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This is a truly excellent world news wrap-up by SGAnon. It’s very long but it’s got a lot of vital information.

One thing I don’t understand, however is how blythe he is about the destruction of the Three Gorges Dam. He doesn’t discuss any details but if you check, the maximum destruction would be up 400,000,000 dead from the resulting flood but definitely, in the millions.

A lot of people live there! Very strange that he didn’t say anything about the devastation that its destruction that this would cause. One hopes that the particular forecast that he’s referring to would not result in such a colossal mass murder but I’m not aware of one.

Otherwise, this is a highly-educational use of your time.


Anon Audio File 75
by SGAnon

SG Anon discusses Iranian President Raisi’s assassination by the Mil Alliance, as well as the Western-SWIFT Financial System collapse, the unification of the Korean Peninsula, the Quo Warranto that may have started Continuity of Government in the United States, and much more.

They can’t put the genie back.

(The Report w/ British MP Andrew Brigden Confirming War Between Russia and NATO was Found HERE.)




Good afternoon Patriots and welcome to the 75th audio file in the audio cast series known as the Q-News Patriot. I am the Q-News Patriot. My name is SG Anon.

I hope each of you out there enjoys winning, because that is the theme that we have for our file today. A tremendous amount of progress being made on the battlefield, in relation to deep underground criminal syndicate networks, the bleeding-out and splintering of the NATO warlord alliance, and the destruction of the worldwide SWIFT financial system, among others, are causality for great joy and high morale.

Going through this process, Patriots, it does sometimes get arduous, but we have to remember that those that came before us paved the way for where we’re at today, for us to do the work that we’re doing to awaken mankind, to move us out of a Deep State capture of not only government, but our very way and institutions of life, itself.

This and more has all been prepared by those that have given their life, whether in a military or civil service capacity, or even in a digital service capacity, making themselves targets of a very power-hungry and very power jealous regime.

I thought we would start out our file today before we get into the meat and potatoes with calling attention a little bit, if we can, if I can use that term, to an individual that came before us, and I believe gave us a very good example. What I’m about to read to each of you is a journal entry from a gentleman named Matthew.

The entry was put in on August the 2nd of 2009, immediately prior to Matthew’s deployment  to Afghanistan on behalf of the US Armed Forces mission there. It reads,

“Mom, Dad – I can never repay you for all you have done for me. You’ve made me into the man I am today. I hope that I have made you proud. That has always been my goal. I love you both so much. Tell the girls that I love them and couldn’t be a prouder older brother.

“I have always tried to be an honorable man and I truly believe in what we are doing here. I’m doing this for my family, so that they need not fear; my country, so that it can become a beacon for the entire world; the men around me, because no one could ask for a more august company than then men of the US Armed Forces. And finally, it is for myself, so that I may know the measure of myself and in the end, not found wanting.

“I believe it is my duty to fight, and having done all that I can, to simply stand against this and all evil that works upon the Earth.”

Prior to Matthew’s leaving for Afghanistan, in a footnote at the bottom of the journal entry, it reads, “A coin with the word ‘Ephesians’ on it was clasped into his parents’ hands,” and he whispered, “You don’t have to worry about me, God will be with me.”

Matthew was killed in the course of duty and did not return home. And here on this program, we take his sacrifice and the sacrifice that all veterans, men and women, and We The People warriors from all over the world and all walks of life have made to try and awaken humanity and alert us to the infiltration that was going on right before our eyes.

That’s why we’re here, Patriots, to undo that very infiltration and to give meaning and honor and, I think valiance again to the sacrifices that Matthew and many others have made on our behalf.





Without further ado, let’s get right into it. We’re going to start today with our discussion around the Iranian assassination. Very recently, we saw a helicopter plunging from the skies into a mountainous, highly remote region in northwestern Iran.

Almost immediately, rumors began spreading in the social media and online digital warrior space of possible assassination, and indeed that does appear to be the conclusion that we should arrive at.

