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The Dems have opened up Pandora’s box. The gloves are off now and we can see what life will be like under continued one-party Democrat rule, one where local DAs and the federal DOJ are weaponized against conservatives.

To put it plainly, they want total authoritarian power over us all. If President Trump can be charged for “falsifying business records” and hiding relevant information from voters in the 2016 election, then 51 people from the intel community, who signed a letter stating the Hunter Biden laptop is fake, can be charged for hiding relevant information from voters in the 2020 election!

Or how about everyone else who suppressed and lied about the Hunter laptop story which withheld information from voters in the 2020 election!

Or what about charging Hillary Clinton, who paid for the fake Steele Dossier with her campaign funds, that the Deep State and MSM used to create the Russia Collusion Witch Hunt! What about Bill Clinton, who paid several women he had sex with to keep quiet?

Or how about this story, that is getting insta-memory-holed, about how $21 million was funneled into Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign from a Malaysian financier fronting for the CCP through straw donors in the US, because foreigners are not allowed to contribute to US campaigns.

Or how about the investigations coming out of James O’Keefe’s new venture O.M.G., that have uncovered hundreds of thousands of dollars of donations to the Democrats being laundered through peoples’ names and addresses. James O’Keefe had discovered a slew of cases in Maryland and now a new team of citizens in Southern California, empowered by OMG have discovered many more. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

And if Donald Trump broke the law, why didn’t they mention what law he broke in the indictment?

Will anybody ever be brought to justice by our corrupt, one-party legal system?

And speaking of the indictment, former CIA contractor, Tore Maras says that April 4, 2023, is going down in history, because not only was a former President of the United States indicted but it was the first time that an AI prosecutor indicted a human!

She says was able to determine this by uploading Alvin Bragg’s indictment of Donald Trump into a program that was created to detect AI-generated content. This program can be accessed through a website called GPTZero, where you can upload the text of Alvin Bragg’s indictment and see what it says for yourself.

In addition, her sources tell her that Alvin Bragg’s office used a custom version of another AI called COMPAS, which stands for Computational Offender Management Profiling Sanctions. This is a software used for bail and sentencing decisions. Her sources tell her that a customized version of this was used to “find something” on Trump and more importantly, to select the most Trump-deranged jury possible, that would be the most likely jury to convict him.

She recently wrote:

“The courts in DC use AI-driven software with predictive analytic algorithms to help prosecutors select a jury pool that is most likely to provide the verdict they seek. This software was not only used in DC to select Roger Stone’s jury but a NY State version of that software was also used in the selection of the Grand Jury in the case of Alvin Bragg’s attempts to seek an indictment against President Trump.

“With the use of such AI-driven software, the odds are already in favor of the prosecutor from the beginning, as AI and quasi quantum algorithms crunch immense amounts of data to ensure that the state or federal agency is most likely to win. In fact, with the help of AI, Bragg got a document together that was not entirely legally sound or coherent but had a Grand Jury pool that AI selected that was most favorable to indict anything that involved President Donald J Trump. This means that AI is essentially ‘practicing law without a license’.

“In summary, in this case, the prosecutor was essentially an AI, as Bragg’s team fed millions of documents that President Donald J. Trump furnished over years of harassment and the AI selected the general pool of jurors that would most likely return an indictment. The ODDS are ever in the prosecutor’s favor.

“The question is whether the judge reviewed the document and executed their duty under NY State law to review the evidence, as he is required to do. There is no regulation in the use of such technology and has not been challenged or addressed in the courts. Is this legal?

“This is the REAL story and should concern everyone. You never know when you might need a job, a loan, or even find yourself in the crosshairs of a prosecutor for something as simple as a car accident or an honest mistake. Unfortunately, from the moment you step into the courtroom, you’re already at a disadvantage with a jury and prosecutor who are already ‘programmed’ to ensure that you’re found guilty, regardless of whether you’re innocent or not.

“It’s scary to think that an AI can access John Doe’s social media, banking, texts, emails, calls, voice transcripts, videos, biometrics, health records, and anything else that government and consumer agencies are already documenting, and use it to prosecute him for anything. Every single one of you can be placed in a box. And with the power of quantum computing, the odds will be stacked against you, and your chances of winning are slim to none. This is a horrific assault on our justice system, and the future of our nation looks bleak if this is the normal practice of people in power to persecute those they don’t like.

