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    The much-awaited [S]ELECTION CODE film has just dropped!

    [S]ELECTION CODE follows the story of Tina Peters the County Clerk in Mesa Colorado, who made a backup of her county’s Dominion Voting System server, only to stumble across evidence of manipulation in a recent local city council election… and also the 2020 general election. Tina’s discovery ignites a chain reaction, upending her life. And upending the world.

    You will not be able to unsee what you see.

    We stand at a juncture in human history. Are we handing too much power to technology – and those that program it?

    [S]ELECTION CODE is a political thriller uncovering a secret so critical to the survival of America it transcends political parties. It is not about correcting the past. It’s about correcting the future.

    Once you see [S]ELECTION CODE you’ll never again let a machine near your vote.


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    • This is NOT NEW NEWS! It’s been known for decades by anyone who cares to know. The level of stupidity, culpability, duplicity, naiveté in government employees, politicians, newsmen and women, and voters is monumental! Whoever is entrusted with protecting legitimate ballots has a fiduciary duty to do so and failure to protect them and make an accurate account of them is a criminal act of neglect. Turning this responsibility over to any corporation is not an option! Local clerks, judges, Secretaries of states are all guilty!

    • Just AWESOME!!!! Thank you for this film explaining all the corruption that happened in Mesa County!!! It is BEYOND EYE OPENING!! God bless!!

    • The many physicians, scientists and doctors now revealing this information are NOT being paid to do so. Americans will have to realize that there are still professionals that put morals and Faith in GOD first in their lives.


    • It was crystal clear on November 3 (and even before) that elections have been stolen (for decades) and “managed” for the benefit of the powers-that-ought-not-be –those criminals behind the curtain pulling the strings of the corrupt “installed” puppets they control to work in front of the curtain against WeThePeople. Most sane people of sound mind had confirmation on Nov 4, 2020 to NEVER, EVER again trust lamestream or social media narratives, especially after the lies, manipulation and genocide of the “c0vid agenda”, especially evident in the blue states where the globalists are in full control. Shame on everyone who allowed themselves to be indoctrinated to false narratives and agendas put forth by the demonic “masters” of the plans in place for the sheeple’s demise. The sheeple deserve every pain they receive — whether at the gas pump or grocery store; whether from the demonic “medical system” or the immoral indoctrination centers of education; whether from the shortages of basic necessities like food and power, and so much more, due to their group-think mentality they allowed to usher in the “build back better”, new normal, “green” narrative these election scams have brought upon them. The sheeple deserve everything the illigitimate regime has foisted upon them through their compliance to tyrannical insanity, their silence against the oppressors, and their commitment to their brainwashed derangement syndrome and mass formation psychosis they so eagerly embraced.

      • Actually Liz, it was pretty clear before the election, when the told us they were going to cheat and just how they intended to do it!
        Remember when the MSM started their talking point that there would appear to be a “Red Wave” at the start of voting, but it would become an illusion when the mail in ballots were totaled and the final numbers tallied?
        Remember the running count for Trump actually going down, exactly the same number Biden’s went up on live TV news?
        The running count can NEVER go down, it is impossible!
        The election was rigged in so many ways, and we are still aware of but a few!

    • I’m seventy five and taking time to write this instead of going to my salvation, of volleyball on the beach. I ran for a school board position in Pacific Grove Ca. in 1986. The issue, which was never reported correctly, was that a group tried to sell off a school by creating a financial deficit. The school was on the boarder of the financial district, and would increase the down town once developed according to the plans. At the same time, In the Monterey School Disrtict in the town of Seaside, Monterey Peninsula Unified School District (MPUSD) scuddled the Fremont Junior High on the premise we were in a declining enrollment. Later we learned this was not true. Portable buildings were bought and placed on other properties to replace the school that was sold. In place of the school acreage, many condominiums were built with their corresponding multi-millions in morgage fees, property taxes, infrastructure taxes, permit fees, and fines – and burocrate salaries. City Hall could not supply any information on who the developers were from their records odf ten years ago.