Let’s examine a little bit behind this event. If we come over to Google Earth and go back to that particular day, we discover that the Weather Radar Information from the 19th of May has been deleted. The information being deleted is absolutely fascinating because the obvious question is “Why?” and “Who ordered the deleting?”

The “Why?” is a bit of a speculation, but here on this program, we’re well aware that weather radar, specifically NEXRAD, is well capable of picking up atmospheric anomalies that were not intended to be picked up by various military actors.

We also have weathermen that have admitted live on TV television that the military does, in fact control and seed the weather and gave essentially a very brief overview of how that process affects his reporting, pertaining to cloud cover and the imagery that is showing up on the radar screen behind him.

I find it very fascinating, then that if you look at the flight data for May the 19th, you find a US Air Force C-17 Loadmaster, I believe that’s the name of it, a very large cargo aircraft, and it was flying in a northeasterly fashion, having departed from a Jordanian airbase east over Iraq, then northwest over eastern Turkey, and then, making a loop again east to land in none other than Azerbaijan.

This airframe would have been exactly dead west of the same airspace region that the Iranian presidential helicopter went down in. At the conclusion of its flight path, this particular airframe, which had a call sign RCH348, landed in the City of Baku.

According to online reports, no American military aircraft have landed in Baku for more than 13 months. It’s absolutely fascinating, then that we see this particular flight path occur at the same time that we saw the Israeli war room social media account post a single emoji of a helicopter at 7:58 AM This would have been well before most of the Western world was aware of what was happening. It also would have been in the very early hours of these events actually, themselves transpiring.

And we know, based on decodes, that we’ve done on this particular program, Anons, that the entity known as Q has had the ability to interfere with Israeli military intelligence – specifically Mossad intelligence – having admitted so in a particular drop, which predated the October 7th event of 2023 by just a few days on, I believe it was a four or five year delta.

So isn’t it very appropriate then that on the 20th or 21st of May (it’s unclear based on online reports), that the intelligence service chief of Iran was also assassinated through gunshot to the head. On the same day, the chief of the Iranian National Police was targeted for assassination, struck by seven bullets.

We’re seeing, I believe, a series of alliance assassinations that are going to remove Deep State actors and obstacles on the playing field and allow the Deep State military industrial and military intelligence community to shoulder essentially the blame for those assassinations.

If you are those Deep State communities, you certainly can’t come out and admit to the public that you’ve lost that kind of control over your own governmental protective security details. And you also cannot come out and admit that there are splintering factions within your own base.

Right. This is a no-win situation, on behalf of these Deep State forces. And at the same time, we remove significant opponent objects on the game board.

Now, one of the things that has been put out regarding the Iranian presidential and foreign ministerial assassinations is that these assassinations may have been mop-up operations for disappearances that had already occurred.

And while I can’t confirm or corroborate that, I can say that it is entirely possible because it’s only been a few months back, that the Iranian military declared its intent to establish “Military operations in Antarctica”. And Antarctica is known as well as several other regions throughout this particular irregular war that we’re living in as a base of operations to some degree for components of this military alliance. And we do know that prisons and tribunals have been have been put down there and have been held there.

So regarding the conditions behind the assassination, whether for good or for ill, we can conclude, I believe, that it is a White Hat – if we can use that terminology – operation, and yet it will stoke the flames of destabilization further in the Middle East. And this, of course, is the entire point.

The Israeli Mossad intelligence community in league with the central banksters of the world, the worldwide SWIFT financial system and the US Military Industrial machine has managed to carve out, essentially an insular bubble within that Middle Eastern sphere, that has allowed it to operate with veritable impunity.

