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Donald Trump freely spoke his mind and was not pandering or trying to impress at the Georgia GOP Convention on Saturday. It was his first major event since his most recent indictment.

It was a formidable response to the abjectly corrupt indictment theater to which he and the entire nation are being subjected and the Communist garbage who have hijacked our government are not happy about it.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Trump is a big disappointment, so it has historically been.
    Clearly we are not in control of our government almost since its beginning.

  • I Remember during the 2020 election the majority of yard signs, bumper stickers, and 4wheel drives with trump flags was everywhere, without hardly a trace of a biden sign; i think this changes this 2024 season; i think we are going to see alot of Kennedy signs.

  • Trump being so far out in front, at this stage of the 2024 season is a bit weird. His big strength has always been in being the underdog.

    The underdog this time is RFK jnr.

    Has the Q group switched away from Trump back to their Kennedy roots, this time ?

    Pardoned Mike (where-we-go-one-we-go-all) Flynn seems to have fallen out with Q now.

    It’s early days and we ain’t seen nothing yet.

    • Norman, I agree, but we’ve yet to see what all comes with a Kennedy by the name of Robert. He is saying a lot of things patriots like to hear, but……….!!! I’ve yet to hear him in any way alienate the radical green left. I’m a liberal by nature, but I loathe what the “progressives” say they believe and he still claims to be a progressive liberal. In my book those two terms don’t mix. Progressives are Marxian in liberal drag! Plus he’s got the current war in Europe all wrong. After his first wife committed suicide he married a Heinz and I wonder if she is related to the Heinz who married John Kerry, whom Kennedy said is his friend and his hero I suppose because he stood up against the war in Nam, but Kerry is a radical leftist greenie! So much of Kennedy isn’t adding up and I don’t see how he is going to reconcile what he says with what he believes! But who knows. Another insider by the name of Trump is chummy with that same warped crowd and has managed to persuade patriots that he is an outsider “conservative”!

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