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    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. details how the NSA was in charge of Operation Warp Speed’s COVID-19 mRNA vaccines, the history of the United States bioweapons program, and why Anthony Fauci is the highest-paid government official in history:

    “The weird thing about the pandemic was this constant involvement by the CIA, the intelligence agencies, and the military. When Operation Warp Speed made its presentation to the FDA committee called VRBPAC. When Warp Speed turned over the organizational charts that were classified at the time, it shocked everybody because it wasn’t HHS, CDC, NIH, FDA, or a public health agency. It was the NSA, a spy agency that was at the top and led Operation Warp Speed.

    The vaccines were developed not by Moderna and Pfizer. They were developed by NIH, their own the patents are owned 50% by NIH. Nor were they manufactured by Pfizer, or by Moderna. They were manufactured by military contractors, and basically, Pfizer and Moderna were paid to put their stamps on those vaccines as if they came from the pharmaceutical industry. This was a military project from the beginning.

    One of the things I uncovered in my book is 20 different simulations on coronavirus and pandemics. That started in 2001. The first one was right before the anthrax attacks and the CIA sponsored them all. The last one was Event 201 which was in October 2019. And one of the participants was Avril Haines, the former Deputy Director of the CIA, who has been managing coverups her whole life. She did the Guantanamo Bay and others. She is now the Director of National Intelligence which makes her the highest ranking officer at the NSA which managed the pandemic.

    So you have a spy who is convening these pandemic simulations and in each of these simulations going back 20 years, they’re not simulating a public health response. They’re not doing things like how do we stockpile Vitamin D? How do we get people outdoors losing weight doing exercise? How do we develop an information grid for all the 15 million front line doctors all over the world so that we can get their information that works and what doesn’t work. We had an incredible opportunity to manage a pandemic in a way that was intelligent and sensitive and devastating to the disease, but we didn’t do any of those things.

    It was all about how do you use a pandemic to clamp down censorship. How you use it to force lockdowns. By the way, with lockdowns, every pandemic preparedness document that had been adopted by any major public health agencies, whether it was CDC, WHO, European Health Agency, National Health Services of Britain. All of them said you don’t do lockdowns, you quarantine the sick, you protect the vulnerable. And you let everybody else go back to work because a lockdown actually amplifies the impacts of the disease. If you isolate people, it makes them more vulnerable, it breaks down their immune system.”

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    • He’s only talking about mRNA, and not really attempting to solve the problem about big pharma industry, which is based on fraudulent “virus” theory.

      I’ve already reminded you people a couple of times about this here (though I know many won’t listen)

      You can bet that even if he was elected as the President, nothing much will change, mark my word.

    • Shareable (except for the part implying how the snipe is actually a very dangerous critter).

    • I don’t know as I have ever heard a more comprehensive analysis than this!!!!

      Kennedy spells out what I intuitively knew the first week of April 2020, but did not yet possess the details.

      If Kennedy survives and is successful in his present endeavor, expect the deep state to play the extraterrestrial card in the visual media which controls the minds of viewers.

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