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Like the British Empire before it, the US was incrementally groomed to become the primary host of the Globalist bankster parasite over the course of the 20th century, signaled by the founding of the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913 and the decoupling of the US dollar from gold in 1971.

Both events undermined US sovereignty while transforming the US dollar into the world’s reserve currency and the US Treasury and US military into the instruments of the Globalists.

Like the British Empire before it, the world was led to believe that America was the most powerful nation on Earth. The truth was that America had been hijacked by the banksters to engage in incredibly stupid war-profiteering adventures, like the invasions of Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan and through the CIA, to covertly undermine untold numbers of Third World nations around the globe.

These actions served the interests of the criminals who had hijacked America, not the interests of the US Taxpayer who unwillingly funded these operations. These wars bankrupted the US, the same way the First- and Second World Wars bankrupted the UK and I’d hazard to guess that this pump-and-dump model did not arise in the 20th century.

It appears that every maritime empire since at least the time of the Venetian Republic was developed to be similarly parasitized and controlled.

Here’s a review of the previous world reserve currencies:

  • 19th century – first half of the 20th century: United Kingdom’s pound sterling.
  • 16th – 19th centuries: Spanish Empire’s Silver dollar.
  • 17th – 18th centuries: Dutch guilder.
  • 13th – 16th centuries: the Venetian ducat and the Florentine florin.

By the end of the 20th century, the world’s need for dollars had allowed the United States government to borrow at lower costs, giving the United States an advantage in excess of $100 billion per year. Those days are now over, because the banksters already decided over a century ago that the next great empire that they would pump and dump would be China.

All of this is to say that this COVID nonsense is really about the controlled demolition of the US Dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

During the fog of unrestricted warfare of the past year and a half, the genocidal dystopia unfolding in front of our eyes has been so overwhelming that concerns about the fate of the US dollar took a back seat but now, we may only have a few weeks to brace for a fiscal crisis, the likes of which we’ve never imagined.


Steve Quayle joins Mike Adams with this hair-raising report. The two are known to deliver worst case scenarios and their claims, here are at times so harrowing and surreal, that I find them hard to believe.

Then again, I would have never have believed any of what has happened over the past year.

I don’t agree with everything the two express but I do think it’s time to start looking at the bigger picture of why this COVID psyop was launched to begin with, as an opening salvo of World War Three.

I think it’s time to get our heads around surviving in a world where bank transactions no longer work and I think it’s time to consider the spiritual dimensions of all of this, because the most powerful people in the world want nothing more than to arrange a meeting between each of us and our Maker.

Steve tells Mike that the US Petrodollar will be dead within 60 days:

“Information that came to me…is that, [on October 15th?] at the 11:38AM mark on Wall Street, there will be a declaration by the Fed, itself, declaring Force Majeur. And that simply means, because of a situation beyond control, in this case, there’s too much debt and nothing to pay it back, that the American dollar becomes worthless. 

“And what Janet Yellen has done, in my opinion is telegraph to the entire world that the United States dollar is coming to an end and as further proof of that, there’s an operation called ‘Sandman’, based on the Petrodollar, Saudi Arabia and the oil-exporting countries are going to basically refuse to take the US dollar.

“Most people don’t know but up until…a couple of years ago, all of the oil that was bought and sold was in US dollars. Well, that day’s coming to and end, because there’s an agreement of 130 nations to abandon the US dollar concurrently and simultaneously when the go signal is given… 

“That means the money in your account denominated in dollars goes away. It means your credit cards no longer work. It means all the benefits, whether it’s EBT, whether it’s Social Security, whether it’s all these things – and look, I’m not trying to scare anybody – but this is the plan they have, to starve out America. This is the equivalent, in my opinion of Stalin’s Holodomor, where 5 million Ukrainians were starved to death. So, that’s what’s at stake.”

They talk about power outages, due to the power companies not being able to purchase coal, they talk about UN troops being positioned here to disarm the US populace and upcoming false flags.

Mike Adams describes Los Angeles, with no water of its own as an inexorable “death cesspool…millions of dead bodies, most of them infected with spike proteins…It’s worse than Escape from LA. It’s You Can’t Escape and You’re Gonna Die in LA!”

It’s all pretty crazy and I don’t want to believe any of it but forewarned is forearmed…

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Alexandra Bruce

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    • Well you do have Steve Quayle rattling their cages about Christianity being targeted. Poor things don’t realize the Fish Age/Jesus Movement is coming to an end, just like the Moses/Golden Bull/Exodus jews did, the age before Pieces. Now as were headed towards ‘The Water Bearer’ sure hoping Muslims don’t think were gonna wear a mask for the next 2,000 years. I’m sure they think its there turn in this ‘New Age’ of Aquarius.

