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South Carolina Rep Nancy Mace joins Steve Bannon to discuss the House Oversight Committee’s investigation of 170 Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) filed with the Treasury Department by the banks housing the accounts of Hunter and Jim Biden’s and how they revealed that there were 7 other family members receiving bribery payments from foreign adversaries on behalf of Joe Biden via dozens of shell corporations. So now, the Committee wants permission to examine the banks accounts of those additional 7 members of the Biden Crime Family.

In the meantime, the Committee is going to pursue the matter of human trafficking revealed in the financial transfers going in and out of Hunter Biden’s bank accounts. Nancy says she saw the file and she says it was “the thickest one”.

Last December, Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer had announced that one Suspicious Activity Report “connects Hunter Biden and his business associates to international human trafficking, among other illegal activities…The money gained through influence peddling was funneled to a suspected criminal enterprise, again, one linked to human trafficking.”

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