“Our nation has been usurped by very evil people with the help of AI. However, there is a glimmer of hope, in that we now have a precedent. We have a precedent for impeaching a President who is no longer in office, as well as a precedent for indicting a former or current President.”

People need to understand that the Great Divide in America is not between Republicans and Democrats, per se. It is between a ruling elite that controls both the Democrat and the Republican Parties against anyone who threatens their rush to a technocratic One World Government and a programmable Central Bank Digital Currency.

Think about it. The people who are 98 trillion dollars in debt – aka the Deep State – want to give YOU a social credit score?

The Biden Regime, in conjunction with the intelligence services, the National Security apparatus and their allies in the Fake News media are determined to cancel the Constitution – and to ensure that they never relinquish their power through a fair, honest, transparent election, ever again.

Donald Trump poses an existential threat to them, especially now that he’s learned that the only way to save this country is by dismantling the entire apparatus of the Deep State.

And a major way that they have managed to stay in power is through control of the dinosaur-gaslighting-fake-news media – and by censoring and de-platforming all of the non-brainwashed people off of social media.

Last Friday, Elon Musk released the source code for Twitter’s recommendation algorithm, posting it on GitHub. Soon afterwards web developer, Steven Tey announced that he had examined the code and found a mechanism that permits the US Government to “intervene” with this code.

Tey tweeted, “When needed, the government can intervene with the Twitter algorithm. In fact, Twitter Engineering even has a class for it – ‘GovernmentRequested.'” And Tey linked to those specific lines of code on GitHub.

Tey’s discovery of this “GovernmentRequested” intervention option follows similar revelations from the Twitter Files, which showed how the company took orders from the FBI, DHS, the State Department, as well as local state authorities to censor and to de-platform users and how it used information portals to update Twitter frequently with instructions on which accounts to block.

Dr Shiva joined Steve Bannon yesterday to explain that it’s actually way worse than this. He says it’s not a matter of a few lines of code in Twitter’s algorithm. It’s the unholy alliance between Silicon Valley and Congress that resulted in the creation of CISA, which resulted in the creation of this backdoor “Partner Support Portal”, which allowed VIP access into Twitter and he says allowed them to de-platform a US Senate candidate – namely, himself – and which he says his lawsuit was the first to uncover.

Dr Shiva says he discovered a “playbook” created by Harvard University’s Belfer School, which was step-by-step manual on how to silence US Citizens if they “went against the government”. This manual was revealed in court, which, in turn revealed that this was not just a portal but quote, “An ecosystem of government and non-government officials, a rotating door of people that had gotten together at Harvard Belfer School with my defendants, which included Twitter, which included the Government of Massachusetts and a whole array of people to create a silencing infrastructure, which today, the grifters are calling the ‘Censorship Industrial Complex’.”

Dr Shiva says he was also the first to expose the Stanford University Internet Observatory’s “Long Fuse Report”, which details not only Twitter’s “Partner Support Portal”, not only the government and non-government actors but it also details the fact that The Intercept founder, Pierre Omidyar, the Murdochs and other billionaires had contributed to create the non-governmental NGO called CIS, the Center for Internet Security, which served as the laundering mechanism so government would send their requests to silence someone to this NGO and then the NGO would tell Twitter, Facebook, etc. Dr Shiva created this diagram to illustrate how it all works.

Dr Shiva describes the revelations of the Twitter Files as a “limited hangout” for damage control. He says it’s been basically a plagiarism of his lawsuit but only a small fraction of it. He says Musk is not there to fix the crime scene, he’s PART of the crime scene and he says that Mike Taibbi and the other journalists publishing the Twitter Files are Musk’s lap dogs, feigning transparency.

He told Steve Bannon yesterday, “Musk is really the Devil, here and conservatives are being sheepled back into thinking that he’s solving Free Speech. In fact, what he’s done is created an environment where it’s essentially the death of Free Speech 2.0.”

Pandora’s Box is coming in hot. Two GOP senators who have been investigating alleged Biden family corruption for years have stepped up their efforts. Republican Senators Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin have sent a letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg noting that in October 2020, quote, “when the New York Post published articles based on evidence from Hunter Biden’s laptop, many news and social media organizations inappropriately rushed to censor and discredit the initial reporting and falsely labeled it as ‘disinformation.'”

“Whistleblowers have also alleged to Senator Johnson that local FBI leadership instructed its employees not to look at the Hunter Biden laptop immediately after the FBI had obtained it,” the senators noted further, going on to say that Americans “deserve to know whether the FBI used Facebook as part of their alleged plan to discredit information about Hunter Biden.”

