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Navy Veteran, 25-year fire educator and Northern California Fire Captain, John Lord goes on the record here with his bombshell affirmations that the wind and fire events around Santa Rosa were “not natural”.

Being a native of the area and a professional firefighter, Lord had never seen anything like the complete devastation of the homes in Santa Rosa, which he describes as looking like a “nuclear war zone.”

Lord says that based on his 30 years of experience, Directed Energy Weapons seem like the only plausible explanation for the rapidity of the fires’ spread and the extremely high temperatures, adding, “The holes that were burned through the hoods of cars all the way through the engine blocks are a little bit suspicious.”

Lord is not your ordinary fire captain because he’s aware of the UN’s Agenda 21 and he tells APlainTruthInfo that he’s “Not one bit surprised” at the talk about blocking reconstruction in certain areas for reasons of nature conservancy. Moreover, Lord is not alone in his opinions. He has two other colleague fire-fighters with whom he speaks directly about these Alternative News topics in relation to the NorCal fires. He says, “We’re all in agreement that something very strange happened.”

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  • Hey John-
    I used to rent from you in Sunny Valley Oregon, and oddly enough I stumbled across this article and interview. Crazy.
    Anyhow- I have friends who suffered great loss in SR- I shared this with them.
    Thank you…
    Michelle Limon.

    • You are #1 too believing in the government construct or #2 been used as a disinfo agent. The real issue is that the communist Bolsheviks in the government is behind the acts of treason and terrorism in the USA today!

  • As plausible and realistic as it seems this will go no further than conspiracy because not enough people are aware, informed or nearly interested in anything. Even among activists, you can’t get but a fight over theories on this.

    “The thick wall of the lies, the tick door of concrete can’t be opened if not enough people are on the same page in some much more basic kind of movement. In other words, the truth may be this, one key to open the wall of lies, but not enough outrage, not to mention participation.”

  • Thank you for helping to spread this story. God bless you, your family and your followers. WE are all in this together. One humanity.

    John Lord

    • John lord .i totally agree with u and have pictures i took of the yolo woodland fire near town of capay.i wanted you to view the unexplainable blue light captured and photos a few days later of the same location.& the wierd stuff we witness from firefighters actions while fire was burning at high peak.i didnt think were normal firefighter tacts in fighting fires.i had over 4 family members in the carr fire the fire was across the street from my brothers house .his house was un touched .but he snuk back in the area to check on house & he made a video as he drove by& theres a few weird things i noticed that stood out to me.ive been questioning and researching disasters scince people started missing from harvey evacuations& f.e.m.a miss abuse no one reported on& i have a few conecctions. Ive made i my research .that may help widden ure links of research to explain.this attack better.i tryed sending info to ure email from scotts video but was un scuccessfull.

  • Well, that says it. What has happened to these people is beyond wrong. Now the Shadow Government and the MIIC are openly attacking our people, our land and our wealth. Hang in there Santa Rosa, et al. Don’t let these criminals have your land and your life. FIGHT!

    • Here’s a comment from a subscriber who lives in the area: “Absolutely! Lots of eyewitnesses to the lasers! I personally saw the fire spreading in a long, straight line on top of Sugarloaf mountain where I live. The abnormal wind helped the flames along. I’m curious… did they manage to whip up those short, sharp wind bursts from about midnight to 3 a.m. that night? Could DEW do that too? What do you think?”

    • “…openly attacking”, you think this is a new thing? They fluoridate our water, poison our food and drugs, spray cancerous/nuclear/bio material on us(chemtrails), i could go on all day. we are being slowly exterminated. the only reason we haven’t been snuffed out as a nation is because they who do this, need boots on the ground in the middle east…

      • Yes, it all comes down to one source of evil on this planet even though they live among us all worldwide. The evil cult of deceit, death and destruction are not Arabs or Chinese but of Spanish/Portuguese or Turkish heritage! They have planned world domination for over 150 years. We are witnessing their final push. Humanity will be exterminated unless we all rise up against these psychopaths!

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