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This Diddyesque security camera video has gone viral that shows what appears to be a hallway in a high-end hotel, with a naked man running after a young woman who has escaped their room and is desperately trying to get away.

A few moments later, he is seen roughly dragging her back into the hotel room by her feet, while she resists.

She is very skinny and petite and is no match for the man, whose back is covered in tattoos reminiscent of the tattoos Hunter Biden has of the Finger Lakes of Upstate New York.

The entire scene suggests that we may be looking at yet another video of a naked Hunter Biden with a prostitute. However, fact checkers claim the tattoos don’t match and that this video is likely a hit piece against the First Son.

You decide.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I live near the Fingerlakes……
    I know what the maps look like…
    I’ve seen pictures of Hunters back……it’s the Fingerlakes. ….
    4 long thin lakes.

    whoever this prick is, that’s not the same tattoo.
    …….just sayin….I’d love it to be him.

  • Yup, these are contours of Finger Lakes in central NY.

    Now, apparently vid is not from Hunter’s laptops from hell. So, who and why leaked it? It may be part of psyops to get ahead of a curve with narrative.

    Think about it: Hunter went for public jury trial knowing that he was DOA before he even entered the courthouse. Who and why advised him to do so?

    Here is well written intro and analysis of laptops from hell:

    Please, ALWAYS copy hot items to your local hard drive immediately. Internet’s days as we know are numbered. Soon, all you will have will be Lady Gaga’s kidnapped dog and Kardashian sisters newest flames.

  • She needed to play along an Grab an give a major twist to his you know what…. Bring that BASTARD DOWN!

  • Since you people will put up with this getting out of control, it will continue. Keep allowing others that seek power to make laws for you to obey, and it will become unimaginably horrible. I’m actually ashamed of you autistic clowns. Thanks, Capt Joe.

  • So the footage miraculously leaked into public without having useful detail other than blurry images?
    besides that woman doesn’t seem to be running fast enough (though people may argue that she might have been drugged)
    This doesn’t lead to anything but speculations, waste of time by thinking about this sort of stuff.

  • Hunter Biden’s claiming that his premature ejaculation wasn’t a common occurrence, and pleading to show the gal with adams apple Obama set him up with
    “I can do better, watch.”

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