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    This exclusive drone footage from RT shows the city of Homs in Syria.

    Once Syria’s third-largest city and a major industrial hub, it has become totally devastated during the Syrian civil war.

    As of September, this was the list of countries of Who’s Bombing Syria Right Now (airstrikes).

    Some new additions have been tacked onto the bottom.

    1) The Assad Regime

    2) The US, which has led the coalition, called “Operation Inherent Resolve”, in case you didn’t know and has conducted 95% of the (then) 2,500+ airstrikes

    3) Turkey

    4) Saudi Arabia

    5) Canada

    6) Qatar

    7) United Arab Emirates

    8) Bahrain

    9) United Kingdom

    10) France

    11) Australia

    12) Israel

    13) Russia

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Mans inhumanity to man has always been overridden by a larger factor “GREED” which drives passions out of control . No rules of religion or morality dictate the
      evil that dominates the actions of leaders of nations , who in their enthusiasm to implement ” The new world order ” will not be deterred in perpetuating genocide in trying to keep or regain control of other nations.

    • as a constitutionalist, fiscally conservative, very libertarian, american patriot it saddens me to know i can generally trust Russian Times far more than our own media.
      no wonder; Reuters and UPS were bought by the Rothschilds over 100 years ago. So our news is propaganda and kabuki theater; meant for us peasants.

      Thank God for people like Alexandria Bruce because without her, you would not likely be seeing this information.

    • They hate us because we (the US and others) take the liberty to destroy other peoples cities and villages and kill the people therein.
      Unfortunately we do not have the liberty to stop them doing so!

    • 2.

      (5) The 1919 Paris Peace Conference, which formalized the division of the Arab world into British and French protectorates and laid the foundation for the implementation of the 1922 League of Nations British Class A Mandate for Palestine, which opened the door for a mass flood of foreign Jews into Palestine and they eventually expelled over one million indigenous Palestinian Arabs. The ball was now in motion leading to the era of G.W. Bush and Tony Blair, et al, which led to the invasion/occupation of Iraq (based on lies) and made inevitable the slaughters, mayhem, oppression, dispossession and unimaginable atrocities taking place in the region today.

    • To be brief:
      The cause of the horrors now taking place throughout the Arab world began with (1) WWI, (2) the Hussein-McMahon correspondence during the war in which the British promised the Arabs their independence (including Palestine) in exchange for what proved to be their invaluable assistance in defeating the Turks. (3) The secret 1916 Sykes-Picot Agreement by which the British and the French betrayed the Arabs. (4) The illegal 1917 British Balfour Declaration recommending a Jewish “national home” in Palestine.

    • Cathy,
      There’s a mind meld in there somewhere. Both saying same thing, and recognizing the only solution.
      I also agree on what we individually need to do to avoid the evils of fascism now fully taking over gov control via TPP. They can freely poison us, and drain our treasury if our desire for clean air and water threatens their profits.
      We didn’t elect the scumbags doing this to our nation. They steal “elections.”

    • GWBush is the criminal lying traitor who set the Middle East on fire.
      It’s not our freedom, but our occupation of their lands that they hate, so Bush opted to occupy more.
      He gave us the PNAC plan for a “new Pearl Harbor” and his criminal brother Jeb rigged FL to get W in WH to execute it on 911. Jeb wants to now take over to finish turning America into Third World. Obama is their puppet, the price of being first Black prez. TPP a major case in point.
      The ME is a never-ending quagmire, eternal wealth for war profiteers. Bush’s invasion hit list was seven nations about to bypass US reserve dollar. Banksters are key promoters of war, defense industries, eg – Bush/bin Laden Carlyle Group – right there with them.
      They should all be imprisoned for the sake of the planet!

    • The families there just go about their daily lives like we do. Do we ever look at some freedoms or characteristics of another country that we think are good and then are so envious that we “Hate them for it”? “Bush saying “they hate us for our freedom” is completely idiotic and promotes the idea that people are so unevolved that they can be filled with jealousy and hatred at the drop of a hat.
      We need to stop putting any of our hard earned money into the bombing of other innocent people. We need to get rid of those who profit from war and take out planet back. We can have the peaceful world we want and if only all militaries would realize the true enemy of our Earth and do something about it would be most helpful. They, like all of us, depend on their paychecks and we have to start bartering and growing our own food break our connection to the debt based fake currency.

    • I can see the bankers and contractors are looking at this destruction with ($ $) signs in their eyes …. its a very good opportunity for Profit$ …. well done boys level the whole country and we’ll level the others with mass immigration overload

    • And now a word from our sponsors, MIPC. The always dependable military, industrial, political complex will fight any war anywhere at any time!
      Read the now aging book, War is a Racket, by two time Medal of Honor recipient Smedley Butler, for conformation, as if it were needed.

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