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    • Zoros truly is an evil genius, but the word “genius” isn’t even worthy for such an evil.

      Since it’s so down the deep rabbit hole, it also confuses many people and cause divisions.
      Hell hole indeed seems to have no end to its depth.

    • Let’s see; first, we read about Bill Gates buying up all the farmland he can find, then, these attacks on food corporations, his wife leaving him, there’s a connection here, I can feel it.

    • World Order Reset

      The United States is defined as a federal corporation under US code 3002 section 15. The Virginia Company was turned into the United States during the Revolutionary War by the Freemasonic Founding Fathers who were serving the Grand Lodge of England. The Virginia Company was issued by the British royal family from the City of London Corporation for North American settlements. In 1213 King John surrendered the Kingdom of England to the Holy See under the Golden Bull. In 1215 under direct papal authority King John issued the Magna Carta (Latin for Great Charter) and that established the one-mile square block called the City of London Corporation as a sovereign entity from England and London. The Holy See uses Latin for official documents and the Vatican uses Latin as its official language. Novus Ordo Seclorum is Latin and translates to New Order of the Ages and is on the United States Great Seal and United States one dollar bill. Washington DC is located in both Virginia and Maryland. That is Virgin Mary Land. DC was originally called Rome in 1669 which is stated in the Catholic Encyclopedia. DC is Roman architecture and Capitol Hill is named after Capitoline Hill in Rome. The ancient Roman fasces symbol is all over federal buildings and federal seals. The federal government is based on the Roman Republic which was a fascist empire. Roman fasces is where the word “fascist” comes from. They had bundled caning rods and an axe for anyone who disagreed with Roman Laws. The Colonna family ceremonially rules over Capitoline Hill which represents political power of Rome’s corporate empire. The column symbolizes the political support that maintains their claim to governmental land ownership. Fascism means a centralization of power.

      The New World Order (NWO) also rewrote his-story during the revision of history during the epic reset between the mid-1800’s until the 1930’s when Court Hofjuden David Rockefeller, along with the Rothschilds (Red Shield) began the many stories of mainstream materialistic science and the his-story of religious myth and lore. The Court Hofjuden were/are the Akanashi Jewish people who were conscripted by the Vatican to be allowed to make all the money and all the fame, as long as the Vatican, Jesuits and 13 Satanic Bloodlines would be provided with information and power. The Vatican set up confessionals, for the same purpose and runs a worldwide spy spook agency called “The Entity” which owns and controls all major spy agencies including the CIA, NSA, MI6, Mossad, etc. This is all part of their “One World Order” as stated in Latin on the back of US dollar bills.

      The Old World Order were the benevolent Tartarians. One of their only primary directives was that “What you take back from Nature, you give back more!” Their Nature/Nurtures was based on Isis, the Moon Goddess, who created and provided for all. One can only conclude, given the extremely similar structures we see throughout the world, that all lived in common language and were all related in common thought, intention and design. They had healing centers for both man and animals. They had passive relations with all life because they had advanced their consciousness to emanate Love and benevolence to all. Their flag was of a Griffin, which was a real animal! The Griffin is part human, part eagle, part lion, and part androgynous bull. It appears, from their maps and legend, that there also existed Centaurs, flying turtles and Unicorns…

    • I find this tracking of people frankly nothing more than a tracking of a lot of money/funds by the Governments Greasy palms, as they say. Most of the money I would presume goes into their own pockets and then into the supposed research projects that do not do much research at all. We give them way too much credit to think they can pull off what one thinks. Take nuclear vessels/bombs for an example, cannot exist because we cannot contain nuclear in a vessel.
      & Like Molly stated “They are playing out fictional characters from a fictional story book” nothing more, the illusion is up to the believer. Walk away from their illusion’s and you shall find Peace.

