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    I can’t broadcast this because taunting in the end zone is a bad look plus the piece is totally deplorable. If anyone remembers the Jerky Boys, this is a video version of that school of totally inappropriate humor – a Barry Soetoro masterpiece.

    After all of my agitating, Trump is in, I’m in shock and more than a little afraid because, of course he has no experience – but there was no way that I would suffer the mass-murdering, evil and unfit Hillary.

    Seeing as California is about to secede and that college campuses around the country are seeing mass protests, this is the only “victory dance” clip that I will post, depicting the mass hysteria in the streets of Pyongyang, North Korea when “The Dear Leader,” Kim Jong Il passed away in 2011. It’s a very apt analogy to the mass hysteria of crestfallen Hillary supporters that we’re seeing among students.
    It’s shocking how backwards these snowflake spoiled brats have it. They’re supposed to be Social Justice Warriors but they fail to grasp, in their cushy upper middle class minds that the election was won by the votes of former members of the middle class who are now totally disenfranchised, jobless and economically harvested by the predatory financial system that Hillary represented.
    As one of the commenters on here said, she is no longer a candidate and she no longer has any pretense of avoiding any charges against her. Trump doesn’t have to appoint a special prosecutor. He can stay out of it. Hopefully, the NYPD and NYC FBI can circumvent the crooked Loretta Lynch, who will soon be out of a job, anyway.

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