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    For over a decade, Rosa Koire has been doing amazing work, educating people about UN Agenda 21 (aka 2030).

    In the past year, with the histrionics of Greta Thunberg, AOC and the Green New Deal, the world needs to understand that this climate alarmism not just an elaborate kickback and carbon derivatives financial scheme, it represents a totalitarian takeover of our national sovereignty and of our individual rights.

    Koire joins Danish YouTuber, Lucas Alexander of Age of Truth TV, who asks her to describe Agenda 21, to which she responds:

    “It is the action plan to inventory and control all land, all water, all minerals, all plants, all animals, all construction, all means of production, all energy, all education, law enforcement and judicial systems; all information, all food and all human beings on the planet.

    “It is an inventory and control plan. It is totally comprehensive and it is not some dusty old plan. It is a real plan is affecting you right now. There’s a good chance that you were in one of the 178 nations plus the Vatican which agreed to this plan in 1992 – and it’s a global plan that’s implemented locally…

    “If it didn’t look good, you wouldn’t be falling for it…The story is that we’re gonna save the planet with this environmental plan.”

    Koire explains that “21” refers to the 21st century. “It’s a 100-year plan…I’m sure that they would prefer to have it all wrapped up by 2050. That was the…goal year to have full regionalization implemented, which is the interim step to full globalization…

    “Globalization is, of course connected to a New World Order agenda, which all the presidents and prime ministers and movers and shakers have talked about, actually publicly during their time in office…

    “This is not certainly not a new idea. You could take it all the way back to the 1880s, to the Fabian Socialists…”

    She explains how Marxist Socialism is revolutionary Socialism and how Fabian Socialism has a slow, gradualist approach, with the same goal.

    “The Globalist controllers, they try everything out, so you see violent overthrow in some places and you see slow penetration [in others], which is done with the educational system and of course, media and general culture.

    “Globalization…is the the full standardization of all systems…we’re talking about educational, legal systems, monetary systems…

    “If you’re going to control everything centrally, which is really what full globalization is all about, it’s about removing all limits, all borders, all boundaries, all regulations on the huge mega-corporations…

    “With full centralization, you need standardization, because you have to match up all these systems together. If you’ve got a different legal system, different regulations in different countries, or even in within your own country, you need to bring those all into conformity with one another so you can centrally control them…”

    Climate alarmism is the latest iteration of the Club of Rome’s 1972 “Limits to Growth” program, which started out obsessed with population growth but that has now become obsessed with zero carbon emissions.

    We all want to be good stewards of our beautiful planet. Environmental toxicity and plastic pollution are real issues that need to be solved but we should not be fooled by the totalitarian Trojan Horse that is the Green New Deal, which is Agenda 21 by another name.

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    • The FBI & the CIA have torture programs using radiation vibration, which they rain down upon one all night long (attacking relentlessly in our sleep to achieve sleep deprivation), electromagnetic energy that they somehow form into “blobs” and fuse onto your skin.

      They attack the stomach visciously, use the neural network to overload an electrical pulse throughout the body and worse.

      All this on your tax dollar.

      If you are a conservative or libertarian, you will be chipped prior to 2030 and these torture items will be your gift when you misbehave. You will be among the first eliminated.

      I’ve been tortured now for over a year and its gotten very intense due to their dire circumstances and because of my own disclosures.

      I love my country and its people.

      I made my mistakes but, like all others in the program, did nothing that deserved any of this.

      This is my goodbye. It’s been a pleasure to bring awareness to the blight of Targeted Individuals.

      I recommend reading the blog of Dr Eric Karlstrom, phD professor of Geography and researcher into 911 and more. IT is why he was also targeted.

      Freedom For Targeted Individuals

      Targeted Justice

      Regardless of your beliefs, may the Great Holy Spirit and Energy of God Bless you all.

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