rulers of the world” – and certainly, none of their descendants are, either!

    One Bruce with a radically humble inner-city Detroit background is Joseph ‘Violent J’ Bruce, the co-founder of the cult-like novelty rap group, Insane Clown Posse (!) Seriously, though, where is this Bruce out there, ruling the world? I’ve even met the Chief of Clan Bruce, The Right Honourable Andrew Douglas Bruce, The 11th Earl of Elgin and the 15th Earl of Kincardine. Not even he is anything like a ruler of the world – nor is there anything distinctively reptoid about him, either!

    Hahaha…I can’t believe that I actually just went there! But if people google Stewart Swerdlow, they’re going to run across that list and they might start to think that I might be some kind of closeted reptilian shape-shifter, out here, ruling the world. šŸ™‚

    Anyway, I find two things to be very interesting about this presentation of Stewart’s. first, he is speaking with a discernible Russian accent, that I don’t recall as ever being anything like that strong in his day-to-day diction. (Did one of his “multiples” lead the talk?) Second, 44 minutes into this talk, he voices the “true” purpose of CERN, which is is to collapse and merge “this” timeline into adjacent ones, where the New World Order has already been achieved. I’m not aware of anyone else who has ever proposed such a concept, except for the late Glen Pruitt, in my interviews with him in my first book, ‘The Philadelphia Experiment Murder’.

    Glen Pruitt was possibly the most superlative person I’ve ever met. He was absolutely brilliant and completely psychic and he weighed about 1,000 lbs. He underwent deprogramming with Derrel Sims, where they uncovered over 50 layers of screen memories, to obscure what’d really occurred in his life.

    Glen’s father, Jack Pruitt is alleged by everyone that I’ve ever met, claiming to have been involved in the Montauk Project that Jack was the Director of the Project, responsible for hiring, firing and paying personnel. Unlike any of the other Montauk Project proponents, however, I’ve actually had lunch with Jack Pruitt, when he came to New York City, and visited with his son, in early 2000.

    Glen had rejected the entire Montauk story and his father’s involvement in it, until it couldn’t be denied, when both Preston Nichols and Al Bielek were each independently able to pick Jack out from a group photo of 50 people at his Dallas, Texas branch of Republic National Bank of New York. Jack worked there for decades in the insurance department, according to Glen.

    This bank is notorious among those in the know, as a launderer of Black Budget project funds.

    When I interviewed Glen for the book, he would go into a low brainwave state, unable to initiate any topic. He was capable only of answering questions – but expounding upon them, in highly-granular detail. It was during these interviews that this notion of “colonizing timelines” first arrived on my radar. So, I don’t know if Stewart’s statements, here are informed by his having read my book or if he independently arrived at the same perception as Glen did.

    Interestingly, Germany, China and Japan) are all planning on making even BIGGER supercolliders. Is this the new “space race” or a war to control reality, itself?

    If I were the Japanese, I would definitely want to “un-do” the Fukushima quadruple meltdowns. I think anybody would be happy to see that happen – except that we wouldn’t see it happen – it just never would have happened…

    The “good news”, if you can call it that, in Stewart’s presentation is that he says these attempts to merge the NWO timelines with “our” timeline are being sabotaged by certain beings at the edge of the Kuiper Belt and that these experiments to bring about the NWO by shredding time with the massive amounts of gigawatts produced by these cyclotrons will not succeed…

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