Hunter Biden’s problems continue to get worse. Eric Schwerin, a key business associate of Hunter Biden has been cooperating with House Republicans as they continue to investigate deals involving him and his father, President Joe Biden, regarding business deals with members of the Biden family and foreign entities.

Eric Schwerin is not only an associate of Hunter Biden but he also had dealings with Joe Biden’s business and tax affairs and he is “cooperating” with a key House committee’s investigation.

According to emails found on a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden, which was turned over to the FBI in 2019, Schwerin, a business executive at Hunter Biden’s Rosemont Seneca investment firm, had a close relationship with both Hunter and Joe Biden during the majority of the elder Biden’s tenure as Vice President and his son was involved in international business deals, the outlet noted.

One such instance involved Schwerin’s involvement in reviewing and facilitating Hunter Biden’s business transactions with the Chinese energy company CEFC. This relationship has raised questions about whether the Biden family has been compromised by communist China, as the emails indicate that they received an expensive diamond and a multimillion-dollar, no-interest, forgivable loan.

House Oversight and Accountability Committee recently received information that Hunter Biden and his uncle, James Biden, who is the brother of the President, are not planning to disclose all the information that they have requested regarding the Biden family’s foreign business transactions, which earned millions of dollars from China to Ukraine.

As a result, Comer has announced that his committee will not delay any further and will begin issuing subpoenas right away, Just the News noted, saying, “We all know that this family was involved in influence peddling. And this administration is doing everything in its ability to try to block oversight.”

Although both Joe Biden and Hunter Biden have refuted any wrongdoing by the Biden family, Hunter Biden is being investigated by federal authorities for tax-related matters.

Another report this week exposed that Hunter Biden business associate, John Robinson “Rob” Walker appears to have visited the White House at least 16 times when Joe Biden was vice president.

House Oversight Committee Republicans subpoenaed Bank of America and obtained records which revealed that members of the Biden family received more than $1 million in payments from accounts related to Walker and their Chinese business ventures in 2017. James Comer says that at least three family members received lucrative payments from a bank account belonging to Walker, who worked with Hunter, President Biden’s brother Jim, their business associate James Gilliar and Tony Bobulinksi in a failed joint-venture called Sinohawk Holdings, which was meant to be a partnership with now-bankrupt energy firm CEFC, a Chinese Communist Party-linked company.

On Sasha Latypova’s Substack, she reports that Brook Jackson’s case against Pfizer under False Claims Act was dismissed on March 31st, which was disappointing but not unexpected. Jackson is reportedly planning to appeal.

Sasha writes, “As I explained numerous times before, Pfizer’s agreement is an OTA “Other Transaction Authority” and therefore not subject to Federal Acquisition Regulations or FDA regulations, the judge points it out here, agreeing with the defendants (Pfizer, etc):

‘With respect to the first element, Defendants argue that the Government did not condition payment on compliance with Federal Acquisition Regulation requirements or FDA regulations because Federal Acquisition Regulation does not apply to contracts, such as the Project Agreement. The Defendants claim that due to pandemic-related exigencies, the Project Agreement was not a standard federal procurement contract but rather a ‘prototype’ agreement. Such agreements are executed under the DoD’s ‘Other Transaction Authority.’

The benefit of this trial is that it puts in writing, by a judge, confirmation of everything that Sasha Latypova and Katherine Watt have been saying about these products being counter measures delivered as a DoD prototype, not as a standard pharmaceutical product governed by a different set of regulations. Of course, that was never disclosed and seems that the thing that should be the focus of the lawsuits is the lack of disclosure.

So we can surmise what this means is that the DoD can concoct any prototype and deliver it as a counter measure, not just to the military but to all American citizens as it sees fit, to any threat it chooses to target.

Sasha writes, “While I knew this was coming, it is nonetheless heartbreaking and infuriating as all of us receive this slap in the face. Brook brought this case on behalf of us, the regular people who are the victims of this crime. The crime is ongoing. All of us, and especially the injured, and the survivors of the murdered continue to be victimized, including by this decision of the court.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • The great justice divide is blatantly obvious, No Demonrat will ever get indicted much less serve a single day of jail time even if they get caught bragging about it . No election will be challenged successfully much less rectified. The 2020 silent coup signaled the end of the legitimacy of this country’s government. The DS/CIA/CCP have gone all in and will not allow another square election and will do whatever it takes to keep power away from we the sheeple. This loss of sanity from the unelected points to the need for a different approach for the return of power. We may have to hit the wall very hard to get these parasites off our asses . A 48hr last chance warning has been given it could get bumpy . Time to Pray .