    • Georgina “Kiss My Arse” Sorostein is not worth the paper he wipes his arse on, and it is Georgina Sorostein and his ilk that should be flushed down the sewer, Humanure makes excellent compost
      and it really does make plants and flowers grow, but Humanure is a product that could be exploited for the good, instead it is flushed down the sewer.

    • It probably is just a coincidence, but just about all the characters in this fascinating tapestry of technological meddlers appear, at least by their names, to be Jewish. Just saying.

    • If there are more Buchanan’s, not sure, but that would be one of them:
      Welcome to Bruce Buchanan’s Home Page
      Bruce G. Buchanan

      I am a Professor of Computer Science, Philosophy, and Medicine, with the Department of Computer Science at the University of Pittsburgh. I am also co-Director of the Keck Center for Advanced Training in Computational Biology. My main research interests are in machine learning, knowledge-based systems, medical expert systems, and computational biology. I am pretty generally interested in applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence to any problems in biology or medicine. For an extended discussion of how I view AI research, see B. G. Buchanan, “Artificial Intelligence as an Experimental Science.” In J. H. Fetzer (ed.) Aspects of Artificial Intelligence, Amsterdam: D. Reidl, 1988.

    • I keep telling everyone, it makes sense now. In 1995 Giselle maxwell was at a Washington DC event us high school honor students got to go to. She was like, greeting students, and she said her name was Elaine.

      • Her name is Ghislaine, which is French (her mother was French) and it’s pronounced “Ghee-LAINE”.

        Not “Elaine”.

    • Love, love Amazing Polly… This is a very informative piece with a lot of booms. I’m reminded of that song, the “In Crowd,” or the story, “Our Crowd.” In reference to what Jon had to say about the pogroms…well, sort of, but also what came out of it like Jacob Frank whom Aleister Crowley channeled while on his notorious trip through north Africa. Somehow or other they all probably are caught up in the dark elements of the occult, along with wayward aristocrats.

    • Polly It’s nice to see you back again. The way you string things together by following the money and family ties is AMAZING. You have a special gift and I always enjoy your presentations of logically tying things together that makes sense. Keep the good work going, you are certainly loved and appreciated by the many that follow you. Mahalo, Marvin P. Matlock, MD.

    • Polly truly is AMAZING!
      History we don’t hear about, we can’t learn from!
      I’m glad she is giving us some lessons.
      I wonder how many of the oligarchs are related to Vlad the impaler?
      I believe Vlad had no children, I could be mistaken.
      Besides, he was from Romania, not the Russian territory, like that makes a difference.

    • Polly knows good and well this traces to the Russian Pogroms begun in the 18th century. Everything that has taken place there is connected to that! EVERYTHING! It’s all in plain view to those who do their own spadework to dig through the central educators wall of revisionist propaganda.

      Another word on Polly, Since the days when I signed up as her subscriber I have never gotten a single publication from her. Not once, but twice have I signed up to no avail. A little like FKTV, only I will get an issue on the day that I manually dial up on the internet first. Thus has it been with other subscriptions that I NEVER GET a single subscription!

      If I had a mind to and I don’t, I could recall possibly two dozen similar sites that used to be readily accessible on YT, that have been replaced with all kinds of Hollywood & Madison avenue filth and sports. The addle brained adolescent garbage that now makes up the majority of YT is the same that took over television decades ago to change culture.

      It ain’t called programming for nuthin!

    • Hi, Polly. I’m reading a book called PUTIN’S PEOPLE by Catherine Belton.
      Everything you say in this video is corroborated in the book, except for no mention of Soros and his machinations of helping create the rise of the oligarchs. Robert Maxwell is mentioned though.
      Ain’t it odd how everything happening now makes sense when one does a deep dive in history?

      • Margaret, it’s either your antivirus program installed on your computer that’s doing it, which you can check by disabling it.

        Or else, if you’re in Europe or Canada, I have seen many cases where the Rumble video is blocked, in which case you need to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and set it to browse from a different jurisdiction, where they’re not censoring you.

        You can download and add a free VPN to your browser at

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