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From the upcoming documentary Enjoy The Show. Tore Says requested this clip go public today as the work of the John Durham investigation continues to reveal crimes and even treason against President Donald Trump.


As per the phony Russia Dossier, why is no one talking about Adam Walton? His texts revealed how Hollywood was right in the middle of it.

This lawyer has the point-of-contact between Congress Hollywood and Christopher Steele. In fact, another movie produced about that point-of-contact in Congress, who also had a foundation/company funding it, Daniel J Jones.

Daniel J Jones is Dianne Feinstein’s staffer and the man who drafted the CIA torture documents.

From a text message conversation between the United States senator from Virginia, Mark Warner and Hollywood lawyer, Adam Waldman:

February 16, 2017 at 10 49 PM, Senator Mark says, “Have had important call about your message. Will have to answer tomorrow.”

Adam responds eight minutes later, “Thank you. Standing by. Just want to underscore my opinion and the reason I got involved. This guy is going to do something catastrophic for the Dems, Obama, CIA and National Security. I hope someone will consider getting him to the US to ameliorate the damage.”

Who are they talking about?

Two months later, on April 10, 2017 Adam Waldman sends a text to Senator Warner:

“Hi. Steele would like to get a bipartisan letter from the committee; Assange. I convinced him to make serious and important concessions and I am discussing those with DOJ; Deripaska willing to testify to Congress but interested in state of play with Manafort. I will be with him next Tuesday for a week. I’m bringing Ben Stiller for the day of Hill and Administration meetings on Refugee issues in May. Would you like me to bring him by your office?”

Senator Mark Warner responds: “Sure.”

In other words, these texts were talking about how damaging Assange was to the Democrats, to Obama and to the CIA and how it was very important that they bring him to the United States. And for some reason, Christopher Steele was in the middle of all of it.

Lawyer, Adam Waldman replies over four hours later:

“Mark, call me anytime you want to discuss the above. Three, I am glad to communicate or try to accomplish whatever you want to do.”

Eight days later, on April 18 2017, Senator Warner replies:

“Been off the grid for a few days. Need to catch up with you this week on phone.”

This is treason. Treason against the People of the United States. Not only that, the film Actors Guild, Ben Stiller, an Envoy to the UN involved in Steele discussions with people on the Hill.

Well, in one of the episodes in this docuseries, you’ll find out exactly what went on with Assange.

So for all of you out there advocating for Assange not come to the US and not be freed, as you understood from that text, it’s Obama, the CIA and the Democrats that have the problem with Assange, not the People.

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