  • I cannot agree with the gentleman’s assessment of how to prepare financially for what is coming.

    Gold, silver or any other type of “precious” metals has no intrinsic value…it is useless…you can’t eat it.

    The only way to prepare is to farm, to have your own power and water.

    If I have food and someone comes to me with a basket full of gold, I will reject it…I can’t do anything with it. I would be giving my food away to that person for free.

    You need to become sovereign and disconnect from the Matrix completely.

  • Who controls the alleged satellites?
    Satellites DO NOT exist. According to NASA, satellite are deployed in the Thermosphere.

    The temperatures in the Thermosphere reach up to 2000 degrees Celsius.

    Look up the melting point of any metal known to man and you will see that NO metal can survive these temperatures without melting.

    Communications infrastructure is totally controlled by the government. Just like cell phone towers will be disabled, so will every other form of communications, with the exception of the few people who have ham radios.

    Morse Code would be a cheap means of communications, but very few of us know that language.


    • You’re onto it. Try to tell anyone & you’re a racist, a holocaust denier & the harlot will send your own brainwashed people to destroy you.
      Well, you now have nothing to lose, since the harlot has raised massive Goyim armies to destroy ALL Goyim.
      How can this ever be stopped?

  • WW3 was the unconventional war on terror, the first of several unconventional wars launched to go after individuals and small groups of people using conventional and unconventional weapons.

    The rapid installation of 5G nationally was the opening salvo of WW4, with nations doing it against their own people.

    5G is currently being used in to trace and track and manipulate individuals and small groups of people. COVID is but one arm of this program.

    A second example is utilizing directed energy shot at “troublesome” individuals all over their bodies with particular attn paid to the brain and the neural system attaching the energy to the brain, extremities (toes and heels in the feet), hands, etc. It is a kind of like MK Ultra on steroids, Rather than linking to the brain with wires, they can now use energy for that purpose.

    How they do it is amazing itself and must be alien technology turned to the dark side of course. You wouldn’t believe this but it is true. ALL of this is verifiable 100%.

    They shoot a configurable mass of invisible energy in the area of the target and quickly attach it by getting a local radar readout of the target’s location while he/she is sleeping in bed. Airplane flyovers, police cars are just a few ways to get it done.

    Once hooked up, they work the brain first and then the extremities. They already have a map of the brain from their past projects but now they can completely control a target once it is installed.

    The energy hardens into place but with RF tagging, transponders and relays, work greatly with chemtrail metals and morgellons in the body. The hardened energy runs invisibly along the outside of the target’s skin to its destination by finding these chemtrail deposits that are all over the body. The 5g system totally gives them the bandwidth 24/7/365 to automate total control.

    Among the tasks they can perform are sequencing pain events, torture, thought and perception management and more.

    The CIA is a host, along with DARPA, various Brain Initiatives, etc.

    They are now the 5th Reich and there’s no going back to liberty until the masses learn and rebel to throw them out and tear down these agencies and their projects.

    • Awesome explanation. The sheeple are dumbed down and do not have a clue of how the human body works.

      We are walking antennas. We are electrical beings. There is much evidence that past “pandemics” were actually caused by the introduction of different EMFs.

      The information is disclosed in the book “The Invisible Rainbow”.

      Unfortunately, people have been so dumbed down by the public education system and the MSM that they are incapable of engaging in critical and logical thinking.

      They resort to they’re laziness attitude and think that god is going to protect and save them from what’s coming.

      Thanks again for the insight.

      • Javier, Your satellite comment is very on que. Love it! Now take that same critical thinking cap on to the holocaust that Logic says it could not have happened.

  • It’s funny that he’s surrounded by pictures of lions, I’ve seen people being interviewed surrounded by pictures or statues of eagles. What’s that, a pledge of allegiance?

  • These guys are very close to the truth. Watch this short video of Bill Gates, a eugenics fanatic do a presentation to the CIA back in 2005 on A VACCINE that will target the portion of the brain where a person’s religious beliefs and faith reside! This video was leaked to the Germans and that’s why the captions are in German.

  • Where are they getting their information from? 25,000 children forced to get the clot-shot, says whom! I live in Australia and we hear nothing of this. Yes, the media is pushing the shot like shit out but we are still free to choose. We can get mask exemptions. South Australia has no lock-down. Things are fairly normal here. Plenty of food, water, power and no chem-trails. Why are so many Americans trying to move here?

