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In this episode of Forbidden News, Alexandra Bruce discusses “Q” being an AI-driven software that is controlled by the Knights of Malta, General Flynn being listed as a board member of OSY Technologies, and the Knights of Malta being infiltrated by Stanley McChrystal.

Next, Alexandra tells about the Pope dissolving the leadership of the Knights of Malta, Vladimir Putin’s mobilization of 300,000 troops in Ukraine, analyzing his speech to Russia, the East standing up to the West, the repercussions of the United States’ unnecessary involvement in Ukraine, and General Flynn and President Trump’s Truth Socials.

Later Alexandra talks about Juan O Savin’s appearance on AMP’s Unrestricted Truths, the SES being a paramilitary mafia/union, and the latest uncovering of a secret Pilgrims Society, and helicopter footage of the Pentagon being hit by a missile recirculating.

Lastly, Alexandra fills us in on an FBI whistleblower exposing the FBI’s false-narratives, as well as Greg Reese’s take on what the elites plan to do in the case of a mass global nuclear fallout.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Wow.. Thanks for the update. The Q thing always sounded like Israeli filtered propaganda to me. It’s very bad news that the bad guys have their fingers on an automatic reaction nuclear system that could trigger a war. It’s also bad news that Putin and China are ready to fight it and us in the middle. I have no bug out bag, I’ll have to hunker down, I guess. I’ve been to the Denver airport out in the boonies. I’ve also been to the Moscow subway system and the readiness of all the Russians to seek shelter in their vast underground places. When I was there (Moscow) I thought… well, we’re sitting ducks and they are ready set go. We could be vaporized while they look at subway art.

  • Your Q AI theory is Complete Liberal BS 🙄 & You are pulling crap right out of your a$$ with your nonsence “Conspiracy Theory”.
    It so obvious that your not professional in investigations or journalism. You need to put more of your time into becoming a honest person instead of a mindless puppet for a group of criminals who can care less about you personally & from what I can see in your photo they pay you very well to lie so that you can afford your botox injections & it’s funny how you want to talk about fakeness and yet you can’t even accept your own appearance. Ha!

      • Alexandra, you can say the most benign things, and it will sometimes draw a troll, like this prick. It’s why I almost never read comments to my comments. Lol. Flame wars I have no time, need, or patience for.

  • Just read the Tore transcript from 9/22. Here is Juan on 9/20:
    “Just the other day Trump wore a Q lapel pin..
    I coined the term “TEAM”..
    That was computer A.I. assisted
    not because it was written by the computer
    but the computer was being used
    to make sure you got time-correct
    & subject matter overlaid over time correctly
    so it showed a greater consciousness..”

    Think I’ll go with that over the younger Tore and Jordan who I think still operate from their egos quite a bit. This whole psyop is much larger than any of us will hear about for now. We should all focus on raising our consciousness continually rather than all the drama.

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