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Jabba the Hillary was showboating with Globalist shill Fareed Zakaria at the 10th Annual Women in the World Summit held in New York City last weekend, where she disgorged yet more BS about “the bizarre connections between Russians and the Trump campaign.”

When Zakaria asked her whether Julian Assange, who was recently arrested by British authorities in connection to WikiLeaks’ Cablegate dumps should also “face the consequences” of WikiLeaks’ DNC email dumps, that’d had such a negative impact on her 2016 campaign, Hillary responded correctly that Assange was not arrested for publishing Chelsea Manning’s Cablegate dumps but for conspiring to break into a US military computer, when he attempted to help Chelsea Manning break a password (unsuccessfully, I might add).

As she recites the details of Cablegate, Zakaria steers her back to the topic of the DNC emails, whereupon she descends into one of her famous coughing fits, as if choking on her own pomposity and lies.

Bill Binney, a 30-year veteran NSA official has exhaustively proven that the DNC emails were not hacked by what Hillary has called “Russian WikiLeaks” nor by anybody else. The rate at which the data was extracted indicates that the emails were downloaded locally from the DNC server onto a thumbdrive by someone with physical access. That person is widely believed to have been the late DNC staffer, Seth Rich who was murdered shortly after these emails were leaked. A significant function of the Russian Collusion hoax and Mueller Investigation fraud was to serve as a giant smokescreen to obscure the fact that the young DNC staffer had leaked these emails. His murder remains unsolved.

It is not out of the realm of possibility that Julian Assange’s extradition to the US would enable him to present evidence in a case about the murder of Seth Rich and it is not out of the realm of possibility that the DNC as an entity could be implicated in the murder of Seth Rich, contrary to the claims of Soros-financed factchecker websites and journalists.

Hillary is rumored to be entering the 2020 Presidential Campaign in November or December of this year. One wonders if the law will catch up with her by then.

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  • John Eastman, Yes, exactly, “what is he waiting for” if he does indeed have the ultimate “dead man switch”. One would think if there has ever been a time to do just that, it is right now. I’ve heard on the fringe rumors that Rudy Giuliani has made some interesting comment that they may be using JA in this manner to help take down the deep state . He has hinted we should expect to hear from Wikileaks throwing that switch and releasing the “mother of all secrets” bomb against the Globalist and their political hammer of the DNC Dems.

    • That’s a nice thought, the Giuliani thing. But if there were anything to it, how would Giuliani expect to escape justice as a servant of the Criminal Cabal himself? It’s not hard to imagine several possibilities since ultimately evil seems destined to failure –it’s just a question of the insane calculus involved in anticipating failure to outlive truth and justice. So given there is no guarantee of rational consistency from any of these creeps beyond the implicit caveat I suggest, Giuliani could merely be hedging his bets attempting to align himself with the winning side, or simply be a self-deluded wannabe member of the upper echelons trying to avoid being thrown under some bus by that class to which he aspires.

      I keep coming back to the thought that history seems to be a long slow slog without clear and immediate resolutions. Instead, there are forks in the road seen not exclusively but mostly and more clearly in hindsight. How can that balance be tipped in favor of anticipating and following the more positive “forks” and repeating history’s unfortunate missteps? And if we are to have any continued history, avoiding any near term extinction or other form of resolution, hope seems a necessary but not sufficient factor. Another desired factor obviously is personal survival. To the extent that general (mass) awareness is a necessary component in winning the survival fight against the criminal cabal, perhaps a key is the awareness of the direct opposition (indifference at minimum) of said cabal toward the individual’s survival, i.e., health and wellbeing in every form. I admit to generally only taking clear personal action when confronted with direct threat –for example becoming aware of threat in the form of industrial “food” production and EMF exposure. Then maybe the battle is most strategically and effectively centered around propagating or preventing awareness on an individual basis of the threat presented by the criminal “overlord” class toward the citizenry of the world. All this seems quite obvious and underscores the motivation to promote the “wedge issue” devise for purpose of distraction. As well the value of independent media voice and effort such as FKTV. But attempting to put a fine point on it, perhaps the most effective strategy is to continually, without histrionics, make the focus on the threat to individual survival and wellbeing posed by the machinations of the criminal cabal while consistently avoiding playing into the distraction of identity politics and “horse race politics” in all the myriad forms. Not say we don’t require an occasional indulgence in “hope porn” and the avoidance of the nullification of self-centered narcissism. And I’m all for a truthful identity politics that delineates the actual demarcation of the battle lines, history and current, in the war to through off the criminal overlords.

  • In the end, after she gets indicted, she will wish that the assange arrest when he tells the
    court that Seth Rich downloaded the emails.

  • The fact that this creature is not hanging from a rope is proof positive that we have no legitimate government. Since Wilson actors such as JP Morgan, Rockefellers and currently Soros, all agents of the Rothschild City of London East-India Debt Slave banking system have totally infiltrated our Courts, Financial System, Congress and the total control of elections.

    The total Criminality of the Clintons, the death list and endless treason and RICO action goes totally un punished. Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, JFK, RFK, debasing of the dollar, OKC, TWA 800, 911, PNAC, 5 senseless proxy wars for Israel , Zionism, all the recent false flag mass shootings with mossaad fingerprints, the current lack of any border control, all these things prove we have zero legitimate government.

    Every Federal Agency has fully armed employees, operates in a unconstitutional manner. Total corruption at FBI,CIA,NSA, Justice Department, CDC,FCC and about 13 others. Rothschild controlled Federal Reserve. 1$T budget deficits, DOD lost 2$T. Two Jewish companies run every election in all 5500 USA counties counting and selectively flipping votes. 100% controlled media and now total internet censorship.

    Time for the Militias of the USA close the borders and to invade DC and restore the Constitution and hold tribunals for all who have been committing sedition and treason!

    • That sums things up quite nicely. You only left off 5G, perhaps a minor footnote, but a looming nightmare, and with its own Israeli/ziocon connections. I concur with both your assessment and, to an extent, your solution with a caveat. I would think there is a great risk the power elite/evil ones have anticipated the event (any revolutionary countermeasure to the 100+yr long “coupe”) and have one or several false flag ops well planned and prepped to co-opt the situation. And this may be the explanation for the massive push to expedite 5G rollout –to be utilized as a weapon/surveillance/control measure as a means to insure against loss of (world) control utilizing all the avenues 5G capabilities could assist technologically. It would afford potentially unlimited capabilities in propaganda propagation, surveillance, police control/”martial law”, “threat” elimination on individual or group basis, minimization of popular resistance merely through the incremental deterioration of physical and mental health of society at large –the list goes on and on.

      Aside from defeating the 5G nightmare rollout (and there is an encouraging groundswell in this respect) an effective method to preclude the false flagging of society’s pushback against the Criminal Cabal is needed, however you label it.

  • Assange is said to have an automatic kill switch that will dump massive deep state info in the event of his death or his arrest. We shall see.

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