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    Here’s the week in review by Scotty Films with beats by JEWEL THIEF.

    At 4:39 minutes into this video, you will see a tweet by Tore Maras (@idontexistTore), in which she says, “Did you know Obama ran a data center in 2008? Wait for that to come out – imagine what he collected and what he had? They are still f*ing about. I think it’s time to talk about the data center. Someone has that. 💅”

    I believe that she’s referring to the case of Dennis Montgomery for the US Government. Last October, Pete Santilli (who Tore hates and he hates her) broke the story about the location of this data center. Pete calls Dennis “The Reaper”, because he harvests everything.

    Last August, a federal judge compelled Dennis Montgomery, developer of the Hammer and Scorecard software to testify about the data that he took and blew the whistle on: that John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and the entire Cabal that took power after they assassinated JFK, they’ve been using supercomputers housed at a facility in Fort Washington, Maryland to “Rule the world through crimes against the United States of America, ” according to Pete.

    In a previous report, Pete explained that, as part of Dennis Montgomery’s immunity agreement with the FBI in 2015, he handed over six disks of data to former FBI General Counsel James Baker – who later became Twitter’s Deputy Counsel.

    This happened “In a SCIF, in Florida,” says Pete Santilli, who says this story fell in his lap, due to his association with Cliven Bundy, whose lawyer is also the lawyer of Dennis Montgomery.

    Pete says of Fort Washington, “They built a separate NSA, Barack Obama did – and the CIA. Because the NSA is restricted. They’re part of our military. They can’t violate our Constitutional rights.

    “So what do they do? James Comey at Lockheed, John Brennan, he built a private organization, private contractor, they set it all up. They built a supercomputer and they set it up in Fort Washington, Maryland – and that man you just heard designed a system…that could surveil all of our enemies that were using encryption through pornographic videos, giving al Qaeda and ISIS all of their operational orders.

    “This system was so powerful, to go get bad guys, it was so revolutionary that the government stole it from him and then started using it and pointing it towards the American People.

    “This is in the court record. He discovered that when they stole his technology and then started using it, he put some bit of code in there to let him see how they were using it!

    “He has all of the data. He put it on disks, he went, in 2016 – and a large portion of those disks contained all of the evidence of the surveillance that they used during the Bundy Ranch Crisis. I have the serial numbers. Isn’t that interesting?

    “But after 2019, this name came up and it was related to the attorney from the Bundy Ranch Crisis…this guy was part of my Bar Complaint against the attorney who screwed him and set him up for failure.

    “What did James Baker do with all of the data? The computer system that Barack Obama accessed in the White House to Fort Washington, Maryland and was surveilling everybody? Nancy Pelosi was issuing Amazon stocks, she’s buying fricking votes in Congress, they were surveilling the Supreme Court.

    “And let me tell you, I know where the evidence is against John Roberts. It’s documented. It was turned in.

    “James Baker took that technology and guess what he did with it, Ladies and Gentlemen? You ready? He gave it to China. He gave it to China. He went to work at Twitter and guess what else he did?

    “Miraculously, [The Hammer] was coming out; Mike Lindell stuff, what this guy and his work that he was doing, James Baker was at Twitter, suppressing it, suppressing it and suppressing it and Twitter knows all about it and Elon Musk knows all about it.

    “Well, last week, a judge said – after years of litigation – Negroponte, the head of the DNI had asserted the Government State Secrets Privilege on that data and [the judge] said, ‘You cannot release this’.

    “I have it on the court record, Ladies and Gentlemen, I’ve been verifying everything. The government attorney said all of this data is in the safekeeping of the Central Intelligence Agency. It’s with the OIG.

    “Everything I just described to you is not conspiracy theory. Mike Lindell had a copy of it. It was in his safe; of all the disks. The whistleblower has a copy of all the disks. The Government has a copy of all the disks but it’s been kept under secret wraps, because the government asserted their authority and said, ‘You can’t.

    “During the Cyber Symposium, there were threats that they were going to drop in and fast rope down into the building, that if Mike Lindell showed a portion of it – what Mike Lindell had to do, under legal advice was he just had to take the bullets himself…

    “He took all the slings and arrows and he filed all the data with the Federal Government and sought whistleblower protection. He doesn’t talk about it a lot but he has whistleblower protection and he’s been fighting in court and last week, a Federal Judge determined that you cannot put a national State Secrets Privilege on crimes perpetrated against the United States of America – and he has compelled [Dennis Montgomery] to testify.

    “Do you understand this? How huge this is?

    “That the election fraud that took place with China behind it? He has all the evidence. All the surveillance against the Bundy Ranch defendants and that whole operation? He has it. All of the blackmail that’s been done to seat Federal Judges, including the Supreme Court? He has it.

    “All of the surveillance that they’ve done and the intrusions into your bank accounts and stealing your money and weakening you and social media influence operations against Barack Obama’s and the CIA’s political opponents. Tens of millions of Americans, surveilled and destroyed. He has all of it…

    “[Dennis Montgomery] has entrusted Mike Lindell, because he’s a godly soul. I have been blessed with circumstances that brought me to this thing, not by happenstance, by Divine Providence.”

