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This pithy little piece by Headlines with a Voice clues us in to the multi-generational family relationships that comprise the American Deep State and how they relate both to the ongoing political assassination of Donald Trump and to the assassination of John F Kennedy.

Robert Mueller is married to Ann Cabell Standish, whose grandfather was Charles Cabell, second-in-command at the CIA when JFK was elected and while Robert Mueller’s granduncle, Richard Bissell was also there.

JFK fired Charles Cabell and Richard Bissell, along with Allen Dulles, in his bid to “smash the CIA into a thousand pieces”.

Charles Cabell’s brother, Earl Cabell was the mayor of Dallas at the time of JFK’s assassination. Recently-declassified documents reveal that Earl Cabell was an asset of the CIA.

Allen Dulles, of course sat on the Warren Commission which investigated the assassination. He managed to keep the CIA out of the investigation.

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  • Not sure anyone can get rid of the underlying filth that has it’s greedy grip on just about everything we hold of value….that includes our privacy; our freedom to own fire arms; abhorrent control of what is falling onto us from the skies; cremating forest fires; 5G & more….and the never ending threat of another WAR and the assassination of a seated President. Wow! How did this happed? More likely it’s always been with us….consuming, spying, gathering, and destroying what most of us hold near and dear to our hearts. Just to be able to live and enjoy our life on this planet. Was it ever a gift that was given to us? It’s the carrot that was and still is dangled in front of us…and we follow along desperately hoping that one day we will be able to grab it….after all we have certainly paid dearly for this right to freedom. I wonder what the greedy Trolls will do with this world once they have it under wraps and the people they look down upon have exited ‘stage left’. That will be something that we will be happy we won’t be around to witness.

  • So the CIA, was already in position to assissinate JFK. I knew something was cookey when Jackie left the country & was in Fear of her life & her children’s lives. This also explains a lot why JFK Jr. is NO Longer with us…in my opinion!! Those kids have known this all their lives & this is one thing the Clinton’s knew when they were in office…and explains why Caroline hates Hillary Clinton so much!! So the Unions & The CIA were after JFK!! This is inexcusable!! It is time to prosecute & punish any & all that are still alive!! I can only imagine the Fear that Jacqueline Kennedy went thru and with her precious children!! I am really angered!! Caroline & her children deserve their Justice & We the People Deserve to get Our’s!!
    To know that these sleeve bags have known this & covered this up all this time is so angering!! I am very troubled about this & with all these Muslims & Deep Staters in our Government, it gives cause to be on constant guard with worry about our President today!! It’s time for Term Limits in all departments of our government no more family lifers!! I am madder than HELL!!

    • JEEPERS!…Its NOT Only the Muslims you need to “Worry about”…Its also the worst one of ALL…The VATICAN so-called “Christians”….Do You Remember WITCH Nations Started ww1 and ww2???….and are Currently attempting to start ww3???

      • The catholic religion is not CHRISTIAN, Christianity is named for the man CHRIST JESUS, the Catholics WORSHIP Mary who was chosen BY GOD THE FATHER to be the earthly mother, she was of the tribe of Juda so JESUS would inherit the kingdom by BIRTH Through MARY, her husband was banned by GOD from being the King.

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