And we are now removing that impunity, destabilizing that entire security situation. And one of the things that has been done, I believe, very purposefully is the splintering of the Israeli Defense Force and the sheer demand that has been placed on them in a microcosmic level – sort of in the same fashion that NATO, as a whole has been stretched to the limits with the unwillingness of Hungary to abide by NATO military actions, with announcements seen in recent weeks and the very clear and distinct possibility that Turkey, a NATO member and the largest standing army in the Middle East, will lead a coalition that are actually against the NATO Western world government interests into Israel.

I do believe that that particular campaign is coming, and I find it awe inspiring that the death of the Iranian president, foreign minister and others actually galvanized the Islamic world in such a fashion, that we saw Sunni as well as Shiite pilgrimages coming to Tehran, to pay their respects for the fallen leader.

Now, this is not to say that all of those individuals paying said respects are either good actors or bad actors or perhaps gray actors. We really don’t know. But what it has done is that it is that it has unified and galvanized the Islamic world for a second time in only a very short period.

If we fast forward from the events of 10-7 to now, we’ve witnessed unification, ideologically in very significant ways and I think in ways that are going to determine the activities of military coalitions on the ground in the very near future.

We’ve recently seen the International Criminal Court issue arrest warrants not only for the leadership of Hamas, for their participation and complicity in the fomenting and starting of War Crime hostility situations, but also specifically a couple of the leaders of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Galant.

And it is worth noting that Mr Netanyahu has not done the Israeli people or the Jewish people any favors, with the expansion of this conflict. In fact, he has exposed them to what is potentially the largest amount of existential danger that they’ve been exposed to in more than a half century, if not if not since the inception of the Israeli State, as we know it.

And he is not widely-liked by the population within that country. Recently, more than 1.2 million individuals turned out again to petition for the immediate resignation of Netanyahu and the end of the war and military, excuse me, military hostilities. At the same time that this has occurred, we’ve witnessed the expansion of military conflict on the northern border of Israel with Lebanon and Hezbollah.

And now we have Syria, I believe, in the mix with the events that have happened recently with Iran, looking at themselves in a very vulnerable position and a position that requires, I think, an entrenchment and a response.

So this entire geopolitical paradigm that has developed and is emerging in the Middle East really does not do any good for We The People – in any camp – if I can utilize the terminology, any favors. And we’re witnessing the realization of that on behalf of very large groups within their nation states in real time – not just in Israel, but also with Iran, also with Palestine and Gaza, as well as within Turkey.

And it’s going to be very, very interesting to see how this coalition, this military coalition that I believe will inevitably end up inside the boundaries of the nation state of Israel. That’s going to be interesting to see how this develops. And it’s increasingly appearing as though we’re going to see an Arab coalition that is partnered with the Chinese.

The Chinese have been heavily involved in armament and essentially diplomacy negotiating deals happening in the Middle East for a while. They’ve also been very heavily involved in economic cultivation and cultivation of relationships towards that end. And the Chinese have recently begun saber-rattling to such a degree that the invasion of Taiwan now has a timetable.


Switching gears here, coming over to the South China Morning Post. We have Taiwan drills that are now – according to this headline – Taiwan drills shifting focus to the island’s eastern side. The Taiwan Coast Guard is operating publicly on the eastern side for the first time.

Additionally, as of the 24th of May, so that’s today, we have military exercise maps that have been released by the Chinese government. Eastern Theater Command of the People’s Liberation Army has launched a joint military exercise joint sword surrounding the island of Taiwan on the 23rd of May.

Additionally, we have reports coming out, diplomatic reports from the diplomatic level of “intense rhetoric” coming from China in recent days, specifically this very unusual remark that came from the Chinese ambassador to Japan, a gentleman named Wu Jingyao, who publicly announced on the 23rd of May that the Japanese people will be dragged into, quote, “a fiery hell!” if they pledge to support Taiwan.

Now, this is a very intense statement coming from an Asian diplomat. Asian diplomats have been known generationally, ancestrally for hundreds of years as being very stoic, very shrewd, very slow to emotional involvement in relations. And there’s a certain amount, I think, of honor and respect that comes with that.