      By 2000 MPUSD was in such bad financial straights it seemed the State would come into the picture. Financial Manager Malone fell from his roof and was killed and later blaimed for the financial mishandlings. An informal polls of teachers and administrators showed that when the question was asked “Did Malone fall from his roof? Did he jump from his roof? Was he pushed from his roof? Better that 67% said he was pushed.

      I signed up for a two year term I could win. A coalition of three filed for the 4 year positions. Even though my paperwork was filled out properly, the election board placed me in the four year crowd of candidates. This would cause a division of votes in the coalision voting. As a result, I used my position to campaign for the other candidates and we got them elected.

      I didn’t learn about the Fremont Junior High closure until years later. In 1990 and 1992 I ran for City Council in Monterey. It was a large field of candidates. I didn’t come close to winning. But I ran and I noticed things such as who should have won. Also, who likely “might have been appointed.”

      In 1994 I worked the campaign of Bill Monning who ran for Assemblyman with Bruce McPherson. This ended up being a 49% to 51% win by Mc Phersen, a Republican. Mc Phersen had large pack money donations and a total of about 10 contributers. Monning on the other hand raised an equal amount of money from a grass roots movement of non pack supporters and he turned down all large pack doners. This was the first election I witnessed that I considered to be “an Appointment”. Where-as the Democratic party had failed to endorse the Monning campaign in the beginning, the endorsement was give “mysteriously” just before the election as an oversight. Mc Pherson later became Secretary of State in California after using the Assembly as a stepping stone.

      In 2000 I ran for Mayor of Monterey and in similar manner raised issue awarenesss and threw my votes to Barbara Bass Evans who was a respected good candidate. On election night the very first returns coming out on the local televeision news at 8:45 PM showed Barbara Bass Evans with 65% of the vote, Bob Oliver with 18%, and Mayor Albert with 17%. However, the next morning, the final reported tally was aproximately Albert 65%, Evans 25%, Oliver 10%.
      Who knows for sure. For sure there are those who know.

      I waited for 6 months after the election and then requested a print out of the precinct tallies. In analyzing the tallies, they were somewhat too consistant and none had the results shown on the television. Next I asked where the very first return shown on the television came from:
      “That would have been from “THE ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINE IN THE DEL MONTE SHOPING CENTER”, I was told.

      It seams some my conclude that it should also have set the trend for the election – maybe. The alternative is that we live in a lie with apointments instead of winners.

    • I watched it though I had to forward it a few times then it played. I’m beyond pissed since the stolen e l election from given to a fake president. We all know he didn’t win and I had looked into it months after it was put into office not elected. We need to fight for our country for our freedom before it’s gone and there’s nowhere else to go we are screwed. The illegals keep pouring in by the thousands just for a handout of our money. I’m tired of supporting these jerks me and my family have worked too hard just to be given away. We as Americans need to flush out the evil democrat/progressives out now before it’s way too late for our childrens children.

    • Has the Fed, State, or local law enforcement interviewed the computer programmers who were allowed to update the computers?

      • HaHa. Good one. Mesa County Commissioner McGinnis was once one of the most conservative members of congress. He even was true to his word to step down after a few terms. Now he leads the cover up for the fraud and witch hunt of Peters. So of course, there is no hope for DA Rubenstein, or the homeless loving police chief that quit this week….also of note is the popular Sheriff that ‘stepped down’ for unknown reasons recently.

