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Until the latter half of the 20th century, it was believed that the human brain became fully-formed at childhood and that the possibility for expansion in one’s own cognitive potential remained static for the rest of one’s life. In the mid-1960s, studies by RB Livingston showed that many aspects for the brain remained highly-adaptable into adulthood.

Athene, the world’s self-proclaimed “most famous record-breaking professional gamer” – but don’t let that put you off. There are some very interesting ideas to contemplate, here. I have seen a friend completely restored from illness to full health, with the help of experts in the field of neuroplasticity.

Here is a summary of the more salient points made in this video:

“One’s belief system determines the extent to which one’s brain is capable of reorganizing¬†itself to adapt to certain ideas. This is the reason why placebos can be so effective. It is also the reason why neuroscience allows us to hack the brain, to unlock traits that may otherwise seem out of reach.

“The current scientific working definition of consciousness describes it as an ever-changing unit with no center, brought about by all the active neural circuits, at that point in time.

“Current theories on memory reconsolidation in neuroscience indicate that we are capable of overwriting even the oldest memories and capable of rewiring even the deepest beliefs.

“Culture and science have elevated much of our current society to a quality of life where we are all in an optimal position to more easily evolve and develop as individuals. As if it were a password for the unimaginably powerful supercomputer that is the human brain, it is only in recent decades that we obtained the data that pinpoints how we unlock our own vastly untapped potential.

“If a computer could evolve and not only become self-aware but also learn how to reprogram itself and even modify its own hardware, it would become capable of unimaginable actions and computations. For the biological computer that is the human brain, neuro-awareness is the scientific software that enables this. You can unlock abilities that are normally considered unthinkable.”

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  • Elizabeth, you can find books and videos about the brain by Dr. Daniel G. Amen. “Change Your Brain Change Your Life.” You’ll see brain scans that show the effects of sleep deprivation, drug use, Alzheimer’s disease, PMS and much, much more. His books and videos are fascinating.

  • The narrator sounds like a real douche – a self-important know-it-all who Emphasizes The First Syllable Of Each Word. I Want to SMack him!

  • While in high school I etherized myself using a two hole flask.I become aware of someone next to me pointing down and saw myself, below..

  • The BigBadBoys know all about our brains for centuries now and know how to destory it. And have done so.
    I believe first you have to heal the brain/body. Move away from all electrical interferences like murder meters, wi-fry, cell towers etc. Next learn to make rick simpson oil, cannabis oil. A god given plant for all animals to heal, even you. It has been demonstrated that cannabis oil heals broken neural circuits.
    Am I getting that right? website

  • Ho-hum…the East has been doing ‘brain reprogramming’ for millenia….it is known as meditation practice and epitomized by the admonition MAN, KNOW THYSELF.
    Now, get busy folks and do whatever it takes to become aware of your SELF that is so prominent when in the dark of your bedroom.

  • Thanks so so much for your helpful explorations of very meaningfulsubjects
    Helped me clarify much. Gave me great new insights… and challenges.. (to improve.. be better .. be happier..)

  • “The Brain That Changes Itself” is an excellent book on this subject, with both science and practical presented. I am curious how to rewire chronic pain after injuries have healed. Also, can we reset someone who is suffering from PTSD, or the effects of head trauma from blunt force impacts like explosions or sports head injuries?

  • It may be true but it sounds like BS to me. If true It might be possible to “recreate” the contents of Stephen Hawkin’s brain within the brain some one of average IQ. Or perhaps a more modest goal like arouse a musical or artistic talent that was not present before. I have personally tried to improve my “math” skills with only short lived modest improvement. Math is a good test subject because the people I have known with exceptional math skills seem to have been born with them. Interesting subject, thanks for running it.

  • To Nick Trudel, I have sent for the book on HEART INTELLIGENCE. I like the idea of brain cells in the heart. Krishnamurti often speaks of the OBSERVER becomes the OBSERVED.

  • HEART is first; a WORD that says Hear “T”. So the Heart is connected to the Ear AND the Eye. Letter T is the 2oth letter of the alphabet, so 2 Ts are 20/20 balanced vision, and letter V is the 22nd letter that says V is “Ion” – time factor. This is all covered in my book HOW THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE CONTROLS THE WORLD – Amazon 2009. Life itself is “Number Coded word that says; L3 (creativity) IF E5 (energy). and IF is I9 and F6 that creates polarity – Yin Yang. It is “pluralism” – White/Black racism that creates the American energy. Read the book and wise-up.

  • I agree with much of the above.
    To day there are a lot of discoveries in many different field of human matter and soul.

  • Please try to find an article confirming that the brain is commanded by the heart.
    This is not a spiritual fixation, science has confirmed it. They have discovered brain-cells in the heart.
    The heart is the commander and the the brain the executive!
    Why does in an embryo the heart work before there is any brain-cell?
    Why does a transplanted heart work in the new body without any neural connection with the brain?
    Interesting questions, no?

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