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    Canadian podcaster, Josh Sigurdson reports on the possibility that the Chinese government murdered Shinzo Abe, who was known to support Taiwan’s independence from the Mainland.

    Chinese human rights activist, Jennifer Zeng tweeted on Friday about Chinese social media accounts prior to the attack referring to Abe’s imminent assassination and payment for same, talking about “getting close” multiple times to both the former and current Prime Minister of Japan, about “completing the task” and about receiving “100,000”:

    #AbeShinzo died at about 11: 30 local time. At 18: 07 on the previous day, a Chinese language user called “重装小兔19C” said “Have successfully got close to current and former PM of Japan. I’ll complete the task given by the organization [meaning: the party, the #CCP].

    Another user called “泼墨” said, “I am counting on you to get another 100,000” at 20:19 on the previous day. Then “重装小兔19C_” said: “I will not let down the organization [the party, the CCP]’s training on me at 20:24 on July 7.

    The user “重装小兔19C_” is also on Twitter. He is following @AbeShinzo #ShinzoAbe and all other major @Japan #Japan accounts…

    This is very disturbing. I hope the government of #Japan @japan can investigate into these two users. Who are they? What tasks were they given? Were the tasks related to @AbeShinzo #ShinzoAbe‘s murder? @CIA

    Over the weekend, nightclubs all over China celebrated Abe’s death, as seen in videos also posted to social media.

    Zeng shared a post from the Henan Communist Youth League referring to the weapon used in the attack, “It works very well” and a video posted by the Hunan armed police on the day of the assassination showcasing the power of the type of shotgun used to kill Abe

    Zeng was careful to add, “This does NOT prove that the #CCP was involved. This only shows that the CCP is happy about #AbeAssassination and is encouraging the celebration of it.”

    Sigurdson breaks down this news, as more information comes out on DHS agents working for the Chinese government, saying, “There’s a world takeover by the Chinese government – and it’s not like the Chinese government’s going out of their way to do this – it’s part of the Great Reset agenda, it’s part of what the United Nations has been pushing, it’s part of what the IMF has been pushing, it’s part of what the WHO, the WEF have all been on.

    “The US Government overthrew and attacked Japan in World War II, in defending China, as it was about to be defeated by Japan. Henry Kissinger met with Mao Zedong in the early 1970s to create an artificial alliance with China and create an import-export hub for China during another starvation and made them basically a monopoly for shipping worldwide, which is interesting, because now there’s a supply chain crisis that was a planned collapse.

    “Then, on top of that, Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was the Defense Secretary under Carter created a thing called the Trilateral Commission in the late 1970s…[to create] a worldwide technocratic superstate based on a Chinese model and to prop-up China as that model for technocracy and a cashless society.

    “And now, we see they have social credit, now we see Rome and Bologna also are bringing in social credit. We see the Smart Cities everywhere based on the Chinese social credit model; carbon credit systems, where people can’t drive from point A to point B without a QR code tied to how much they’ve been driving, much like has been done in some places in China.

    “And on top of that, the United Nations has been completely taken over by China. BRICS nations, that includes China, Russia, Brazil, etc. are shifting into, with support from the Saudis, are shifting into a new world currency system…

    “The US is purposefully trying to collapse. They’re purposefully trying to destroy their own economy, destroy their own supply chain, create desperation, war, poverty, etc., so that the country collapses into the new New World Order, which is a global technocratic state, like the Trilateral Commission wanted, which is why we see Trudeau putting Chinese troops on bases in Canada and saying during his election, ‘I respect China’s basic dictatorship’; why we see Joe Biden and Hunter Biden working with the Chinese. It’s why we see the Chinese buying up land by Air Force bases in North Dakota, alongside Bill Gates and Amazon for the food crisis to come. They’re, by consent of the US Empire replacing the US Empire.

    “They’re entrenched in the Government. Like I just said, you have DHS agents, you have FBI agents, you have Secret Service agents, you have congressmen, like Swalwell, who are working with Chinese agents from within to overthrow the Government.

    “As much as I hate the US Empire, this is all a controlled collapse, so it’s not like you’re winning one way or another. Both ways, you’re gonna get the Great Reset.”

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    • Benjamin Fulford’s latest newsletter (7/11/22) pointed out some inconsistencies regarding the details of the Shinzo Abe “assassination”. He was surrounded by known crisis actors. A video of him being shot does not show him reacting to the force of a gunshot, nor is there any blood present. Hard to know what to believe anymore. Is this all just part of the movie?

      • Abe seemed to react to the second shot and a still taken o him lying down did show blood on the front of his shirt but of course that could have been a squib. Ben had mentioned the possibility that Abe would testify in a truth and reconciliation hearing.

        I don’t claim to know anything in this regard. I report what others say, who claim to know.

    • China has been pushing anti Japan narratives for decades. Series after series on tv are about how bad they are. To the Chinese, Abe was US’s puppet dog. No doubt they are celebrating Abe’s death. After being brainwashed for 2, 3 generations, what do you expect?

    • 1st gen Chinese in America are in for a rough ride in the coming years.
      Their ‘see something, say something’ impulse has to be on high alert as their family back home is held in extortion by CCP district commanders,
      like you know extortion is happening with the medical industry in this country currently by corpse administered medical combines. lose your job and license if you recommend the proven but ‘forbidden’ cures.

    • That I’m not sure about.

      But I feel like it’s another fearmongering tactic in order to turn people against one another.

      That being said, can never trust CCP eithereither.

      • HOORAY!

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