    Everyone you see out there promoting MyPillow has helped Mike Lindell raise millions of dollars to obtain the data, to fight the lawsuits and to make the films but he’s been de-banked and canceled and now he has no cash flow.

    In this October 2023 video, Pete says:

    “We have evidence right now, in possession of Team Jesus – it’s all backed up – stealing those discs didn’t do anything, because The Reaper has everything and he’s got insurance policies and Deadman Switches. No joke.

    “And by the way, they tried to stop him from testifying in Federal Court, to what he knows about all of this. And guess what the judge said? ‘He’s revealing crimes against the United States of America. You cannot prohibit him from disclosing that, because you cannot put a Top Secret security privilege on crimes against the United States of America.

    “So, within the past 6 weeks, I think it was, he was compelled by a judge to give his testimony. Major, major revelation. This has to do with the information about the blackmail, the surveillance, the co-opting – everything – against Israeli intelligence services.

    “Guess who has the remaining balance of the discs? Mike Lindell. He was entrusted with these discs…

    “Mike Lindell, you ever notice how confident he is, as they take everything away from him? Have you ever noticed that? You know why? Because, he’s got the goods and he’s got the law on our side and he’s got all of our patriots on our side. OK? That’s why.

    “We’re never backing down. We’re not gonna stop. They could – let’s say they launch a drone strike against My Pillow. It’s not going to stop this information from coming out.

    “Why Netanyahu doesn’t go to the podium and say, ‘Hey, we wanna know what you did to our intelligence services. What information is on those five discs?’

    “Right now, that’s being suppressed by the US Government – or the Bad Guys in our government. I was told not to talk about those discs.

    “In light of what’s going on in Israel and in light of the fact that Barack Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood-supported Hamas just so happened to have all the right information to get past the Iron Dome and Israeli intelligence to basically be standing down, while tens of thousands of Hamas troops come plowing over their border – why would we not want to bring this forward to Netanyahu?

    “Why doesn’t Israel launch a drone strike against John Brennan? Why? If you’re gonna bomb Hamas, why wouldn’t you not bomb John Brennan, who’s literally, he’s had blackmail against your intel services? He owns them!

    “Barack Obama literally had a terminal in the White House. How do I know that?”

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    • You absolute clowns. You’ve unironically given a voice to and lent credibility to Qanon content. This is the quickest way to sink your own credibility. You’re either extremely lazy, have unmet psychological needs that this kind of content fulfills, or you’re actually working for the enemy, and as the latter seems to be the trend these days with Twitter as the new controlled opposition network, I’m leaning towards that one.

    • Men and Women of Action:
      You want to do something besides building your Assembly into a working State Government — that really is the most important thing that you can do at this moment in history, fellas, but if that seems just too tame and boring and you feel the urge for a fight, here’s some ideas for you.

      Get a million Americans to join a tax revolt against the IRS Terrorists. It should be easy enough, once they realize that Federal Reserve Notes are truly worthless and that you can’t possibly accrue debt or profit, aka, income, by their use.

      There are three reasons to do this: (1) expose and end the illegal caste system; (2) refuse to support these Domestic Terrorists and Racketeers; (3) refuse to pay taxes to corporations that are supporting genocide in Gaza and causing it in Ukraine, because you are required not to pay taxes to such organizations under international law.

      Don’t want to be an accomplice to that, do you?
      Make it your aim and job to get as many Americans fully informed and ready to Just Say No as possible.

      Here’s another great project and long overdue — shut down the use of Fluoride being added to drinking water in this country.

      Fluoride is an industrial waste from the Aluminum industry and a horrible poison. Its addition to drinking water has been outlawed in Europe for decades.

      It calcifies your Pineal Gland and that causes among other things: obesity, adds to Alzheimer’s, thyroid dysfunction, low melatonin production, poor circulation, adrenal failure, and digestive incompetence.

      It is a poison and it does serve to kill tissues and glands and organs in your body.

      So what are you waiting for? Want to burn off some energy? Do something good and meaningful for your community and your country?

      End the IRS.
      End Fluoridation of drinking water (or anything else).
      End Pfizer.

      Of all the ubiquitous, obnoxious, dangerous, ugly, filthy corporations, Pfizer has taken the place of Dow Chemical and Monsanto, and impacted far more lives adversely.

      Start researching everything that can be known about Pfizer and use it to force not only Congressional Hearings, but Congressional Action against Pfizer.

      Did you notice something crucial in the 1986 Reagan-era Hold Harmless Legislation promising that Big Pharma would be immune from vaccine damage suits?

      Who accepted the liability? Congress.

      And Congress is a Corporation like all these other Corporations. Lead the stampede to charge Congress for vaccine damages.

      See how long it takes them to pass new legislation.

      There, I have given you all three great public service projects above and beyond the hard work of building your Assembly. And if you are wise, you can use projects like this as a fulcrum to build your Assembly, too.

    • trump is an actor chosen because of his commanding presence and screen cred to play a big role in the staged takedown of the country with MAGA as cover , the exact opposite of what he’s selling . He got the gig same as Zelensky did from the actors guild minus the piano lessons .

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