And so having that type of a powerful rhetoric emerge from a diplomat about another Asian nation, that tells me that the situation that has developed literally on the ground, or if we could say on the water surrounding the ground that is the Taiwanese island, that situation has become very serious.


Now, all of this happening for approximately one week after Putin and Xi met in Beijing, that meeting ostensibly was to secure technological and various diplomatic cooperations. But as as any of us, I think, would apply our common sense to know: military goals and adventures were discussed, as well in that particular, meeting, as well as a proclamation that the two of them signed a joint statement, which proclaimed that the US a offered a host of “security issues” on everything from Taiwan and Ukraine to North Korea.

And the two countries also agreed to cooperate on peaceful nuclear technology and finance transfers. And this brings an interesting point into the mix that I want to highlight for all of you out there, and that is Kim Jong Un, Pyongyang, and North Korea. Our attention is heavily focused, of course, on the activities of the Chinese military.

And indeed, the Chinese government released essentially a propaganda campaign ad just a few days hence:

It was released on Chinese state television , and this has been this past Saturday, that the Chinese army intends to launch an attack on Taiwan likely in early June. The broadcast, let me see here, the broadcast from Chinese state TV declared that China will reclaim Taiwan likely in early June and has begun preparing the Chinese public for political sanctions, isolation and a warfare situation. China also publicly warned the United States to end its visits to Taiwan and adhere to the Taiwan-China policy or face consequences.

So our eyes are on Taiwan and China and on this developing conflict. But one of the places that our eyes are not is on the situation developing on the Korean Peninsula. North Korea, again with Iran, again with Russia, has a Deep State or has had a Deep State component; faction of government that has controlled and manipulated their leaders in the background for a very, very long time.

And we saw President Trump essentially free Kim and cut those strings during the first Trump administration. To what end? We don’t really fully understand, yet but we can say that it’s a number of different ends from various classified information that was sold to the North Korean government to access to US weapons technology and things of this nature. And we saw a missile crisis actually develop right around the time that President Trump was in Singapore for that particular summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

So understanding then, that this Pacific campaign is going to involve all of these Pacific region powers, we have to step back and ask ourselves “Why?” – and of course, the answer comes back to – boringly enough, as it is – the US Military Industrial Complex and the Military Intelligence Control matrix, right?

That machine around the world that has managed to co-opt entire economies and subjugate entire cultural groups based on their control of either one or both sides of the discussion – and the 38th parallel is an example of the control of that discussion.


It’s one of the reasons that President Trump had to negotiate an end – a true end – to the Korean War, because we have to have a situation now developed that is authentic in a new direction, that it’s not simply the continuation of an old conflict, but the beginning of a new conflict, which will unify, I believe, the Korean Peninsula – and will paralyze the Pacific, the US and NATO Western world assets, the Pacific assets that are deployed in that area of the world.

It will paralyze them and split them in so many different directions that an adequate response, coupled with a domestic issue, perhaps here at home in the United States, will simply not be possible.

And we can sort of understand the necessity for this, because the Taiwan campaign and the reclamation of Taiwan to the Chinese mainland, much in the same fashion that Ukraine, ancestrally has been Russian and up until the ’80s, essentially was known almost exclusively as a “Russian” province.

This type of reclamation has to occur quickly. And because of the island nature of things, it’s going to occur in a way that I think is going to be much more “Shock and Awe”. So we’ve seen development of this campaign now for a long time.


Recently, we saw President Trump discussing the issue of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, etc. in one of his rallies. And this also ties back to this particular conflict, specifically the Three Gorges Dam. And so that’s we’re going to go ahead and get into that in just a moment here…(Reading):

So with all of this talk of the discussion of the coming conflict in the Pacific Region, what can we expect as a result of that? We can expect a paralysis of the American military machine, simply because being split in too many different directions. We can expect conflict to occur on the Korean Peninsula. To what extent and for how long is really anyone’s guess and anyone’s gain? We can expect the Japanese economy to tank pretty heavily, potentially the bottom falling out of the yen.

