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April 18, 2013

From Neuroscience to Shamanic Healing and everything in between. This documentary film concisely illuminates the emerging interdisciplinary field of Psychedelic Studies in a way that is accessible, informative and inspiring.

“Psychedemia” was the first academic conference funded by an American university to explicitly focus on the risks and benefits of psychedelic experience. Ph.D’s, M.D.’s, M.A’s, graduate students and lay folk from all walks of life convened at the University of Pennsylvania over the 27th-30th of September 2012 to present new research addressing the historical and potential influences of psychedelics on knowledge production, health, and creativity. The four day event brought together scientists, artists, journalists, historians and philosophers from more than 10 countries for an Ivy League convocation unprecedented not only in view of its controversial subject matter, but in its unparalleled inter-disciplinary scope.

Psychedemia, the film, concisely presents the varied complexity of the emerging field of Psychedelic Studies in a way that is accessible, informative and inspiring.

Directed and Edited by two-time Emmy Award winner Vann K. Weller and Drew Knight, the documentary is being dedicated to the Public Domain to be freely used for any non-commercial purpose as an intellectual and cultural artifact.

In loving memory of John David Tiedemann
January 21,1955 – April 19, 2013 for more information about the movie.

Contributing Artists in order of when their work first appears:
Android Jones – “Psychedemia Head”, “Shiva”, “Geisha”,
Alex Grey – “St. Albert and the LSD Revelation Revolution”, “Despair”, “Grieving”
Michael Divine – “Birth of a Star”, “The Glass Onion”, “Bubbles on a Stream”, “Illumination”
Amanda Sage – “Sharing Rays”, “Limbic Resonance”,
George Quasha – “Axial Stones #18”
Astrid Fitzgerald – “Waxing Geometric”
Psychedaniellia – “Transmissions from the Future Self”, “Treasure at the Top”
Alan Bell – “ArcheDream for HUMANKIND” Masks
Autumn Skye Morrison – “Harmonic Transformation”
Justin Bonnet – “Lucid Synchronized Dimensionalism”
Adam Scott Miller – “The Epiphany of Sophia”

And a huge shoutout to
James Fadiman, Matt Reed, Mitch Schultz, and Happy High Herbs for their incredible help and support.

~Doorpost Productions~

Enjoy the extended interview with Roland Griffiths, Ph.D. here:

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Alexandra Bruce

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