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Ram Dass explains the psychodynamics of the addiction cycle and he suggests that developing a spiritual practice is the best way to ground yourself and rid yourself of unwanted behaviors and anxieties.

His view that all human suffering comes from our feeling of separateness and that all addictions give the person a taste of the Oneness and of being “home” but only for the short term before the person goes into a cycle into self-loathing.

He describes spiritual practice as a way of delaying the gratification we seek in material possessions, relationships, food, drugs and whatever we use to sate the desperate sense of our separateness. He says that as we seek and as we meditate, we can intervene in the cycle of self-punishment and begin to see the emptiness of the whole cycle.

Ram Dass counsels addicted people to start a spiritual practice, saying that eventually, the addictions and anxieties will fall away. He says:

“The minute you get lost in identification with your personality to the exclusion of identification with your soul, you’ve lost it. And there a thousands times each day that you’ve lost it. And if you get caught in identification of your soul to the exclusion of your personality, you’ve lost it, equally as much.”

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