And that’s going to directly affect the US industrial and manufacturing base. And that’s very important to remember. We’re also going to destroy the International Monetary Fund, because by dumping the US Treasury bonds en masse – which, I believe the Chinese government will do, with the  developing warfare situation – while it will stress the Chinese economy, it will provide much more damage to the North American economic markets.

And that is an irregular warfare advantage, when you’re looking at an unusual operation. And the Chinese are some of the best in the world at carrying out unusual warfare operations!


But you can also expect, I believe, a retaliation of some kind against mainland China. And there are a number of targets that have to be destroyed, within the Mainland Chinese territories that have been used for some of the most sinister, evil and manipulation-of-resources and manipulation-of-cultural groups for a very, very long time. And the Three Gorges Dam is one of them.

The adrenochrome-trafficking junctions that exist in the bunkers beneath the dam are rumored to be absolutely enormous. And some of the online research that has been fleshed out in recent years regarding 3G dam and some of those trafficking networks is very, very disturbing and very dark.

And so, in that process, you’re also going to see, I believe, the cryptocurrency market heavily impacted. Hong Kong saw a third major cryptocurrency exchange just within the last week withdraw its licensing application. In other words, it doesn’t want to be licensed in Hong Kong. The cryptocurrency exchange took a proactive step to withdraw its application from the Hong Kong cryptocurrency market.

Eight other firms have withdrawn their applications to date, including firms associated with Binance and an affiliate of HTX. So these exchanges know that something is coming significant in the financial world. And this specific campaign, I believe, is going to provide one of those proverbial daggers through the heart, if you will, of that worldwide financial system that relies on economic exchange and primarily the movement of fuel and energy.

And so with these transitions that are going to going to occur, isn’t it very interesting that we’ve recently seen US House Resolution 4763 brought back to the table for a discussion and a vote. House Resolution 4763 may go up here titled one hundred and eighteenth Congress second session report number one eighteen four eighty four one and two to provide for a system of regulation of digital assets by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the Securities and Exchange Commission and for other purposes.

On July 20th of 2023, Mr Thompson of Pennsylvania introduced the following bill, which was referred to the Committee for Financial Services and in addition to the Committee on Agriculture for a period to be subsequently determined by the speaker. On May the 6th of 2024, additional sponsors of this bill came forward on that day.

This particular bill was was reported from the Committee on Agriculture with an amendment. That amendment struck out all struck out all after the enacting clause and insert part printed in italic. All right.

So you’d have to read the bill for that. And then it was also reported from the Committee on Financial Services with an amendment committed to the committee of the whole house on the state of the union and ordered to be printed again, a bill to provide for a system of regulation of digital assets by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the Securities and Exchange Commission and for other purposes. Now, here’s where it gets eerie:

Far down in this bill, buried actually four hundred and sixty seven pages in on section 504, a study on decentralized finance.

The Commodity Exchange Act (7 U.S.C. 1 et seq.) is amended by inserting after section 5h the following:


“(a) In general.—


“(A) IN GENERAL. – A trading facility that offers or seeks to offer a cash or spot market in at least 1 digital commodity shall register with the Commission as a digital commodity exchange.

“(B) APPLICATION. – A person desiring to register as a digital commodity exchange shall submit to the Commission an application in such form and containing such information as the Commission may require for the purpose of making the determinations required for approval.

“(C) EXEMPTIONS.—A trading facility that offers or seeks to offer a cash or spot market in at least 1 digital commodity shall not be required to register under this section if the trading facility – “(i) permits no more than a de minimis amount of trading activity in a digital commodity; or…


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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Simply stunning, encouraging and inspiring..Many thanks for this information and pep talk towards world liberation. We deserve it, want it desperately and are eternally grateful to our liberators, and our own tenacity and resilience..

