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    Big Tech can’t hide from Died Suddenly!

    Dr Judy Mikovits joins to detail hit pieces against Died Suddenly, and brain-dead influencers who believe the clots are caused by “COVID”.

    She proves it was the death shots, and details the toxicity within the vaccine’s ingredients!

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • forgot, if you want to have PROOF of insane criminality behind the SPike sequence alone, please visit

    • I appreciate Dr. Judy a LOT, for all what she has done, but right now things do not add up for me, that’s in regard to Dr. Malone. He is obviously a total SHILL of the deep state, put out there at the very begin of the PLAN-demic, as an ‘inventor’, who himself got 2 ModERNA injections (the highest amount of modmRNA)m has the ‘luck’ to survive it, not like many who died, and advertised LITERALLY to get all the adults injected… That was ~6 months into the global injection plan!!!! He never mentioned the word GENE MODIFICATION treatment, like Dr. Mikovits too, unfortunately… Stew, never ever believe any more any ‘top scientist’ who worked to ACA, NIH, etc., in particular if they are still on ‘active duty’!!!

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