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The wholesale wiretapping of and the unprecedented, illegal censorship of Americans is in the much-deserved spotlight this week.

On Thursday, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a lawsuit against Pfizer for misrepresenting COVID-19 vaccine efficacy and conspiring to censor public discourse.

Also on Thursday, Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger testified again at the House Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government about a new trove of whistleblower documents that chart the birth of the Department of Homeland Security’s Censorship Industrial Complex – with the help of British intelligence.

On Tuesday, WIRED magazine reported that the Biden White House paid AT&T $6 million to allow federal, state, and local law enforcement warrantless access the phone records of Americans who are not suspected of a crime, in a breech of the 4th Amendment that goes way beyond the NSA’s PRISM metadata collection program.

On Monday, it emerged that Special Counsel Jack Smith and Joe Biden’s Department of Justice demanded information on all Twitter/X users who retweeted President Trump, who liked President Trump’s tweets or who mentioned President Trump’s account in their tweets. This confirms that the Biden DOJ is a full-blown totalitarian regime that is actively spying on dissidents.

The New York Post reported:

“All information from the ‘Connect’ or ‘Notifications’ tab for the account, including all lists of Twitter users who have favorited or retweeted tweets posted by the account, as well as all tweets that include the username associated with the account (i.e. “mentions” or “replies”),” the warrant states.

The warrant was issued to the social media giant along with a nondisclosure order, instructing the company not to notify Trump about the search.

Twitter balked at the nondisclosure order, arguing in a failed court challenge that it was a violation of the First Amendment and the Stored Communications Act.

The DOJ’s opposition to the company’s attempt to notify Trump about the warrant was also released Monday.

“For what appears to be the first time in its history, Twitter Inc. (‘Twitter’) has filed a motion to vacate or modify an order that it not disclose the existence of a search warrant,” Smith argued, insisting that “there is reason to believe notification to the former president, a sophisticated actor with an expansive platform, would result in a statutorily cognizable harm.”


In response to these and other recent developments, Scotty Films created this video mashup that includes some audio and tweets from intelligence contractor, Tore Maras. She reminds us about what happened to the data of all of those who were de-platformed by social media in this tweet:

Here is some food for thought. Before I was banned from Twitter in 2021 I posted this. I told what is happening to your posts and DMs. Now they have to tell you because @elonmusk said NO. Those that didn’t get their accounts back were mostly under FISA – or lumped up in POTUS supporters that made a difference…. People OFF SCRIPT…. others were NOT important or are working with feds. Look and behold – now 2 years later. The question you should be asking is WHO told you and WHO didn’t. The accounts that have not been reinstated are being used as evidence against the Deep State=GITMO.


The tweet contains a screenshot of another tweet posted to Telegram:

Pandora’s Box

Do you know why TWITTER suspended ACCOUNTS? They gave all your data and DMs and TWEETS to label you a DOMESTIC TERRORIST! Don’t believe me — wait for it. Like I said I see and know all. I gave you guys a 1 hr heads up on the #purgeday. Hi! I’m Alice.

The URL at the bottom of the tweet above links to to a January 14, 2021 tweet from the account of Entheos, which is purportedly run by a group of pro-human, patriotic intelligence professionals. The tweet refers to the millions of Twitter accounts that were de-platformed on January 6th and in the days immediately following the events of that day:

“Twitter didn’t just suspend millions of pro-America & pro-Trump accounts, they also did something before the accounts were suspended. More on this soon.”

I, for one can’t wait to hear more about why they won’t let me back on Twitter!

Scotty then runs this audio from a recent Tore Says Show podcast:

“On or about April 2024, we expect that the Chinese government will be attacking Taiwan. Now, it is at that point that responses will be had. Considering their efforts right now, keeping us, embroiled in this real estate war that we’re seeing, active in it, extending this Ukraine thing, even though many things are coming out out to not be as kosher.

“Understand what I’m telling you, that when Taiwan is targeted by China, allegedly, we’re going to see them slot Biden out at the appropriate time to bring in Gavin Newsom. The Republican Party has already decided that DeSantis is the candidate.

“Vivek now, everyone’s getting that book that I shared months and months ago, you know, and people are now starting to understand when I was pointing out how he was talking like Obama, what their plan was, what role Vivek plays, how people just ate it up that the World Economic Forum would pay to remove something that was factual, from his book that he wrote before he was ever public. Now it’s making the rounds. The people that matter knew about this. So I’m trying to draw your attention.

“The intention was always to have DeSantis and Vivek is a backup plan. Now, the Vivek backup plan has been destroyed but as you can see, there’s Doug Burgum that is relentlessly sitting in the background as a nobody and I want to draw your attention to that because Ron DeSantis is about to get knocked out. We can all see the reports that are happening by Laura Loomer about Ron DeSantis and many, many other things. But there’s more that’s going to come out that the Republican Party will not be able to stand by him. So who are they going to put in last minute? Nikki Haley? No one’s going to believe that no matter how rigged anything is.

“So they’re going to bring Doug Burgum. Now, who is Doug Burgum? He is the one who created the contact tracing app years before COVID as a way to track fans of a university. He is the one who deployed the app so that people can be contact traced. He’s actually partners with Bill Gates. He’s also named in a few lawsuits that I have ongoing against him for a very long time because he is the Governor of North Dakota by which the Chinese have purchased a shit ton of property around our nuclear f*ing facilities, OK?

“And, not only that, as governor, he actually physically owns almost 50% of the whole city of Fargo. Tangibly. Property. Which was also funded by a Chinese investment company based out of Chicago. So, I want you guys to be paying attention to – Ron, we know he’s going out very soon. We need to start focusing on Doug Burgum to disallow then to go forward with the next step of this script.

“So, you know, I haven’t been wrong yet. You guys are seeing that Gavin Newsom is debating Ron DeSantis and you know what’s weird? The media’s not like, ‘Um, why is he debating? He’s nowhere on any ballot, nor did he say he’s running for president. Yet, everyone’s pretending it’s not happening but they’re all covering it, too.

“We need to start focusing, you guys! Is no one paying attention? We’re so busy with all these weird – there’s a lot going on but we’ve got to stay focused on tangible things and that’s what I wanted to say. We need to start focusing on tangible actions and stop focusing – on let’s pretend you find out there’s aliens. Is that going to change your perspective? Are you going to stop asking for fair elections? And stop wanting to be an independent nation?

“We need to be focusing on the fact that the Left has already accepted their fate when they said there are going to be no primaries. They already told them Biden is the way to go and that’s it. You got nothing else. But yet Biden’s not debating. It’s Gavin Newsom. And it’s Ron just talking and Vivek already gone, now. Finally, people picked up the damed book that I was dropping all this time. Wait till the ties with Les Wexner and friggin’ Vivek come out.

“So, these are very important things we should be focusing on; what they’re trying to do to mitigate their situation, because time is running out. The courts can no longer be as corrupt as they are, because even the judges are feeling the squeeze of what’s happening and seeing the future doesn’t look pretty.

“So time is running out and we need to stay focused and dedicated. Fair elections and focus on Dougie now, because if you focus on him later, it’s Bill Gates behind him, Guys, it’s not like the Koch Brothers. Bill Gates owns everyone.”

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  • The Washington D.C. police found two bodies in a park located a couple of blocks from Seth Rich’s murder…the bodies were two gang members. The story goes that the two gang members killed Seth Rich went to the park to collect their booty and were killed by the Clinton people to erase all proof of any connection to them.

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