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    O Canada! 🇨🇦

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • The upcoming months are going to be UGLY. I promise!!

      Some people don’t realize that the planet is at WAR yet and the plan is outlined here since 2010:

      The Globalistan cabals have Plan A, Plan B and Plan C ready.

      Worse of all, those who have been genetically modified don’t know yet the consequences of deleting/updating their genome and using graphene oxide in the jab to build self-assembled wireless networks in their body – Use the Bluetooth App to verify the MAC Addresses if there are jabbed people nearby – you’ll find “Pfizer borg” in those addresses.

      Once the survivors of these trans-human experiments wake up, I bet Macron and Trudeau are going to run for the hills or the bunkers.

      The military and the police that they used today might be the ones taking on them in just 90 days from now!!!

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