    • NO American is moving to Australia.
      You are lying.
      We can’t even mail a letter to your gun-free island shithole.

      I used to respect Australians. Served with many over the years.
      Now I despise you sheep.
      Enjoy your covid camps.
      We will die before we comply.
      E-7 Ret.

  • What these guys are saying is not implausible at all. The latest in Sydney, Australia, form a very good internet blog:

    by Editor, cairnsnews

    My dear friend’s daughter (an American citizen) is facing abject fascism in Sydney, Australia. She and her husband are unable to leave the country as no flights are entering or departing Australia. The entire country is locked down. They are not permitted to go further than 2 miles from their home without facing expensive fines or imprisonment. This text was sent to me Sept 7, 2021 about their dire situation:

    “… my daughter is in Australia and they’re trying to force her to take the jab because she works in a hospital. It is so intense in Australia! The doctor McKayla works for had to close down her surgeries, so she’s been looking for another job. She has a $2600 a month mortgage and they have to get the vaxx even to work in a grocery store stocking shelves! They can’t leave Sydney! No airplanes in & no airplanes out. They can’t even drive their car more than 2 miles from their home without police officers checking where they’re going and if they’re not going to a doctors office, or something essential, they get huge fines or thrown in jail! If she gets fired she doesn’t get unemployment, if she quits she doesn’t get unemployment -that’s how they have them all trapped.

    She’s called all the people that she knows that are in the healthcare field to try and pull some strings and she’s called all the doctors to try and get proof of CV antibodies that she’s already acquired and they won’t do those tests in Sydney! All the doctors hands are tied. It’s not a possibility to go to the US Embassy because even they cannot fly anyone out of Australia back to the US! She wouldn’t leave her Aussie husband behind if she got safe haven at the embassy anyway. She said the only thing open is fast food and grocery stores and they are starting to make people show that they’ve had the vaxx to even be able to purchase food.

    She said Sydney is like a ghost town! People that were traveling out of Australia, before everything hit the fan, haven’t been able to come back to their own country and homes for over 11 months! A few weeks ago she said she’d rather die than have to live like they’re living in Sydney with no freedoms, no travel, no conversations with people.

    She just kept refusing refusing refusing the shot for the past six months and now it’s down to the end. If she doesn’t take the jab immediately there will be no place to work, no money would be coming in, and they can no longer even get medical treatment unless they are vaxxxed! The tyrants of their government have got the people in this horrible stranglehold! They don’t have Constitutional freedom like the US. Their population is defenseless. There are no laws to protect their freedom of choice in Australia!”

    We must pray fervently for the people of Australia ~ they desperately need a miracle!

  • Watch all the sat fones get bottlenecked when the SHTF. Sat fones are not the only form of reliable communication. And don’t believe for a second calls on sat fones aren’t traceable or monitored.

  • Thanks Mike and Steve for this podcast. In fact, I did order STAT2 phone. Also, I would like to point out, when the Antichrists’ arise on the seen. We the Church will not be here for that. Read the Book of Revelation.

  • Well, I’m in L.A. County–outskirts. But my kids are California urban dwellers in L.A. and San Francisco. So… we are probably going to go down in the zombie apocalypse. Even if you have physical gold or silver, or mini bottles of vodka, or the right type of satellite cell phone; it really comes down to knowing how all that bartering/bargaining works. It’s more serious but oddly similar to when many years ago I was faced with finding a school for one of my children, and I was told to give the people “money under the table.” Instead, I just moved. Now it’s the “death trap” hospitals, the empty shelf stores, or learning to rain dance. I guess a person can contact farmers directly or join a co-op and exchange coins for food or vodka or coffee for food or whatever. It’s amazing how answers come, and the underlying infrastructures like co-ops or “farmers markets” may save the day.

    • Your funny kapoore, “we are probably going down in zombie apocalypse.” I think the same of my family & anyone I know does not have what it takes to survive.

  • God’s intervention will be a solar micronova called in Catholic prophecy “the three days of darkness.” God used the sun to destroy the civilization of Noah. Check out Dr. Robert Schoch’s updated book “Forgotten civilization.”

  • Mankind, Adam and Eve, were driven from the garden because in the garden was the tree of life. Mankind is now messing with the tree of life.

  • “Who strangles in the string of purse, before she mends must sicken worse.” “The Strings of Purse” are the chief instruments of a money madness that continues to choke America to this day.

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