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Roseanne Barr is joined on her little podcast by MK Ultra whistleblower Cathy O’Brien, co-author of the classic book on covert mind control programs, ‘TRANCEformation of America’ to discuss the relentless psyops and mass mind control to which we’re all being subjected.

In 2018, Barr was a very public sacrificial lamb in a mass-psyop when her highly-rated sitcom was summarily canceled and she was fired by ABC TV, amid spurious accusations that she’d made a “racist tweet” about former Obama advisor, Valerie Jarrett.

While half-sedated on a sleeping pill, Barr had tweeted a joke that Jarrett looked like the Muslim Brotherhood had had a baby with ‘The Planet of the Apes’.

In my view, accusations of racism with regard to this tweet say more about the accusers. How is anyone who isn’t familiar with the fine details of Jarrett’s pedigree supposed to know that this woman is “Black”? For her part, Barr said she’d thought Jarrett was Jewish – like herself – and they actually do bear a slight resemblance to each other.

At the time, the Mueller Investigation was in full swing and the psychological operations against Trump and his supporters, then as now, were in full gear. I immediately knew she was fired because her sitcom – the most successful Prime Time Network TV show at that time – was actively supportive of Trump’s presidency. I was gratified that she recognized this and she stated as much publicly a few weeks later.

The CIA has its tentacles in Hollywood and I feel certain that they leaned on ABC to jettison their cash cow sitcom because Trump support was too big of a threat to the Globalist agenda and “Endless War” and USAID/NATO “Peacekeeping” kickbacks.


Cathy’s 1995 book, ‘TRANCEformation of America’ was based on her testimony to the US Congressional Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Oversight, as part of her attempt to rescue her daughter from a mental institution, where she had reason to believe the latter was also being programmed.

When this testimony was censored “for reasons of National Security”, her lawyer advised her to publish her account in the form of a book as a means of self-defense.

‘TRANCEformation of America’ was the most detailed revelation of Deep State plans for a New World Order, of unfathomable government corruption, information- and mind control and of government controlled human trafficking, which is now coming out into mass consciousness today.

Cathy’s harrowing journey began when her depraved father sold her into the CIA’s MK Ultra program at the age of 6, in Muskegon, Michigan. This was after he had been busted for producing child p***ography “starring” Cathy.

A deal was struck with the government to grant her father immunity because they knew she would be a perfect candidate for the MK Ultra program, as her young mind was already completely shattered.

Through trauma-based mind control programming, Cathy’s identity was systematically split off into separate “files” and she was forced to be a CIA drug mule, a secret courier to corrupt heads of state, like Manuel Noriega and to be a “Presidential Model” sex slave during the Reagan/Bush Administrations.

During this time, she interfaced with high-level political figures, including Hillary and Bill Clinton, George Bush Sr. and the extremely violent Dick Cheney, about whom she had some very choice words.

Rescued and deprogrammed over the course of a decade from her induced Dissociative Identity Disorder by intelligence insider, Mark Phillips, Cathy would expose the criminal world of covert, Black Budget operations.

Cathy’s latest venture is not an inflammatory exposé but a workbook of great utility, ‘PTSD: Time to Heal’, which teaches military veteran victims of trauma and those of sexual abuse how to reclaim conscious control of their minds.

Like Roseanne and many others, I consider Cathy to be a real heroine.

You can check out more from Cathy at

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • We are the ones being played. Trump is absolutely a new world order puppet. A reverse psyop of sorts. How brilliant would it be to use an MK ultra victim program her to be supposedly outing all the political figures yet say Trump is not one of us. Pushing this narrative would help their agenda. They’ve been playing the trump supporters for fools. Now Trump supporters believe that Trump is their savior and that he’s going after the child traffickers. He is not a “lightworker”. He is part of the psyop and they’re using Kathy O’Brien to push it. It’s what I strongly feel and a lot of people are waking up…light workers and intuitives are parroting the same now. False prophets are being exposed now. project pogo exposed the gatekeepers. Heavily censored red pill. Trumps allegiance is to Israel not the US. He was bailed out by the Rockefellers ,a champion of the Noah hide laws , warp speed of the “vax” and is now promoting it, never went after the Clintons or pizza gate, never pardoned assange, took a massive payout for pushing the “vax.” WOW there’s so many red flags with him

  • Dear Alexandra,

    I have been led to believe that the first of three public hearings by the Trump legal team takes place tomorrow, 25 Nov, in Gettysburg, PA. where witness testimonies, video evidence, pictures etc will be presented, attesting to the massive vote fraud that occurred on election day.
    Presumably, this will be in front of one of the new judges recently posted?

  • Dear Alexandra,

    I listened to this just over half-way yet, wondered how, with Roseanne’s view that Trump was not important in respect of the size of turn out and support of him in the election, they proposed that we rid the world of Globalism without him and quickly?

    The thousands gathering in New York will have had no detrimental effect on the Globalist’s determination. As Cathy admits the globalists are inhuman and ‘Evil’ but other than enjoying a collective ‘rant’ of all that is wrong: how do they suggest we the people correct it without the abilities of the good guys in the Military and Trump?

    Please do not misunderstand me, it is evident that these two beautiful women, in mind, body and soul are quite amazing and have achieved more than many of us ever will with our lives under quite harrowing circumstances. However, that is not the point of the podcast, surely? Is it not about overcoming ‘Evil’ in less than a month?

    Whilst books can have a huge effect on society over time, we do not have time and thus whilst I greatly admire these two women, I do not see how this podcast actually helps in the task that lies before us? Other than perhaps highlighting the sheer ‘Evil’ of the Globalist Cabal?

  • Thanks so much for airing this! I have missed Cathy and have been concerned for her. It’s so encouraging to see that her voice is being heard and her testimony has been waking people up! I’ve read all three books and learned so much. It was her videos with Mark that helped wake me up years ago!

  • Dear Alexandra,

    What is this all about, please?

    “Trump campaign’s legal team distancing itself from firebrand conservative attorney Sidney Powell”

    I assume that this is another ploy to ensure Biden’s Transition Team does not get to grips with Sidney Powell?

  • Dear Alexandra,

    Are you able to shed light, please, on the MSM’s claims that P. Trump has conceded and instructed his team to liaise with Biden’s?

    • No, he did not concede. Actually, it was a trap, that further cements the criminality of the pretender Biden regime.

      Trump signed an executive order back in 2018 regarding foreign interference in upcoming elections and reserving the right to seize all the assets of those convicted:

      So, the return on the $6M given to Biden’s transition may be an extra $6B in seized assets!

      Return on investment.
      Ahead of schedule.
      Under budget.
      Art of War.

      • Dear Alexandra,

        Thank you so much. Your detailed explanation has put my mind at ease, yet again.

        I guessed knowing the way P. Trump works that it had to be a trap of sorts, I simply didn’t understand the detail.

        Incidentally, the way the MSM has reported this event is, as if, they were sitting in a classroom and their teacher said: “now all repeat after me …”.

        I can but hope and pray that the MSM are sent to hell and back for their part in all this? Including the Owners and Editors of each journal being charged with treason or similar?

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