    • The actions of the Colorado AG and the politically weaponized FBI(SS) Gestapo are despicable and unacceptable. They are complicit in covering up the voter fraud. Tina Peters (County Recorder) is a brave honest patriot hero for questioning and investigating obvious voter machine tampering that resulted in rigging the votes. It is time to go back to IN PERSON PAPER BALLOTS that our counted on Election Day voting by precinct poll workers and volunteers from both Parties as overseers to verify the count. Only under rare circumstances should Mail in Ballots be allowed. They first have to be requested with a good excuse, proper verifiable ID and mailed through the US POST OFFICE only (No Zuckerberg Drop In Boxes). There should be Video Camera at every Precinct. It is to have HONEST Election, ONE vote for every LIVING USA CITIZEN. There needs to be Stiff Felony Penalties with large Fines and Imprisonment for those that commit VOTER FRAUD. All Ballots including In Person Voting and Mail In Voting ned to start counting on Voter Day closing of Precinct Polls and the Precinct Workers and Party Volunteers need to stay until the counting is completed, verified and results posted and recorded.

    • If someone believes in Democracy they DON’T belong in our Govt. A Democracy is mob rule. A Republic is SUPPOSE to be what we live in.

    • Those that insist that there was no election fraud in 2020 have done nothing (that I’m aware of) to prove what they insist is valid. Those that insist that the election was fraudulent in 2020 have gone above and beyond to prove what they insist is indeed valid.

      • Really? Is my domain blocked on FB? I was deplatformed 18 months ago and can’t see anything on there anymore, unless it’s a public link.

        • I can’t get to your videos from emailed links from the phone or computer. I can get to your home page and navigate from there. Weird.

          • It sounds like your antivirus is freaking out at the tracking software in my mass email program (which counts clicks and opens).

            I’ll let the email company know.

            • I have not received an E mail from you since 5/27/22.
              I still seem to find my way here, several times a day!
              Please, please, Continue your wonderful work,
              Thank you, Alexandra!

    • It is about 10 AM 8/21/2022. I have spent the past two hours attempting to play the video S Election Code sent to me today. When clicked on it says Video not found. I have not been able to locate the video. Will you check this out for me and send me a new link that works? Thank you.

      Bob Oliver 831 383-2676

    • 9 hours and already getting a “ video not found” error.

      Would like to be able to point people in this direction but …….

    • Was this the same system done in Canada by the dominion voting system because Trudeau got in last three elections but no one voted for him it seems

    • Watched last night on Frank Speech. Here come the censors.probably already plugged into AI. Thanks so much. This is something we can share .

          • Hi Monte,
            Thanks for noticing the link.
            I just saw your message / comment now , after seeing a comment I did on forbidden knowledge about the vaccine assembly nanotechnology in the vaccine.
            I’m Not A Democrat or Republican.
            Just wanted to Pass On an article that people need to take into consideration of the information it contains.
            I watched your video,
            I lean towards reading a lot since being kicked off YouTube in August of 2018,
            I can videos but can’t comment anymore on YouTube.
            The article I posted about Trump really brings home how he / trump signed off on things to bring the vaccine to fruitation.
            I’m 56 years old now this 2022,
            Been aware of and on my whole life of the evilness of this world.
            Honestly it’s very good feeling when someone realizes how and who runs the world.
            Curious how old you are ?
            I wonder cause there are clues to wake up as we each go through life.
            And each person’s age kinda gives clues as to the Real History each person might know.
            Did You hear what
            Klaus Schwab said recently ?
            Klaus Schwab said: it’s okay to chip kids.
            Saw it on
            To understand Weather Manipulation Modification Technology,,, Aka Chemtrails and stuff look up Dane Wigington,
            Trump is totally for this Vaccine and that’s Not Good.
            Global Research website says: Switzerland WILL Only Use QR-Code for banking transactions by October of 2022.
            Switzerland is home to the BIS = Bank International Settlements.
            Did you ever hear about the 7th grader and her grandfather that Traced the U.S. Presidents ?
            Here’s a link.
            It was done during oboma’s term.
            42 of 43 United States Presidents Can Be Traced To King John Who Signed the Magna Carta in the year 1215 ,
            Think about that.
            It’s A Messed Up World.
            The Earth Is The Devil’s Playground.

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