  • I am ignoring the global strategical and tactical “analysis” – parts that lead nowhere, excerpt maybe to presumed conclusion that the good guys “inevitably” win and the bad guys loose – I will only focus on the House Bill, titled:
    “To require the Securities and Exchange Commission, Commodity Futures Trading Commission, and the Secretary of the Treasury to jointly carry out a study on decentralized finance”.
    [ ]

    Read the pdf, it is very short.
    It gives an impression that this instruction by the Senate and Congress to Comptroller General to “carry out a study on decentralized finance” within one year is more broad in scope intentionally, not strictly pertaining the decentralized financial aspects of blockchaining architecture. Financial aspects seem to be a mere smoke-screen overarching umbrella excuse to officially start with deliberation of more important aspects of blockchained social environment.

    A few issues that point to a direction that Senate and the Congress are more “interested” in knowing about the governmental (governance) usefulness of “decentralized finance blockchain protocols”:
    🙂 “(5) the decentralized governance systems through which blockchain protocols may be developed, published, constituted, administered, maintained, or otherwise distributed, including—
    (A) whether the systems enhance or detract from—
    (i) the decentralization of the decentralized finance; and
    (ii) the inherent benefits and risks of the decentralized governance system; and
    (B) any procedures, requirements, or best practices that would mitigate the risks identified in subparagraph (A).”
    [in here they inserted “decentralized governance system” that they intend to introduce and want to hear back from Comptroller’s study how marvelous it is];

    🙂 “(12) the feasibility of embedding self-executing compliance and risk controls into decentralized finance.”
    [and here they want to hear how smart it is to incorporate smart micro-contracting (self-executing compliance) directly into blockchained transaction data].

    If they succeed in combining governance with micro-contracting, people become exposed to endless paths and schemes of governors and corporations (and others) who will be able to steer lives through the power of ever changing rules (digitally blockchained small print) and regulations, misusing the flow of finance as a stick and carrot. And all the racket will be happening behind the veil of so called anonymity and individuality. It will be advertised as sexy that one owns ones data and can market it globally. And one will suffer punishments in isolation.

  • This fellow StarGate Nano. excuse me I mean SG Anon…..

    Is a part of Q’s Propaganda Arm and Q is The Order of the Garter.

    The Order has been riding shotgun, over Vertical and Horizontal governing, as they are the Vertical aspect and have an interest in bringing Back Vertical Feudal System Governing to the World.

    It Runs The Q Psy-op.

    Usual techniques, this chapter, a mix of 60% BS, 10% Fear, 10% Confusion, 10% Mis-Info., and 10% of Distorted Reality.

    What we are seeing, is the Morphing of the Scumbag Factory.

    This includes House Cleaning, Moving of Assets to New Locations, New and Old Partnerships being Used.
    Consolidation of things, because some things are no longer needed, as they are, and the Scumbags are Cheap…..Profit is one of their gods.

    Don’t worry Alexandra, the Three Gorges Dam, is a big asset to the Factory. I don’t think that it will be destroyed…….it is a row of dominoes, so if it falls, the killing power reachs far, as the populations, live near the Yangtze River …, transport, industry etc…… Nano, I mean Anon, is blythe, as You say….like a chameleon.

    The USA is stuck with Maritime Law , as The BAR Assoc. is still Franchised out of London.

    Banking on the other hand, has and is moving, to Astana.

    Nazism and Islam, have been married for a long time.

    As for the other stuff in the Anon video…

    Watch to see If Russia, leaves the Ukraine.

    If the Caliphate wants to Rule, that means WW III.

    When the mountain Goats battle and Bang their horns, sound travels far in the valley, and the other animals get stirred up……get the picture.

  • I’ve been hearing this sh*t for over few years at least.
    It looks like somebody wants us stay in fear constantly (that hopefully we may F ourselves by making ourselves sick or so) but still sorta saying stay positive; my reaction is like WTF.

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