  • What would the real pandra’s box supposed to be?
    Is it Arc of God, magnetic field or Tree of life or what does it represent?
    It could be anything and endless meaning.
    Trump is the swamp as he didn’t try to get rid of it, now the endless shits carried on.
    Nothing much to see here.
    The main source of problem is our sheep or NPC mind wanting somebody else to take us over.


  • This is an obfuscation game. People who belong in prison are in that little list of characters kept by Jizz Maxwell. “Run interference and make the pliable masses forget about Pedophiliasboro. We’ll fake arrest our orange puppet and that should just about do it.”

  • Trump has to be found guiltyand sent to prison in order to set the precident needed to arrest and punish all the dems who have committed the same crimes that they accuse Trump of… The demons are extremely devious and cunning… Trump will not be found guilty of their absurd charges and that will clear the demons of their real crimes… Sad, but true…

  • Once again, an excellent report of the corruption of the U. S. Government. Thank you, Ms. Bruce for “digging” into the buried lies of the government officials who have turned their backs on this country and its people.

  • According to the late Russell Means, a Lakota Tribal Elder, when speaking about America, “…a nation founded in deceit cannot last”. On a lighter note: Russell, also said about “daylight savings time “, “…just like the White man to cut a foot off the bottom of a blanket and sew it onto the top “. Thanks, Capt Joe Kelley.

    • Voice+Mail,+Me,

      Would that I could post my essay
      here, “Myth of the ‘Noble’ Savage,”
      you’d reverse your “nation founded
      in deceit” observation.

      Whitey has been duped by Deep
      State operators who, today, are
      advancing not the Founders’/
      Framers’ Christian values, but
      those of socialist/communist

      BTW, the first war between whites
      and Native Indians, had been started
      by Savage Indians, who slaughtered
      – unprovoked – the GOOD, WHITE

      Why ?—because missionaries had the
      temerity to try and teach Indians not to skin
      their captured enemy combatants to death.

      No, Whitey had been far superior in their
      culture and purpose and race.


  • Hi Alex,
    I love your work thank you for all you do. That last piece with the Dalilama was really disturbing. I feel so bad for the child being victimized by a pedo. It looks like in his advanced age he has become disinhibited. I’m shocked and things have really changed for him having ny times best selling books to that. The only I can say is that Everything is being revealed who is of God and who is of the enemy. May God have mercy on our souls. Pray the rosary.

  • The number of Political Prisoners (who have broken NO LAWS!), sitting in prisons, in what is left of America, is mind-boggling!!

    • Absolutely, but it has been so for many who have opposed the corruption and corrupt in countries around the world, forever.
      We are only now seeing how “justice” is designed to serve the power.

  • James O’Keefe? Why vote between two worthless guys who are 75 years old; one is egotistical and the other is child lover.
    Yet, we have a guy with the smart, and integrity as James O’Keefe untapped for our leadership? O’Keefe for president.

  • I wrote several long true comments. Very well written and 100 percent fact. Not offensive. They are repeatedly taken down when they even include E.M.s name. 🙏

  • This is all part of THE freemason plan to divide and rule the world:

    The full PLAN exposed:

    Gates-WHO: vaccines can’t reduce population, except by murdering
    Proof: they were never for reducing mortality, only for murdering!

    The threat of the WHO sovereignty-grab by the IHR and International PLANdemc Treaty:

    Free “wake-up” movies!
    15 million watched the first one in 3 days!
    Watch as if your lives depended on it: literally!
    Share to save lives: not sharing is not caring!

  • They had already went through all his business records already and found nothing, that is a lie what they said about his records. How did they get a hold of his records anyway?? Unless they lied about that to and was made up like everything else they had made up for the past eight yrs on this man. What they just did is open season on the demorats now it’s fair game on them now. They screwed up big time, now it will be turned back on them. They are so dumb.

  • Alexandra,

    Re : the Futility of a Reasoner ( you ) Persuading an EMOTER

    You’re applying SOUND Logic
    against machinations coming
    from E M O T E R-Democrats,
    as brain hemisphericity ex-
    plains the conflicts/divisions
    separating Leftists ( emoters )
    and Right-Wing T H I N K E R S.

    Recall “My Organic Psychol-
    gy” report, sent to your
    e-mail address—several
    times, over the months.


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