The Jiang faction delivered three hard drives to the DOJ because Xi Jinping planned to throw them under the bus.

The first hard drive contained sex videos of influential figures, like Secretary Steve Mnuchin.

The second hard drive contained the information on the hidden offshore assets of Xi Jinping and Vice President Qishan Wang; their mistresses and illegitimate children, all living overseas.

The third hard drive contained information on the CCP’s unrestricted warfare and the bioweapon program directly related to the global pandemic.

That these families have seemingly jumped ship suggests a life-and-death struggle within the CCP.

Xi has allied himself with or Biden and he bets on him being the next US President. If Biden wins, these families’ wealth and their children hidden in the West will be at risk or sacrificed (by the Jiang faction).

The lesser evil is for the Big Guy to not be elected US President.

On the other hand, Xi has pleaded for CCP veteran’s assistance to help Biden win this election and dissident podcaster, Lu De believes that Xi has already made his move. With the US stock market falling three days in a row, he says this is the work of Secretary Mnuchin and Wall Street elites kowtowing to Xi Jinping, in order to destroy President Trump’s work on the US economy.

He says Xi will take extreme and dangerous approaches to make sure that Joe Biden wins this election. However, make no mistake. If Biden does not win, it is the Jiang faction of the CCP that has ratted him out.

by Himalaya New York

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