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    It wasn’t until 2012, when I bought the book, Where Did the Towers Go? by materials scientist and former assistant professor of mechanical engineering, Dr. Judy Wood that I ever knew that there was a large hurricane barreling toward the New York coast during 9/11. I lived in coastal New York but I was out of the country for the first time in 6 years when 9/11 happened. If there was extensive weather coverage of Hurricane Erin, I missed it.

    In this piece, TruthStreamMedia reveals that Hurricane Erin was the subject of weather experiments being run by NASA and NOAA, in which assorted instruments and sondes were dropped into the eye of the storm on September 10th just before the hurricane weakened and radically changed course, heading out to sea.

    From the weather reports and comments made by Geraldo Rivera shown here, coverage of Erin was very sparse, considering that it was on track to strike land in a very populated area. Certain sequences shown here remind one of a wonderful compilation, which shows centralized scripting of the local news, down to the most mundane details.

    Dr. Woods is best known for positing her controversial case that the WTC towers were taken out by Directed Energy Weapons (DEW). In 2008, Woods studied the relationship between 9/11, the Hutchison Effect, field effects and data about hurricane and weather modification and the possible existence of a technology to harness the energy from large storm systems. Woods found fascinating data from a set of magnetometers at the University of Alaska, which showed significant deviations from normal readings during the period that the events of 9/11 unfolded.

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    • Thanks again Alexandra this is really great info and lately with Elana Freeland, and Stephen Greer, it’s really clear the technology that’s being used on us is formidable. I’m really seeing the dots connect.

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