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    Here is the full statement by members of the House Oversight & Accountability Committee about the findings of their investigation so far into the Biden Crime Family’s massive international bribery operation, with 16 shell corporations and counting that were used to make over $10 million in payments from foreign nationals while Joe Biden was Vice President to at least nine Biden Crime Family members, including an ex-daughter-in-law and a grandchild:

    1. Hunter Biden
    2. James Biden
    3. Sara Biden
    4. Hallie Biden
    5. Kathleen Biden
    6. Melissa Biden
    7. Niece/nephew
    8. Niece/nephew
    9. Grandchild

    James Comer said the countries involved directly correlated with Joe Biden’s work as Vice President. He added, “Some of that money came from a Chinese company and went to Hunter Biden’s company…this is not how lawful businesses operate.”

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    • They couldn’t just sell books like all the other grifters in .gov do . The big guy takes his advice from a crackhead the smartest Biden in his whole shitty family. Is it possible that .gov can fall any lower than this. If Huntard becomes the fall guy to keep Joey out of the lockup he can always get a pardon same goes for the rest of the cohort crime family.

    • Oh yeah, never mentioned the ‘T’ word.

      I walked away from this thinking they intend to keep stringing this out until next year as a political party weapon banking on the Americans having another voting orgasm in November and after that be too exasperated to fight anymore and for them, back to business as usual.

      Look what the Justice Department did, they coughed up the arrest of a Republican and predictably the obedient MSM carried the Commiecrat baggage on that while ignoring this presser.

      Republicans are the sucker party!

      Meanwhile Darth Vader Soros buys another media outlet, VICE!

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