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During her June 20th podcast, former intelligence contractor, Tore Maras says that the attacks on our food supply are an attempt to gain totalitarian control and an attempt to “stop what’s coming” – but she says they can’t, no matter how hard they try.

In this episode of her daily show, Tore makes several statements that, for those who have the ears to hear sound like the gist of the Q drops.

She makes several indirect comments implying that there are Patriots behind the scenes working to undo the infiltration and the damage done to our government in as peaceful manner as possible, with the sense that victory is assured.

So, it’s interesting, that a few days after this podcast, on June 24th, Q started posting again for the first time since December 8, 2020.

Tore introduces us to Judge Advocate General Darse Crandall, who she seems to imply will be a key figure in the near future. JAG runs a lot of military prisons that hold high security terrorists, such as the Guantanamo Bay detention camp, aka Gitmo, where 36 prisoners remain of the 733 originally jailed there after 9/11.

She says that in 2019, the Commander at Gitmo, Rear Admiral John Ring was fired after he invited the media down there to announce that they were turning the facility into a geriatric nursing facility. This raised questions among the mainstream media, because the few prisoners still there were not very old.

Apparently, his announcement threatened the exposure of the real reason for the expansion and renovations being done there, which is why he was fired. Tore says this tidbit will make more sense after certain information comes out, soon.

She also describes how she was looking for a car for her daughter on Carvana, the web-based car dealership whose board of directors includes George Bush Senior’s Vice President and Cerberus Global Investments division Chairman, Dan Quayle and how she inadvertently stumbled upon what appears to be yet another money-laundering operation for the same group of people in Hunter Biden’s Burisma scam.

Tore documents how Carvana was financed by Rosemont TALF Opportunities LLP, which in turn was financed with $130 million of US Taxpayer money during the 2008 bailout. She says she’s willing to bet that loan was never paid back and that it was “erased”.

Chris Heinz and Devon Archer are named as Executive Officers of Rosemont TALF, whose offices are located at the same Dominion Tower address in Pittsburgh as Chris Heinz’ family’s Heinz Endowments. The ketchup heir’s infamous stepfather is, of course Climate Change activist and Logan Act violator, John Kerry.

She’s dismayed that people would rather talk about the crack and the hookers on Hunter Biden’s laptop, instead of the high-level corporate corruption that is there in abundance, saying, “Yeah, it’s fun to poke fun at a drug addict and an abused person that is completely insane and immoral, because they were raised like that…They should be talking about things like this, where they got federal tax dollars, because his daddy was Vice President…Unfortunately, we don’t have Malia’s [Obama] laptop…”

She also reiterates what she has said in numerous broadcasts, that impeaching Barack Obama would undo a lot of the stealth erosion of our rights that has occurred during the 21st century.

Notably, it would undo the “Affordable” Care Act (ACA) aka Obamacare, which she explains puts all of our health information on the cloud, breaking HIPAA laws by making this data internationally accessible. She says Obamacare laid the groundwork for the dread COVID-19 vaccine passports of Bill Gates’ pharmaceutical technocracy and this needs to be definitively turned around.

She says the Left is desperate to remove Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh, because both have indicated that they were interested in examining vote fraud cases but that so far, no one who has brought a case has had standing.

Despite the myriad of dystopic developments that we see all around us, Tore indicates she’s very excited about what’s about to be publicly revealed but that she must remain tight-lipped to ensure mission success.

Tore Maras is officially on the ballot this November for Secretary of State of Ohio, which she is doing precisely so that she can have standing to prosecute voter fraud.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • That Rosemont “company” is nothing more than a front. Kind of like the mob had companies that were fronts so that they appeared to be legitimate businesses. And they could launder money through those businesses. That’s what it sounds like to me.

  • What’s with all that music? It played for so long that I gave up on trying to listen to her. I don’t have time to listen to music I don’t want to hear. More than 4 minutes of it.

  • Tore has really good information but with all due respect, rambles. Since she had good information, I went ahead and sent the link out to a friend who responded back with: “I almost stopped b/c it sounded really disjointed. …will try again tomorrow.” It’s true. My friend is right. Unfortunately, it sounded like she was winging it as she went along (which is fine among friends, however, in a professional capacity, she won’t reach as many which would be too bad).

    Perhaps Tore could collect her thoughts/information before she begins by making bullet points of what she wants to say, and stick with that.

    I would like to see her succeed because I believe she has GOOD information to tell us. I’m just not sure know how many will be willing to spend 2.5 hours to hear what could be presented in half the time. Sincerely wishing her the best.

  • If you watch that bicycle video closely Brandon never pedaled the bike and he did not take his feet off the pedals when he stopped. Then he fell over, imagine that. What bike rider doesn’t put their feet down when you stop? This was a photo op to makes us think he is fit.

  • Kay Griggs presented significant testimony regarding the POWER of a [Judge Advocate General] or JAG.. every court has a JAG monitoring/controlling the court. Officially, I recall their role was to mediate whenever a military employee/asset finds themselves in a court & I would presume they would intercede if classified or sensitive information was making its way to [Public Record] by way of deposition or testimony.

    JAGs haven’t come to mind in the context of the last several years, but technically, it seems they could present any show, for any stakeholder – and I still really haven’t hashed out if the [white hand] has made it inside the [black glove], or if the /\/\asterPsyOp is actually a [black hand] in a [black glove].

    For those of us that are “way past ready for this to climax & end”, I still look around at the complete embrace of retardation of [society at large], up to & including my nuclear family. I’ve been barking [about intersection cameras & police state] since I saw AJ on Public Access on my 300lb 25″ tube TV back in 1996. Raising The Alarm about the fact they have been trying kill us all – in reference to the obvious poisoning of every conceivable option one could choose from – and with annually increasing mayhem & tyranny – is STILL met with veritable eye rolls… even after 2yrs of a Global PsyOP that shut the planet down for 18 months.

    We’re literally living the “It’s NOT About The Nail” short that came out years ago.

    Point of this diatribe? I think this is taking so long b/c people have simply become this mindless….
    …the problem of which DJ & GiGi have addressed in their own ways…
    – DJ with [Gurdjieff and the Enneagram]
    – GiGi with mindfulness & presences
    Sadly, people just may actually require another trip on the evolutionary merry-go-round that inevitably returns one to the beginning when they fail to get off at Ascension. Ironically, I could have made that trip many times before recognizing “dipshittedness”.

    Cheers! Love the site Alexandra!

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